The Most Powerful Phone Front Camera Oppo Custom Imx709 Cmos Why The Effect Is Outstanding

[Bestbuy618 mobile channel]In our opinion, the OPPO Reno’s user group should be mostly female. For female users who love beauty, the most important selling point of the phone, I’m afraid, is the selfie performance, which, in addition to the appearance of value, is the most important selling point of the phone. As an old “selfie factory,” OPPO has been ahead of the industry in terms of cell phone selfies.

Traditionally, selfies are only the beauty algorithm, good or bad, but with the Reno6 series, OPPO cell phones can already automatically makeup for the user, and can independently choose the favorite makeup. OPPO officially launched a new generation of the Reno7 series on November 25.

This time, OPPO is bringing not only software innovation, but also a new custom front sensor – IMX709 – to bring a new experience of hardware-level selfie. While custom sensors are not new to cell phone manufacturers, custom front cameras may not have been stepped on by a few manufacturers. According to OPPO official information, this IMX709 by OPPO and Sony deep customization, with a high pixel 3200W, to ensure the finished film’s resolution.

In comparison to the traditional CMOS RGB Bayer array, the IMX709 has been re-optimized to use the RGBW combination, with each group of four pixels containing two white W pixels. When compared to the R, G, and B primary color pixels, the W pixels do not reduce the amount of light intake due to the filter, so the presence of W pixels allows the IMX709 to get more light when shooting at night, which can significantly reduce the ISO parameters and suppress the generation of noise to obtain higher purity photos.

In addition to the hardware enhancement of RGBW, IMX709 is the industry’s first CMOS to write algorithms, and OPPO has integrated its own RGBW image fusion unit inside it, making the powerful performance of this CMOS not only for system camera selfies, but also for WeChat video calls and ZOOM video conferencing, effectively enhancing the shooting effect.

Backlight Selfie A good CMOS must, of course, be supported by a good application algorithm. The OPPO Reno7 series includes the DOL-HDR algorithm, which improves the dynamic range in backlight and night scenes and prioritizes the correct exposure of the face, ensuring that the user is always the focal point of the photograph.

According to our tests, the DOL-HDR algorithm allows Reno7 to maintain good face detail when dealing with a variety of scenes, and the traditional backlit face-is-black experience is no longer present.Front lens bokeh simulation

Furthermore, because of the IMX709 super light-sensitive ability, the front lens of the OPPO Reno7 series can simultaneously cope with daily shooting will automatically adjust to the most suitable for selfie crop margin, and when the picture becomes more people, Reno7 will automatically switch to wide-angle mode, earning more images. According to OPPO’s official data, Reno7’s wide-angle mode can capture up to 85 degrees of the image, while Reno7 Pro goes even further, reaching 90 degrees.

In addition to the new features mentioned above, the OPPO Reno7 series inherited the Reno series’ previously well-received portrait bokeh algorithm, night scene light spot portrait, and so on, allowing users to simulate the shallow depth of field bokeh effect that can only be captured by various large aperture lenses. AI video beauty is also included with the Reno7 series, adding three new makeups to provide users with more selfie options. From hardware to software, the OPPO Reno7 series can be said to have earned the title of selfie god, which is the result of OPPO’s long-term technological accumulation. Reno7’s market position will be difficult to overtake in the near future, I’m afraid, with the permanent exclusive buff of IMX709.