The Fusion Of Classical And Modern Electroacoustic Huawei Classical M4r Concerto Bluetooth Fm Radio Active Speaker Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]Radio was once one of the most important pieces of equipment for multiple generations to receive audio signals, and radio time has become a treasured memory for many people. Although there are fewer and fewer FM devices around us these days, there is no denying that FM radio is still one of the most convenient audio signal sources. Many quality audio manufacturers choose to reminisce with us in order to meet the needs of this segment of the user, for example, focus on sound quality for 29 years, not long ago launched a vintage radio technology and modern wireless Bluetooth listening to the perfect integration of the M2R Sonata speaker, whether the value or sound quality have won praise in the audio market; just as audiophiles are still enjoying the taste, Huwei a move and launched for the hi-fi market According to reports, the Whiteway M4R Concerto is a new generation of the Classical series, incorporating not only the FM radio function and Whiteway’s years of electroacoustic R&D.

At first glance, the Huewei Classical M4R Concerto exhibits a very representative Huewei design language. The case is made of luxurious solid wood that has been finely spliced and polished. The shape is not only vintage and elegant, but the surface of the real natural texture also exudes vitality and is full of texture.

Box tone with solid wood also achieved a natural and coordinated transition, so that the overall design is not overly eye-catching, but very durable, even when placed in a different style of home environment, still harmonious and natural overall look and feel.

The front baffle of the Huewei Classical M4R Concerto uses a tilted elevation design optimized for the listening environment to ensure accurate near-field sound reproduction, while the solid solid wood “trapezoidal” cabinet with four metal soft rubber shock absorbing feet at the bottom can effectively reduce cabinet resonance, so that the speaker can comfortably cope with a variety of musical tests. The three function knobs listed below are very simple and easy to use.

The radio tuning knob provides an FM frequency adjustment range of 87MHz-108MHz, with a scale indicating the backing disc to assist in tuning, and a function indicator below, with green indicating FM radio mode, blue indicating Bluetooth playback mode, and red indicating line input mode.

Huewei Classical M4R Concerto back with AUX line input and FM external antenna interface, line input supports high-fidelity wired connection with traditional audio sources; wireless support apt-X Bluetooth 4.2 input standard, which can achieve rapid wireless transmission of high-quality audio, convenient for users in the era of streaming media to iPad, cell phones, and other mobile devices directly co The electronic albums we purchased online can thus be synchronized in real time to the M4R Concerto speaker playback. The Whiteway Classical M4R Concerto measures (W)230mm x (D)200mm x (H)190mm and weighs 4.25kg. When compared to similar products on the market, the final presentation’s volume and weight are already very limited.

Furthermore, the speaker is outfitted with a leather carry handle, making it more portable; in fact, it can be carried and moved entirely with one hand.

Huewei has a deep technical accumulation in the acoustic design and sound tuning of audio products as an audio company with 29 years of experience in electro-acoustic research and development, which is the main reason why many new and existing users subscribe to the Huewei brand. The Huewei Classical M4R concerto speakers are equipped with two 20mm metal dome tweeters and a 4-inch woofer. The two 20mm metal dome tweeters use alloy as the diaphragm material, which is extremely thin and hard, and can effectively reduce the sound quality of the splitting vibration, implying that the tweeter can always maintain a linear and low distortion state of work.

According to the official information, the two 20mm dome tweeters use an extremely thin and hard metal alloy as the diaphragm material, which can effectively reduce the sound quality of the splitting vibration, allowing the unit to operate in a linear and low distortion state at all times. To ensure the unit’s driving force, shielded high-performance neodymium magnets and a sandwich anti-magnetic structure are used to effectively suppress magnetic leakage and create a miniaturized linear and uniform magnetic field. Also included are U.S.

The 4-inch mid-woofer, according to the official information: inherited from the famous professional monitor X4 design of Whiteway’s mid-woofer, using a high-temperature aluminum alloy skeleton and high-purity copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil, with high-power carrying capacity, and can effectively reduce the unit’s non-linear distortion near the resonant frequency, the frequency response range of high frequencies can reach 20kHz. The internal unit employs a highly compliant centering spur with excellent damping characteristics and power stability, a high-temperature resistant aluminum voice coil skeleton and SV voice coil wire, an external magnetic circuit system with high-performance ferrite materials, coupled with long-stroke linear displacement technology to provide a more powerful bass output, to ensure linear diaphragm vibration at high power, and a low frequency frequency response range of up to

Having said that, it should be noted that the M4R Concerto also includes a high-quality FM radio function, and that the FM signal interference issue is also something to consider. As a result, the M4R includes an anti-FM signal interference mechanism. Its low noise amplifier and DSP chip module effectively improve FM radio’s sensitivity, selectivity, signal-to-noise ratio, and anti-interference capability.

In audio playback, it is driven by analog high-power amplifier, using electronic crossover design, to two amplifier chips to independently drive the high and low woofers, the output power can reach 60W RMS, even for large dynamic audio playback can easily cope with. The two 20mm metal dome tweeters can clearly resolve rich high-frequency details, while the transient response is quick, allowing the wood block hitting sound in “Born Never Asked” to be clearly restored, and the high-frequency tone is bright and pure, with good extension.

In terms of low frequency, the 4-inch unit ensures that the M4R Concerto has a low-frequency volume that is difficult to achieve with comparable products, the bass performance is thick and impactful, not vague and dizzy, electronic music players do not have to worry; low and mid-range performance is rich, especially suitable for classical music and opera, used to listen to the mouth of the baritone is truly “classic.” In this regard, whether it is male or female anchor with a mid-air abdominal pronunciation, or night radio whispering, the M4R built-in three-unit combination can be perfect performance, coupled with the professional advantages and experience of Huwei engineers in the tuning of the sound, language programs also become pleasant to the ear. For these phenomena, the Whiteway Classical M4R Concerto’s positioning and design are intended to meet the user in a variety of scenarios while meeting certain audio quality requirements. After some time, I gradually realized the significance of the M4R’s high-quality portable active speakers. We can use the M4R Concerto whenever and wherever we want, as long as there is power and an audio source, to listen to the sound.

Not only for the sake of adding color to life, but also to foster a social environment.

Whiteway Classical M4R Concerto FM Bluetooth radio active speaker, in addition to high value, the continuation of 29 years of Whiteway’s high-fidelity electroacoustic technology, but also through the perfect integration with FM radio function, into a set of classical modeling, colorful sound quality, and wireless Bluetooth portable listening music entertainment system, bringing us a portable and high-quality audio experience that can be enjoyed at any time, for users who want to listen to music on the go.