The Love Beans Under The 10x Lens Oppo Reno Music-making Festival Super Lineup To Make The Original Voice

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] On July 13, the Zhejiang TV, OPPO, and singing work committee jointly organized the Zhejiang TV 2019 mid-year music festival OPPO Reno made music festival in Chongqing grand opening, with the goal of creating a longitudinal in highlighting China’s original music power, promoting creative enthusiasm, and allowing the Chinese music scene to accumulate power and precipitate the classics. Simultaneously, the strength of the Chinese music industry’s original musicians gathered here, a super star-studded lineup, inviting thousands of music fans to listen to the most up-to-date, best-sounding quality original songs.OPPO Reno Music Festival The event is divided into two parts: the outdoor OPPO Reno Music Festival during the day and the 2019 Midyear Music Festival on Zhejiang TV at night, allowing everyone to get in touch with outstanding original works from around the Of course, there is no shortage of OPPO Reno 10x zoom version cell phones to record this rare scene, in addition to feeling the carnival brought to us by quality original songs. A-Lin’s live performance of “There is a sadness” 1X shooting sample

The most exciting thing for me was A-Lin Huang Liling, who sang in the N6 Daydream Pavilion. Because I couldn’t see my idol from a distance, I used the OPPO Reno 10x zoom version to record A-Lin’s voice and every frame of action. As you can see from the two sample photos above, I was standing quite far away from the stage and could only get a silhouette under the 1x lens, but I could clearly see A-Lin’s every smile through the 10x zoom photo, and as a fan, you can imagine how excited I was. “Son Doll” combines Chinese folk culture with rap music, and tells his musical philosophy and attitude toward life through the allegory of “man” in Xinjiang dialect, as well as conveying the spirit of righteousness and bloodlust.

Khe Nago

I am a “height is not enough camera to make up” music fan, and in the front row of many music fans blocking the case can also be high-definition to see the entire scene, so the author’s memory is deep, when the author is very HI shooting Nago Kegel. Many people may not be familiar with Xie Zhenting. Only if I am really happy, then the people who come to listen to my music, they will be really happy, right?” In fact, from here we can also hear Xie Zhenting’s paranoia and uncertainty, he has suffered from depression since the age of 19, after the Golden Melody Award harvest affirmation of life but let him produce more self-doubt and then aggravated the disease, this album records this painful era.

Xie Zhenting sang “The Fearless Place” live with a 10x sample shot. The song showed more of Xie Zhenting’s affirmation of himself and invited all the audience to sing along with him. Through the OPPO Reno 10x zoom lens, we can see that Xie Zhenting is happiest when he is singing seriously. He treasures every moment he spends with his fans and brings his original songs to everyone, and sometimes it’s best to feel with your heart.Xie Zhenting

Wang Yitai, a Chinese mainland rapper capable of incorporating more of his own ideas, released his first solo mixtape “Ready To Flow Mixtape” in 2015, and participated in “China New Rap” in 2018, after which he won the “Newcomer of the Year Award” at the 2018 NetEase Cloud Music Original Festival, both in terms of rhythm, rhyme, and vocals, and this year he even participated in the ecological challenge program “I am a singer-songwriter” as Wang’s singing scene In such an environment, it was difficult for me to get into the venue, let alone take such clear photos. The OPPO Reno 10x zoom version really surprises me, OPPO Reno 10x zoom version rear three cameras using a 48-megapixel ultra-clear main camera lens 13-megapixel periscopic telephoto lens 8-megapixel wide-angle lens of three different focal lengths of the combination of lenses to achieve 10x hybrid optical zoom, up to an industry-leading 60x Digital zoom, but in the concert scene, 10x zoom is enough Furthermore, OPPO placed a dual OIS optical stabilization in the Reno 10x zoom version of the main camera and telephoto lens, so I can capture a 10x zoom photo in a crowded environment and not paste photos really thanks to the Reno 10x zoom version!

I was then lucky enough to attend the red carpet session and record it with the OPPO Reno 10x zoom version.A-Lin walking the red carpet-1x sample shotA-Lin walking the red carpet – 6x sample shots

A-Lin walking the red carpet-10x sample shotsXiao Jingteng walking the red carpet-1x sample shotXiao Jingteng walking the red carpet-6x sample shotXiao Jingteng walking the red carpet-6x sample shot

At the scene of the 2019 Midyear Music Gala that night, original convener Jay Chou and original recommender Wang Junkai led the way, and many top Chinese musicians such as Xiao Jingteng, Li Ronghao, and Hua Chenyu gathered.Music Festival Live – 1X zoom shooting sampleLive music ceremony – 6x zoom shot

Many stars gathered in Chongqing, bringing a high-quality original music feast; at the same time, OPPO Reno 10x zoom version clearly recorded the wonderful performance of many musicians, satisfying not only the high quality of hearing but also the visual feast of ultra-clear.