The Gospel Of Lazy Cancer Patients A “foolproof” Intelligent Washing Machine Self-cultivation

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]As one of the standard four pieces of household appliances, the electric automatic washing machine is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions of the last century, until the 21st century today, the fundamental technological progress or the liberation of the hands of labor, for the laundry thing, having a “foolproof” intelligent washing machine is more than good. Excellent? High quality? Must buy? Too soft a word, and there is no standard; after all, there are more expensive and better ones. A good washing machine with cultivation is sufficient for my daily life scenario: Whirlpool’s latest listing of this emperor series washing and drying machine WDD100944BAOT is the protagonist of this article.

To begin with, the Whirlpool emperor series has four models, with the model number WDD beginning for the washing and drying machine, WFD beginning for the washing machine, and OW ending in white. The protagonist is the OT model with a gray ending, officially known as Nebula Gray. I liked it the first time I saw it at the brand and new product launch: just when the new house just finished renovating, the style is exactly the main color of gray and black simple American style, the machine was delivered and I couldn’t wait to make an appointment to install it at home, because the box is larger, the laundry room and on the second floor, looking for the next-door neighbor plus my two big men and the installation of the master unpacked to move up the n Of course, a net weight of 86KG on a heavy word indicates that the material is more solid.

Whirlpool Empire Series also won the 2019 iF design award for its stylish and simple design. Compared to other mid- to high-end washing machines with complicated panel buttons, Whirlpool’s design of this emperor series washing and drying machine is minimalist to the point of no return. The main control panel’s 15-degree tilt angle allows you to bend sideways without having to bend over to see the function buttons.

The reason I believe it is “foolproof” is because of its sixth sense interactive knob, which allows for true one button start. After powering on, there is no need to press the power button or set program parameters; simply press the interactive knob for 3 seconds to activate the smart wash function.

Remember the classic Apple home button, basically playing the same effect the first time you press the kind of force feedback is not too much, not too little just right, The damping of the left and right rotation is also very mild, gentle, and precise, making it difficult to abuse. The integrated TFT LCD display on the knob, high clarity and no grain, function display switch without delay, no residual shadows and operation display lag, font size is moderate brightness, even if the elderly believe that they can quickly get started, this point for me to deal with video products for years, to give full marks Of course, this is not the most important factor in determining whether a washing machine is good or bad, but this detail does praise, after all, and this washing machine to deal with is essentially the interaction with this button.

Then lower your gaze and extol the many advantages of this machine. To begin with, the technical principles of the review are not the main theme of this article; if you want to see a simulation of the dirtiest clothes to see how clean they can be washed, a bunch of dazzling technical analysis of data testing to prove that it has a lot of bull’s eye can be skipped. As a high-end washing and drying machine, clean washing and baking is its proper role, if it can not make noise (refers to low noise vibration small, especially when dehydration), and easy to operate, feature-rich, to meet the needs of different scenes of different clothing different applications of people want to get, no obvious shortcomings, criticism is more than good, after all, spend money to buy the experience, must not add to the problem, isn’t it? Next, press the drawer box on the left side of the knob; this washing and drying machine not only allows for a one-time addition of 800ml detergent and 400ml softener, but also allows for the storage of the appropriate amount of laundry detergent or bacteria removal liquid. After you turn on the softener and germ removing liquid function in the program settings, the system will decide whether and how much to add based on the washing function mode, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Automatically achieve precise placement, ordinary household once to add the specified dose, can be used for 1-2 months, removing the need to worry about how much detergent to add each time.

The previously mentioned smart washing procedure takes about an hour. According to the official information, intelligent washing primarily uses Whirlpool 5D technology to determine the weight of clothes and optimize the washing temperature, length, and strength, multiple sensors to identify the type of clothing, detect the weight of clothing intelligent calculation of the amount of detergent put black technology, which Whirlpool refers to as the sixth sense of intelligent technology. Simply put in the required laundry and lightly press a key for 3 seconds to start it, and everything will be taken care of.

Different regions due to different temperatures, softener class easily in the pipe and tube wall condensation to form a secondary non-pollution, and the emperor series is equipped with automatic cleaning technology to put the pipe, each time after the laundry will automatically rinse clean, to ensure that the pipe as clean as ever.

We’ve all experienced itchy skin caused by dirty laundry. The Whirlpool emperor series has two types of intelligent oxygen bacteria mite function, built-in ozone generator all-round no dead angle on the cylinder clothing bacteria mite removal odor. The official data for bacteria removal rate is 99.99 percent.

After all, the washing machine is a durable appliance, and long-term use of a variety of dirt detergent bonding residue is not only unsanitary, but also greatly reduces the efficiency of washing clothes. Whirlpool emperor series wisdom oxygen clean cylinder function according to internal cleanliness and to a specific time cycle will automatically remind a full range of self-cleaning, greatly facilitating subsequent maintenance and cleaning, for family clothing health wash escort.

There will be different light patterns on the inside of the tube to indicate the current mode of operation for different washing and drying stages. In summer, the laundry needs to be washed is relatively simple, generally use the quick wash 15 minutes can be Adjust to the appropriate program bar to start cleaning with one key for clothes such as cotton and linen, silk, wool, and color care, and say goodbye to dry cleaners forever. Many parents are concerned about the cleanliness of their children’s and infants’ clothing. The Whirlpool emperor series includes a children’s clothing and baby clothes washing mode, which saves money and space when purchasing a children’s washing machine.

Stubborn stains are also a laundry’s natural enemy; with Whirlpool Empire Series washing machines, the embarrassment of hand washing and then machine washing will be eliminated. While most commercially available products can only provide a limited amount of stubborn stain cleaning, the Whirlpool King can effectively remove up to 100 stubborn stains. The use of four water temperature segmented washing, as well as extracting completely dissolved detergent after the water in the tube to the top of the tube down the spray cycle, to improve the efficiency of cleaning stubborn stains; smart washing clothes that resist wrinkles and leave a fresh fragrance, realizing a truly foolproof one-touch wash!

In terms of noise, the Whirlpool Imperial Series uses a DD DC inverter motor, which reduces the transmission belt when compared to a BLDC motor, resulting in better transmission efficiency, more power savings, and a low failure rate. It also has a 3D vibration sensor, which can control the amplitude of vibration in the laundry process and improve smoothness.

As a high value high-performance family assistant, the recent Jingdong 618 during the promotion of the first 10 sunshine send 999 yuan Whirlpool vacuum cleaner a, equivalent to less than 10,000 yuan to have Whirlpool emperor this cultivated wash and dry all-in-one machine, do not act quickly.