The National Children’s Watch Added A New Member 360 Children’s Watch Se5 Review

On June 28, the 360 national children’s watch SE series welcomed a new member – SE5, with the slogan “ultra-long standby and not afraid of water” and dedicated to resolving the “middle strength” problem. What is the magic of the 360 children’s watch SE5 that has become so popular among users since its release? Is the 360 Kids Watch SE5, priced at $199, worth purchasing? With these questions in mind, let’s look at the user experience. The outer packaging of the 360 Kids Watch SE5 adopts a bright cartoon style that is popular among children, and the beautiful picture of the watch on the cover of the package can instantly attract the attention of users.

The 360 Kids Watch SE5 has two classic colors, sapphire blue and coral pink, and the coral pink color is the color of this test, which is highlighted in the middle frame of the variation plate, and the combination of the upper mask and the dark blue of the bottom.

The dial of the 360 Kids Watch SE5 adopts a 1.3-inch high-definition display with 3.5 times higher resolution than its predecessor, which, when combined with the lively cartoon interface design, ensures that children do not easily experience visual fatigue during long periods of use. The bottom case of the children’s watch is also the corresponding identification code of the product, and the magnetic charging contact is also on the bottom case, which can be easily charged through the power cord.

The 360 Kids Watch SE5 also has a corresponding protection treatment, supporting IPX7 level waterproof, so it will not be a problem to immerse in 1m deep room temperature water for 30 minutes, so the watch function will not be affected by children’s daily use, washing and playing with water. The watch’s function will not be affected. After understanding the basic situation of 360 children’s watch SE5, it is natural to want to try out the product features to see if the 199 yuan price tag is worth it.

When you turn on the watch, you will notice that you must first insert the SIM card in order for it to function normally. It should be noted that the 360 SE5 only supports mobile 2G networks and requires a standard Nano-SIM card. At this point, the watch screen will display the words “activate watch,” and you should follow the prompts step by step to download the APP application, binding the watch can be officially opened watch function applications. The primary factor is to solve the problem of parental peace of mind, 360 children’s watch SE5 not only upgraded to eight AI positioning, but also can automatically filter mobile Wi-Fi, pseudo-base stations, so that indoor and outdoor positioning are accurate and do not drift, based on 360 big data optimization.

The size of the safety area can be set independently in the range of 300 meters – 1000 meters, when positioning beyond the safety area will have the corresponding warning alert. For a specific area can be set in advance safety area, according to the different scenes set different safety area naming (home, school, grandma’s house), the size of the safety area can be set independently in the range of 300 meters – 1000 meters, when positioning beyond the safety area will have the corresponding warning alert.

At the same time, SE5 supports the Global System for Mobile Communication’s two-way call function, which is not only clear and stable, but also supports mutual calls between watch and cell phone and watch and watch, greatly facilitating communication between parents and children. 360 Kids Watch SE5 is also a very smart phone, supports wifi connection, easily realize storytelling, listening to music, making phone calls, knowledge answers and other functions through artificial intelligence voice assistant function, easily meet the various needs of children, become a real wrist encyclopedia

Of course, 360 kids watch SE5 includes not only this, but also wallpaper selection, sports pedometer, sports track, touch dating, and so on. Summary: 360 Children’s Watch SE5 is such a new national children’s watch products, maintaining the consistent cute appearance design, in the functional application of a comprehensive upgrade, 800mAh high-capacity battery, 12.88mm ultra-thin body, IPX7 waterproof, AI voice assistant, AI eight accurate positioning, two-way stable calls, and other six major selling points reveal the The new SE5 is very popular, so if you are looking to buy a children’s watch in the near future, you should give it some thought.