The Great Beauty Of China’s Rainbow Ignites The Big Screen Rainbow Leader Gold Ott System Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] The living room, a large screen, has become an unstoppable source of traffic after years of development. Today, the Chinese market sells more than 50 million smart TVs per year, with over 200 million users and a daily boot time of more than 5 hours on average. According to AVC data, the OTT industry will not only focus on content and advertising in the future, but there will be more operational value to be refined, and the comprehensive operational value is rising rapidly.

The total market volume is expected to exceed 30 billion by 2020, providing a very imaginative space and soil for the entire industry.

This is a review of Changhong Rainbow Magic’s Rainbow Link Gold system, which continues to advance with the power of hotspots, innovation, and perseverance, filling the content gap of OTT big screens, giving them more warmth and power, and absorbing users’ attention with quality content. The Rainbow Link Gold system integrates platforms such as Akiyon, Tencent, Mango TV, CIBN, Beeping Beeping, Orange Gaming, and others; here is a review to see how the system performs with the editor. The multi-dimensional content parties provide a powerful content matrix, and there are fee-based rights at the system level, such as Qiwi VIP, Tencent VIP, Aurora TV VIP, and so on. The system-level content associated with these VIP rights has been reorganized and classified.

The CHiQ TV Q6N makes use of the Cloud TV Aurora TV license, as well as a number of video resources such as Tencent, which allows users to top up their VIPs, or open Changhong’s “Rainbow Leader Gold” system to accumulate gold coins for VIPs. The content of children’s education is not the traditional boring lecture, but through fun and educational animation design, the kindergarten and elementary school curriculum into a moving and interesting animation program, the child in the process

Rainbow Magic – Rainbow Link Gold System The Rainbow Leader Gold System includes a Lakeland Education App that covers children, elementary, middle, and high school education resources, as well as different educational resources for different age groups of children.

Rainbow Magic – Rainbow Link Gold System In terms of sports, the Rainbow Link Gold system is provided by CIBN Poly Sports, which covers a wide range of resources such as Champions League, CBA, Bundesliga, NFL, volleyball, tennis, and so on, while the game featured resources are equipped with Orange e-sports.

This experience is equipped with the CHiQ 55 Q6N Pro equipped with the Rainbow Link Gold system, built-in New TV Aurora, in the current content waterfall, the Rainbow Link Gold system introduces dynamic design, with a large composition of the interface layout, reduce the number of desktop posters, improve the quality of content performance, with a storytelling theme to cure selection difficulties, high-precision posters quickly attract user attention, after timely syncing The top content classification is complete, there are system, selected, film and television, China Rainbow, shopping mall, news, movies, variety, children, cat theater, applications, music, sports, games, education, Rainbow Fans Life Home of 16 channels classification, can meet the daily use of family members. Rainbow Magic – Rainbow Link Gold System

Rainbow Magic – Rainbow Link Gold System Furthermore, in order to provide a simple and fast search experience, the Rainbow Link system provides a global search, which is the aforementioned dual platform search for Qiwi and Mango TV in the system search box, as shown below. In terms of content, Qiwi and NewTV Aurora have essentially covered popular movies, TV shows, and anime, and currently have resources for popular variety shows, such as “Spitting Image 4”, “Dear Guest,” and other popular content, which can be accessed via the system search box to include almost the entire network of film and television content, making the search very convenient.

The system also supports voice control, with a recognition rate of up to 98 percent, making it faster and more accurate at reading users’ needs. It also recognizes some dialects and can be configured to use dialects for voice announcements. The TV AI quickly recognizes the TV by shouting out the password “Changhong Xiaobai,” and then conducts a voice search for the TV, and the AI’s feedback is quick, providing relevant search results right away.

When compared to cell phones, TVs have a better HD big screen experience and immersion. The benefit of TV broadcast is that you do not have to passively watch the TV station’s fixed broadcast time and do not have to worry about missing each episode, but you can freely choose the right time to watch on OTT platforms like Rainbow Link Gold, which is more flexible, and you can also enjoy the exciting episodes in advance by purchasing membership benefits.

In terms of advertising mechanisms, the system provides a clear poster recommendation in the selected position of the home page, as well as through multiple resources to create a buzz on the topic, forming an effective guide, and so on. This will encourage more users to pay attention to the show’s opening and to watch the most recent episodes shortly after the show’s debut in the later stages of the catch-up process. Furthermore, Rainbow Magic employs big data and AI technology in the Rainbow Link Gold system to achieve accurate content pushing, allowing users interested in the most recent episodes to be captured in a timely manner.

As a result, OTT operators and headline content providers are collaborating to make better dramas available to subscribers through a variety of momentum building guidance and mutual cooperation. Furthermore, OTT manufacturers such as Rainbow Magic are conducting targeted advertising operations once again. When faced with a clear audience profile and high stickiness, advertisers use Rainbow Leader Gold’s multiple ad formats to advertise to potential target groups, achieving better advertising results.

Rainbow Magic has collaborated with National Geographic to investigate the mysterious and unknown mysteries of the ocean, employing the OTT big screen system to deliver a unique marine conservation awareness class. Following the “Hug the Ocean” campaign in the summer of 2019, the second wave of cross-border cooperation was launched this spring with the theme of “The Great Beauty of China Rainbow,” interacting with 30 million Rainbow Link users to create the first event in the OTT big screen industry. Rainbow Magic – Rainbow Link Gold System Rainbow Magic has always been committed to being the most solid bridge between users and service providers, and has set up a separate China Rainbow channel and planned a wealth of interactive activities through high-quality IP content, allowing users to harvest more in-depth and high-quality content information in the interactive scene of OTT big screen, meeting the diversified and quality needs of users for big screen content. The HongFang system, developed by HongFang, is an innovative, user-operated system used on Changhong Smart TV products to achieve “product, user, and service provider” ecological development.

The marketing, user activation, and content management lines are integrated to support a better connection between users and customers. HongLingjin 4.0 is the first to integrate open platform artificial intelligence and provide accurate and differentiated quality content based on the user’s complete browsing behavior, greatly increasing the value of users, partners, and platform operations. Multi-dimensional content parties to provide a strong content matrix in the content of the integration of Akiyon, Tencent, Mango TV, CIBN, Beili Beili, Orange Gaming, and other platforms.

The system also incorporates BAT head quality and fresh resources, and precisely pushes and promotes selected quality content to increase user stickiness, resulting in significant traffic increase; on the other hand, Rainbow Magic is the first in the OTT industry to open a professional and vertical “China Rainbow Channel,” which provides rich content in the form of pictures and videos to large-screen users in ultra-high definition. In addition to providing rich content in the form of pictures and videos in ultra-high definition to large-screen users, the company has planned fun and interesting interactive activities and events such as painting and photography, and has prepared a plethora of prizes and Rainbow Gold Coins to allow users to participate in them and raise environmental awareness. Rainbow Magic has taken an “alternative approach” to content operation, focusing on the creation of vertical content for OTT large screens in order to provide users with a unique and refreshing experience.