The New Coloros 6 Brings New Upgrades To The Experience: Breeno Intelligent Assistant Understands You Better

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Based on the rapidly changing lifestyles and diverse needs of consumers in the mobile Internet era, ColorOS continues to evolve and inject more humane and innovative features to bring users an efficient, convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable experience, assisting people in building a healthier relationship with their smartphones in the mobile Internet era. ColorOS 6’s new generation has been revamped and improved in terms of interface and functions. ColorOS 6’s interface features a new borderless design with gradient color, and the fonts have been finely tuned and typeset to make the overall mobile interface look more concise and fine.ColorOS 6 One of the highlights of the new ColorOS 6 is that it breaks through the boundaries and provides a stronger visual experience, and the “borderless” design concept proposed by OPPO based on the full-screen screen makes extensive use of the “white cloth” technique in the system.

The interface becomes more hierarchical and less dense as a result, and the overall appearance is clearer and simpler.

Why do we need to create a “borderless” layout? 5G will soon be fully implemented in our lives, and OPPO believes that this series of changes will undoubtedly change people’s perceptions of mobile devices: the boundary between people and devices, as well as the boundary between devices and devices, will be broken. “Breaking the boundary” must be the most prominent product trend in the next generation, tearing down the “wall” between hardware and hardware, hardware and software, platform and platform, and other quadrants, truly opening up all the services and scenarios, creating a new possibility, which is in line with the important feature of full-screen smartphones, bringing breakthrough changes in design and technology, and allowingin The OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition has a wider interface than the OPPO R17 Pro, but the phone, messages, browser, and camera at the bottom have been moved down a bit, and the font is smaller. Furthermore, the APP spacing layout differs; the OPPO R15 dream mirror version of the APP spacing will be larger than the R17 Pro APP spacing, visually more relaxed, and will not be crowded together without a gap.

ColorOS 6 (left) and ColorOS 5 (right) OPPO introduces the concept of “gradient color” in ColorOS 6, adding gradient design to several system applications and UI while incorporating white primary color, making ColorOS 6’s color tone more elegant and rhythmic. What is the “intelligence” of ColorOS 6? OPPO’s investment in AI research and development began in 2016, and over 300 AI patents have been applied for, with deep technical accumulation in the field of AI. OPPO sees AI as a midpoint between technology and the ultimate product; AI technology itself is not unique, but how to use and understand AI technology to create a differentiated product and user experience is.

People always look forward to more instinctive interaction and hope that their phone understands them better, and OPPO has launched a new intelligent assistant, Breeno, to understand users’ deep-seated needs and achieve accurate and proactive services through multi-dimensional data analysis and AI decision support. What does Breeno mean? Breeno is an intelligent assistant that integrates perception, decision-making, and learning, allowing users to enjoy personalized services. It deeply integrates 7 modules of voice, quick view, screen recognition, object recognition, driving, space, and suggestion, resulting in an intelligent assistant that can listen, see, and talk around you. Intelligent assistant Breeno, for example, can complete your needs through voice interaction: for example, if you see a piece of clothing on Weibo, you no longer need to go through complicated steps to place a purchase order; instead, you simply say “hey Breeno, I want to buy that.”

ColorOS 6’s Smart Swipe feature aids in the scanning and recognition of barcode, entity, text, picture, and other information types. Users can greatly expand their ability and space to live a hassle-free life with Smart Swipe. Situational intelligence is a perception system for the user’s environment that can intelligently distinguish the scene the user is in and actively access services for the user.

These services can be quickly accessed through the intelligent negative screen, which can also assist users in collecting and displaying various information from multiple channels in advance. ColorOS 6 system (left) and ColorOS 5 system (right) The AI cold storage in ColorOS 6 will continue to learn and improve the model within 15 days of users starting to use the new phone.

After 15 days of learning and exploration, it will accurately match the user’s habits and efficiently make predictions on user behavior. The most important function of the AI cold storage is to automatically decide whether to freeze all processes related to applications in order to save users’ unnecessary power consumption.

AI Cold Storage Breeno is your assistant and family True intelligence is more than understanding complex semantics; it is about being present as if you were a family member. When you’re ready to sleep, set Breeno to say good night to you when you say good night, as well as help you set your wake-up alarm and muffle nighttime calls so you can sleep more peacefully. You can talk to it as if it were a friend, and while its responses are somewhat “straight,” they are always full of laughs.

When you’re alone, it can make you happy, according to Breeno’s “straight” answer. Although it cannot instantly summon your loved ones, it will always be there for you as a family member, and the new ColorOS 6 system will be more secure than previous generations of systems. Traditional security protection is frequently limited to “intrusion detection,” “firewall,” and “anti-virus.” ColorOS’s security function, on the other hand, elevates network security’s logical framework from simple border protection to the concept of overall cyberspace security.

By developing a systematic cyberspace management, prevention, and control solution based on user behavior analysis, big data, trusted execution environment, AI anti-virus, and so on. ColorOS, with “insight and knowledge” at its core, can provide security solutions through “virus and protection,” “account security,” and “antivirus.” ColorOS offers three types of security protection: “virus and protection,” “account security,” and “guardian plan.” For example, when users use OPPO cell phones, their personal privacy data is protected by security.

When users are subjected to harassment or fraud-like behavior, OPPO will provide comprehensive protection. And in response to the risky behavior class and installation class problems, OPPO from the user to use the phone to download applications to use the application of the entire process, are as far as possible to reduce the user encounter risky applications and viruses, so as to achieve the charge-back traffic abnormal application monitoring.

To continue to meet the growing needs of handheld game users, Game Boost has added FrameBoost and TouchBoost to optimize the mobile gaming experience, which together comprise the new GameBoost 2.0.

TouchBoost 2.0, for example, will allow the hardware performance to be fully released through deeper system-level optimization, so that the performance (large games and multi-applications), power consumption (intelligent call hardware configuration, saving power), smoothness (to solve lag), and other aspects, so that the phone performance is greatly improved to bring users a more comprehensive and high-quality experience.

FrameBoost improves game stability by 38 percent by optimizing the game frame rate, stabilizing the game frame rate, anticipating when the game scene is under medium load, increasing the game screen refresh frequency, and optimizing the game frame rate. The new TouchBoost and FrameBoost technologies allow for the optimization and stabilization of the game frame rate throughout the game. TouchBoost and FrameBoost can be used to boost your performance during the game’s competitive mode.FrameBoostColorOS 5

ColorOS 6 Smart phones are no longer isolated terminals, and ColorOS will no longer be a mere operating system, thanks to the unique design aesthetics, the emergence of intelligent assistant Breeno, and the development of mobile Internet. Oppos says it wants to figure out what users really need and will only use it on a large scale once the technology is mature and safe, because it wants to provide users with the best experience possible.