The Intelligent Home Projector I706 Review By Benq That Can Move Its Mouth And Never Its Hands

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Traditional home projectors usually do not come with an intelligent system, whether watching movies or video programs, require external TV boxes, disc players, and other playback devices, for the pursuit of convenience and minimalist living room users, projector intelligence is an urgent need. The silver and white color scheme is better suited for the living room. It is compact and has a smaller footprint than even a PS4 Pro, with three dimensions of 296x240x116mm.

The BenQ Intelligent Home Projector i706 has a physical resolution of 1080P (1920*1080) with a T.I 0.65 DMD chip, which is much larger than the 0.33 and 0.47 bottom commonly used in microprojectors on the market, and thus naturally better clarity. The lens is an all-glass, low-dispersion coated lens that can project a 100-inch screen at 2.5 meters and has a brightness of 2200 lumens and a contrast ratio of 12000:1. Lamp life can be extended to 8000 hours in Smart-Eco intelligent power-saving mode.

If you watch two movies per day, you can use it for five years. Interface, 1 HDMI interface, 2 USB2.0 interfaces, 1 mini USB interface, 1 RS232 interface used to access the central control, 1 VGA interface, and audio input and output interface.

The heat sink is on both sides of the machine, and the buttons are located on the top of the body.

The projector that listens, what you want to see, move your mouth The BenQ smart home projector i706 has a built-in Android system, and the broadcast control platform is New TV Aurora, which is a built-in resource of Tencent Video TV. The actual Tencent video resources are the richest of the several, in addition to the popular film and television series are all listed, including last year’s hit “Creation 101,” which is a Tencent production, and also the popular online variety

Many TVs now have AI functions, primarily in two areas: one is voice interaction and the other is image recognition. Because of the long path and low efficiency of traditional remote control operation, more convenient voice control has become a major trend. The first is personalized recommendation, which is used for retrieving information such as channels, film titles, and even some life services such as weather, booking tickets, and so on. To a certain extent, personalized recommendations for the user to watch the type of high-frequency content recommendations can save part of the search time.

BenQ i706 can realize common functions such as movie and TV drama search, voice control playback content, and simple life services. Let’s put it to the test.

1 Search for movies and TV shows Search for a movie or TV show you want to watch by directly reporting the name, such as Venom, and the system will automatically find and play it. The recognition time is about 1 second, which is very fast.

If you are looking for sports events, the system will automatically present the schedule, this user-friendly feature must be praised. 2 Playback control Voice can control playback, for example, when watching a drama fast forward, just say “fast forward five minutes,” or “fast forward to 10 minutes and 20 seconds” can be recognized.

It can also provide some life services through voice, such as telling jokes, checking the weather, and so on. Of course, more complex operations, such as asking “who is Zhao Liying’s husband” and other logical questions with character relationships, cannot be directly answered. Since the smart system is equipped, you can naturally install more apps to expand the function.

The i706, which has 2GB of running memory and 16GB of onboard storage, can run and install additional applications via the built-in Dangbei Market, and the system supports three modes: standard, child, and elder. In the child mode, only child-related content such as cartoons are presented, and the interface is more cartoonish; in the elder mode, the icons are designed to be larger and less categorized, making it easier for the elderly to find and use. Color has always been BenQ’s strong point, including the launch of the “Color Accuracy” series of home projectors, the first to popularize the DCI-P3 color gamut standard in home machines, and he has participated in the shooting of famous films such as “The Warrior” and “Starry Night.” Although the i706 is not a machine with a wide color gamut (after all, the price is limited), the color rendering is still at or near the top of BenQ’s usual level.

To balance color and brightness, the i706 still employs a six-segment, six-fold color wheel with a nano-level pure color coating. There is no rainbow pattern to be found in actual viewing. If you’ve seen the DCI-P3 color gamut, you’ll notice that the i706’s color performance isn’t very vibrant, but it’s very accurate. The color reproduction is accurate and solid, whether it’s a deep blue lake, a light blue sky, or a green lawn, and the natural transition between the same colors is richly layered.

In terms of brightness, the official nominal brightness is 2200 lumens, and the highest brightness we measured using a brightness meter was 2113 lumens. Typically, home projectors can approach or even exceed the official 95 percent for the best, BenQ i706 brightness performance can be used with confidence, even with the lights on, you can still see the screen content clearly. BenQ i706 uses “user” display mode by default under the “intelligent system” signal source.

When we access the 4K UHD Blu-ray player, the system will automatically switch to “film” display mode, and we will look at the picture quality performance of BenQ i706 under this mode, which is more pursuing color accuracy. Here is a demo clip of Batman v Superman.

The thick, solid color rendering is not overly rendered and is more in keeping with the film’s somber tone. Color is the emotional expression of the film, and accurate color makes it easier to immerse the audience in the film’s world.

The highlights on the i706 are sufficient and detailed, but the black areas are not dark enough and appear grayish, and the dark details need to be improved. In terms of noise, the noise level of the i706 was 34.5 dB measured at 1 meter from the machine, while the indoor ambient noise was 32 dB, so there was no significant noise disturbance in most cases, which is a good performance. Summary.

As a home projector for the living room crowd, BenQ i706 comes with an intelligent system and broadcast control platform, without any external dimmer. Using the voice function on the BenQ i706 projector, you can perform common tasks such as watching movies and television, searching for music, controlling playback, and understanding the weather, effectively saying goodbye to the time-consuming interaction method of using remote control input.

The trend is intelligence, and for living room users, simplicity and convenience are the most direct goals. Consider the microprojector in a big way, one of the important reasons being to seize the intelligence pain point. If you just want to be a lazy person on the sofa, without the tedious wiring and the trouble of finding the film, the BenQ i706 is more than adequate.

After all, my house’s lazy cat is full of curiosity.