The New Choice Of Living Room Audio And Video Huwei D300 Two-way Active Hi-fi Audio Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] When it comes to desktop active HiFi speakers, the Huwei active speaker product line has been very rich in the last two years. In addition to the main focus on the consumer HiFi market D1090, there are three active speakers aimed at the high-end audiophile market M5A. Following the M200M series, Huwei introduced the M300MKII and M500 series iterations in 2019, continuing to refresh the audio and video entertainment experience for consumers at all levels. ValueVision, a benchmark audio brand established nearly 30 years ago, knows how to discover the changing needs of users in the audio segment over the years, bringing us many quality audio products with good reputation.

Recently, the launch of the new D300 active HiFi loudspeaker also brought Huiwei, allowing people to shine. After some time, we’d like to share with you a detailed review of the D300 active HiFi speaker, also known as the Whiteway D300.

At the time of unboxing, what stood out was the Huwei D300’s consistent and atmospheric design style, as well as the details of the more innovative design elements. For example, the front of the speaker employs an irregularly curved acoustic baffle with a symmetric axis extending to both sides of the box, resulting in a very simple and comfortable design. According to the Huewei engineers, each curved arc has been countless calculations and measurements, and finally achieved such a through-body design, can significantly reduce sound wave diffraction, so that the speaker can still maintain a clear sound quality under the large dynamic playback.

In terms of weight and volume, the net weight of the main box is 8.8kg, the sub box is 7kg, and the dimensions are 219 x 315 x 352mm, making it easier to move and adjust the position. Note that when we buy speakers, in addition to selecting the appropriate model, we should also divide the sound into the right and left channel relationship and the distance between the main and sub-boxes, the conditions are also recommended to be equipped with a speaker stand, if not, it does not matter much, because, for example, we are talking about this Huwei D300, it supports two pose put mode.

In terms of audio, the Whiteway D300 employs a tweeter with an equal magnetic field band, a 6.5-inch large-diameter woofer, and a high and low frequency independent combination. It is worth noting that the high-frequency equal magnetic field band tweeter is generally only used in the Huwei high-end products, belongs to the core of the Huwei patent advantage, with the positioning of the Huwei D300, it is really very good value. This diffusion type acoustic horn design, which can ensure that the tweeter has lower distortion, better transient response, and lower audio distortion, is also one of the results of the design of Huwei engineers who repeatedly modified tuning.

The following 6.5-inch large-diameter woofer is quite a bit larger than the average desktop active speaker woofer, bringing better low-frequency volume and dive. We generally recommend that readers buy desktop active speakers, and we prefer to recommend woofers larger than 5-inch woofer speakers, while the Huwei 6.5-inch large-diameter woofer has clearly outperformed expectations. Furthermore, Huewei uses aluminum-magnesium alloy material to construct the speaker’s low-frequency diaphragm, which is supplemented by a concave fatigue-resistant rubber edge and an aluminum skeleton large voice coil, resulting in a faster transient response and dynamic powerful low-frequency effect, with a low frequency down to 38Hz (-3dB, free sound field); external hollow metal mesh quality is also very powerful, providing the maximum protection of the low-frequency unit.

On the back, in addition to the previously mentioned kickstand and desktop mode switching gears, there are three major knobs for volume control (press to switch input modes), treble gain, and bass gain. Note that the high and low audio gain knobs are limited to 3 3dB, to ensure that users do not destroy the high-fidelity audio effect, but at the same time can be fine-tuned for personalized people, to find the “sweet” spot belonging to each person. This point is obviously very much in line with the Huwei D300, whose connectivity almost completely covers the transmission path used every day, including Bluetooth, optical, coaxial, line, and balanced input, and in the face of cell phones, TVs, PCs, Blu-ray DVDs, and other wireless and limited-line devices, there is no pressure to share massive audio resources with cloud media.

Because of the rich interface and transmission, we can connect to the Hewlett-Packard D300 in a variety of environments. The mainstream Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which supports apt-X decoding, enables the device to have a longer and more stable connection response distance while maintaining good high sound quality in Bluetooth mode. As a desktop active speaker positioned in the mid-range consumer market, the audio quality of the Whiteway D300 is also satisfactory; first and foremost, the density is sufficient, and the three frequency response is balanced.

The frequency response of the Whiteway D300 high frequency can be extended to 20kHz, can easily resolve the rich high-frequency details, high-frequency performance is clear and bright, and is the kind of true high-frequency extension, there will be no excessive coloring concerns, there is truly a different use of surprise for players who love high frequency.

The midrange performance is transparent, and the density is adequate. In terms of midrange vocal performance, the Whiteway D300 is not flat and straightforward, but has a warmer sense of listening, more conducive to restoring the singer’s emotions, but also in line with most people’s listening pleasure. In terms of low frequency, with a 6.5-inch large-diameter woofer protection, the bass is thick and punchy, with plenty of volume and not a booming head, and transient response is excellent.

Low frequency as a type of audio element can quickly drive the atmosphere in a large enough sound field environment, so that when using the D300 to watch movies or play electronic music, the sound field can instantly surround people. Furthermore, based on this, combined with the not-so-bad mid-frequency vocal performance, I re-listen to Wu Bai’s live version of “Norwegian Wood,” the vicissitudes of the voice and thick accompaniment can be very good performance, despite the fact that this source is nearly 20 years old, but still have a kind of immersive listening experience.

Overall, the Huwei D300 speaker is fully capable of meeting the needs of the masses of consumers for daily listening to the living room and the living room environment of the TV companion environment listening to upgrade the price point to buy the intentional design, no compromise on functionality, and a good lineage of audio Hi-Fi quality speakers is not easy, and in some scenarios, Huwei D300 will even have exceeded the expectations of some audio upgrades users. The price of $2380 is also entirely reasonable. If you are thinking about upgrading your home audio experience in the near future and expect it to meet a variety of connection needs, I believe the Whiteway D300 is a good choice. After all, there are 30 years of focus on sound quality behind the label manufacturers to provide us with all sides of the protection.