The Iphone Se3 Ranked Only 5th In The Battery Life Test, While The Iphone 13 Ranked First

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At the spring 2022 conference, Apple finally unveiled the long-rumored iPhoneSE3, also known as iPhoneSE 2022. The iPhoneSE3iPhone13iPhone13miniiPhone12iPhone12miniiPhone11iPhoneSE2 and 7 other Apple phones have the same appearance and design as the iPhoneSE2, but the battery capacity is larger, it supports 5G networks, and it is equipped with the A15 bionic chip, so how is the actual battery life performance?

Run the software on the desktop at the same time as you charge all 7 iPhones. The first round of testing will last approximately 1 hour and 36 minutes. The iPhoneSE3 remained 77 percent power at the end of the test, while the iPhone13 remained 91 percent power and the iPhone13mini remained 88 percent power. The iPhone12 remained 86 percent power and the iPhone12mini remained 87 percent power, while the iPhone11 remained 77 percent power and the iPhoneSE2 remained 71 percent power. Each phone’s power consumption varies, but the iPhone13 is currently ranked first in terms of remaining power and is extremely stable. Also, the remaining power of iPhoneSE3 and iPhoneSE2 is less than 80%, and iPhone11 is included.

The first round of testing continues; this round is relatively simple, as you can see at the end: iPhoneSE3 has 62 percent power left, iPhone13 has 81 percent power left, iPhone13mini has 77 percent power left, iPhone12 has 73 percent power left, iPhone12mini has 73 percent power left, and the iPhoneSE2 has 50 percent power left. In the battery life test, the iPhoneSE3 is clearly only marginally better than the iPhone11 and iPhoneSE2. The iPhone 13, which is ranked No. 1 on the list, 1, the battery is still at 81 percent, indicating that the two rounds of testing used less power.

When the first round of testing is completed, the iPhoneSE2 will still have 1% battery life left and will be turned off soon, effectively locking it at the bottom of the rankings. The iPhone 11 has a 19 percent battery life and a low battery warning. iPhoneSE3 still has 23% battery life and is attempting to catch up to iPhone12mini, which is nearly impossible. There is a 15% difference between the two models. The iPhoneSE3 is almost certain to come in fifth place in the final battery life test.

The iPhoneSE3 battery life test time was 5 hours and 16 minutes after the first round of testing, placing it fifth. At this point, the iPhone11 and iPhoneSE2 had already run out of battery life. The iPhone 13 is ranked No. 1 in terms of battery life with 42 percent. No. 1 The iPhone 13mini is number one, and the iPhone 13 is number two. The iPhone 12 is number one, and the iPhone 12 is number two. The first is the iPhone 12mini. What remains to be seen is how long the remaining four iPhones’ batteries will last.

The 7 iPhone battery life test ranking at the end of the test

No. 1: iPhone 13, which has an 8-hour-and-58-minute battery life.

No. 2: iPhone 13mini, 7 hours and 17 minutes of battery life

No. 3: iPhone 12, 6 hours 51 minutes of battery life

No. 4: iPhone 12mini, 6 hours and 13 minutes of battery life

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No. 5: iPhone SE3, which has a battery life of 5 hours and 16 minutes.

No. 6: iPhone 11, 5 hours and 10 minutes of battery life

No. 7: iPhone SE2 with a 4 hour and 11 minute battery life

Summary: The iPhoneSE3’s performance can only be described as average, with the final battery life test ranking only 5th, and the first-place iPhone13 battery life difference of about 3 hours and 42 minutes, even better than the iPhoneSE3’s 57-minute battery life. If battery life is important to you, the iPhone 13 is the way to go. It has an A15 processor and a battery capacity of over 3,000 mAh, which should last you all day.

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