The Hands-free Floor Cleaning Tool Irobot Braava Jet M6 Floor Scrubbing Robot Review

[Bestbuy618 home appliance channel] Robot technology is becoming more mature, and the mopping robot has also become a hot product in the service robot field. Because mopping is more tiring than sweeping the floor, the emergence of intelligent mopping robots is regarded as a significant breakthrough in the liberation of labor. Mopping robots solve many of the user’s mopping pain points, and are an excellent choice for white-collar workers who don’t have time to do housework, or for parents who are already elderly.

The iRobot Braava jet m6 mopping robot we are going to review can replace manual mopping work quite professionally, further reducing the workload of ground cleaning, but its three main advantages are also very outstanding.

Second, effective cleaning: accurate water spray function, wet and dry double wipe, effective removal of sticky dirt and grease stains. Third, intelligent planning, breakpoint renewal: Imprint intelligent planning technology, intelligent identification of rooms, automatic planning route, regular fixed-zone cleaning, intelligent recharge, breakpoint renewal, multi-floor cleaning. After finishing a large area, it will turn along the table legs or further into the corners to compensate for areas that were scanned but not repeatedly wiped to ensure that nothing is missed.

The iRobot Braava jet m6 floor scrubbing robot is a brand-new product that combines the benefits of the Braava 380 and Braava jet 240. The external Polaris navigation system on the Braava 380 has been replaced with vSLAM vision navigation, which employs Imprint intelligent planning technology for less distress and more efficient cleaning. Furthermore, the nozzles are placed at the front of the body to precisely control the amount of water and jets.

In the cleaning pad selection mode, automatic recognition is used, which is more convenient than the Braava 380 manual selection mode. Does it unknowingly solve many of the household pain points that we are usually unaware of? The iRobot Braava jet m6 floor scrubbing robot has also received positive feedback in terms of value. The front and back of the box primarily display the physical rendering of the product as well as the product’s functional parameters, which are very comprehensive.

The iRobot Braava jet m6 floor scrubbing robot has a pure white body with a silver cover on top, which is simple and elegant, and very easy to clean and maintain. The compact design of this floor scrubber is its highlight; with dimensions of 255*270*90mm and a weight of 2.4kg, it is very light and can be lifted with one hand.

The function buttons for the entire machine are designed in the lower right corner position, a total of three buttons, respectively, SPOT CLEAN key, HOME key, CLEAN key (cleaning) composition, the keys are very comfortable to press, feedback is also relatively strong. The front design of the floor scrubber is relatively flat, mainly integrated with RCON sensors, precision nozzles, cleaning pad eject button. According to official data, this capacity of water is sufficient to wet mop more than a hundred square meters of actual area, this area also includes the floor space occupied by cabinets and other at home, essentially meeting the needs of all types of large households.

This wiping robot for stubborn and sticky stains cleans more thoroughly, and the water can be controlled, so you don’t have to worry about water seepage and floor damage from wet mopping.

The bottom of the body is primarily made up of charging contacts, rollers, anti-drop sensors, and cleaning pad identification sensors. The cleaning pad configuration includes a washable wet wipe cleaning pad, a dry wipe cleaning pad, and two disposable wet wipe cleaning pads. Both dry and wet wipes can be cleaned repeatedly, and the cost of a single wipe is less expensive. The actual use of words, as long as the pad is installed, the wiping machine will automatically identify the wiping mode, automatically select the cleaning pad corresponding to the cleaning mode, the entire process without manual selection.

Many cleaning pads on the market today are made of Velcro, but it is not strong, and when removed by hand to tear, not only tedious but also very dirty. This product can directly press a key to let the cleaning pad automatically fall, one-handed operation, and if it is a disposable mop, it can be discarded against the garbage, very clean and convenient.

The charging cradle’s back is designed for storage, so the power connector can be inserted directly into the bottom, and the cable outlet is reserved so that the cable bundle can be more neat. When the power is low or after cleaning is complete, the floor scrubbing robot will automatically return to the charging stand to charge, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power and stopping somewhere. Even if the house is too large to clean all at once, the robot will automatically charge back to the base and return to where it left off when fully charged, so there’s no need to worry. Users can download the corresponding mobile app “iRobot HOME” via the iRobot WeChat website, and the binding process is relatively simple.

Overall, the app is simple and straightforward, and you can begin cleaning by clicking directly on the main page. You can also set up a regular cleaning area in the settings, as well as view the completed map of the home and the work after each cleaning.

Of course, you can also change the mode of wiping the floor and the amount of water that is sprayed.

Furthermore, if users own an iRobot Roomba i-series or 9-series sweeper, the app can be configured to sweep and then wipe the floor while connected to the same network for a seamless sweeping and wiping experience. We achieved very good cooperative cleaning with Roomba 961, a sweeping robot, and m6 floor scrubbing robot, and the results are ideal. Many users may believe that this operation is unnecessary, if the use of sweeping and mopping robot is not the best of both worlds? However, according to data from professional institutions, most sweeping and dragging all-in-one floor robots do not work well to force the surface of the stain, whi At the same time, because sweep and wipe at the same time, many dirty places the first sweep is not clean, it is easy to cause a dirty sweep on the wet wipe action, affecting the cleaning effect. It is more difficult to envision how the rounded mop on the rounded all-in-one machine will also clean the corners.

The special floor wiping robot, on the other hand, is designed to fit more snugly into the square corners, and it can also be better designed to put gravity on the wiping pad to remove stains and achieve deep cleaning of the floor by repeatedly wiping. So iRobot’s solution of this sweeping robot scrubbing robot solves these problems very well.

In conclusion, the iRobot Braava jet m6 is a professional floor scrubbing robot that fully solves the pain points previously faced by similar products, such as unclean cleaning, short battery life, and manual charging, and makes targeted optimization. Although the details are not comparable to manual cleaning, the overall “scrubbing” effect is satisfactory, the floor at home is cleaner, and you have less time to do housework, saving your heart and energy. Furthermore, the iRobot Braava jet m6 works with the 9 series of sweeping robots via Imprint interconnection technology, making it a perfect match.

If you require a professional floor scrubbing robot at home, you should learn more about the iRobot Braava jet m6, which will undoubtedly surprise you!