The Impact Of High-end Market Work: Oppo’s First Folding Screen Find N Gave Everyone A Satisfactory Answer

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Since Apple launched the iPhone 12 series with a right-angled edge design as a tribute to the iPhone 4, this angular retro design appears to be gradually returning to the public eye, while also providing a new direction to the bottleneck cell phone design industry. Simultaneously, the atmosphere of the folding screen smartphone era is growing stronger, as Samsung has launched a number of folding screen phones, including the W series, Galaxy Z Fold series, and Galaxy Z Flip series. According to relevant data, Samsung had a 93 percent market share in this market in the third quarter of this year, with its folding screen phone Z Flip3 shipments accounting for 60 percent. As can be seen from the data, the use of Samsung folding screen phones is still very high; folding screen phones are the future trend, and this cannot be denied.

With the release of OPPO’s first folding screen phone, Find N, at the OPPO Future Technology Conference, the folding screen phone market will gain a new option. In fact, the folding screen prototype was released in 2018, but in the pursuit of better products and user experience, OPPO went through four years and six internal iterations of polishing to have the current OPPO Find N.

Folding screen flagship models are the future development trend and have created a new competitive path for manufacturers. However, the current folding screen has a common annoyance – creases, which significantly degrades the overall visual experience. However, the OPPO Find N folding screen has emerged to solve the traditional folding screen crease problem.

There are numerous causes for the formation of folding screen phone screen creases; in addition to the screen material, the hinge structure to support the fold is also crucial. The hinge opening and closing angle, strength, and even hinge damping must be strictly controlled. The OPPO Find N employs the OPPO-developed precision vertebral hinge, which is the most complex and expensive folding screen phone hinge on the market.

However, the development process of folding screen phones also encountered the contradiction between functionality and portability in the era of large screens, with OPPO and Samsung jointly developing 120Hz mirror screen (60Hz refresh rate outside the screen), ultimately bringing users a “zero-sense crease” experience. In terms of hands-on experience, the OPPO Find N weighs 275g, which is light for a folding screen product, and has a large 4500mAh built-in battery. Furthermore, the 5.49-inch external screen is combined with a 7.1-inch internal screen to form a “golden size” that not only meets the needs of the user’s eyes for “big,” but also meets the needs of the hand for “small.” This gives the phone more leeway in balancing a large screen and portability.

The overall design retains the curvature of the Find series, with the screen, battery cover, and body pivot part all adopting a micro-curved 3D arc, and the body rounded to fit the palm, providing a comfortable feel and visual thinning to the user. The cloud coloring white glaze texture pure and warm; starry night coloring understated in the extraordinary; floating light coloring reflects the world’s most beautiful romantic feelings, both gorgeous and harmonious, no matter which color, are so dazzling

In order to solve the screen problem, OPPO in the four years from 2018 to 2021, before and after the iteration of six generations of folding solutions, including external folding, internal folding, up and down folding, and all folding solutions, until the emergence of OPPO Find N. OPPO to solve the crease problem in two ways, optimizing the screen folding method or using more difficult to produce creases in the material. The teardrop-shaped hinge used by OPPO Find N is to reduce screen creases by increasing the bending radius, because a larger bending radius allows screen bending and creep to be dispersed in a larger area, with less plastic deformation.

OPPO Find N in the opening and closing process is very silky smooth, the folding angle can also be controlled at will, coupled with the stable water drop hinge hovering effect can also see OPPO Find N this use of hinges to bridging

OPPO Find N 7.1-inch internal screen supports 120Hz screen refresh rate, bringing a larger field of view and excellent visual experience, not to mention the need for a larger screen more enjoyable experience like boiling drama, playing games, OPPO Find N can provide you with an immersive gaming experience. Furthermore, the bottom of the screen has symmetrical dual-box stereo speakers, speaker placement also takes into account the user’s habit of holding the phone, even if the phone is held with both hands will not obscure to. OPPO Find N innovation is not only in the design, hardware, and technology, but also in the understanding of folding screen ecology: folding screen phone is not an enlarged version of the “straight screen smartphone,” it should have a unibody design. When users’ hands are cramped, they can use hover mode to take photos, watch movies, listen to music, make video calls, attend meetings, and work out.

Allow users to relax freely by allowing them to free their hands.

The two front-facing lenses on the OPPO Find N are both 32 megapixels, and thanks to the stable and excellent water drop hinge hover effect, the OPPO Find N can achieve “hovering selfie,” no need to find other people to help take pictures, gesture operation photo, can easily take photos until satisfied. The rear is composed of a 50MP main camera 16MP super wide angle 13MP telephoto lens image system, and the sample effect is the usual bright and high saturation style.

OPPO has also customized the Find N’s photo function with two Ginger Filters: Ginger Movie One is a slightly faded, highly forgiving film texture, and Ginger Movie Two is a rhythmic black and white film texture, ideal for emotional photos with your friends.

OPPO Find N built-in Snapdragon 888 processor’s powerful performance as the foundation with OPPO’s hardware and optimization, with a maximum of 12GB LPDDR5 and 512GB UFS 3.0, so that the phone has a more smooth and swift performance and read and write performance, helping it to bring excellent experience. oppo through a series of upgrades and enhancements, creating a number of firsts in the field of folding screen phones, handy size design, seamless hidden trace of the large screen experience, smooth open and close the feel of the new Interaction mode, and the straight board durability standard……OPPO Find N breakthrough cell phone innovation bottleneck, representing the top level of the folding screen field, demonstrating its determination and sincerity to impact

OPPO brings new experiences to users through form innovation, from the OPPO N1 rotating camera lightly flipping, to the OPPO Find X dual-track periscope structure quietly rising, scrolling screen slowly sliding, to the OPPO Find N exploring new forms and new scenes with delicate mechanical structure. The OPPO Find N is a new form, a new scene, an ancestry etched in OPPO’s genes, and OPPO’s response to the next competition. Along with OPPO’s ongoing investment in research and development in the field of folding screens, we can only speculate on what surprises the future products will bring, and we can only wait with bated breath.