The Following Content Is Extremely Comfortable Oppo R15 Dream Mirror Version Tasting Experience “borderless” Beauty

[After several iterations, the OPPO ColorOS has become an important part of OPPO’s cell phones, for which OPPO officially released ColorOS version 6 on the fifth anniversary of ColorOS. ColorOS 6 has recently treated the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition to a visual feast. ColorOS 6 is OPPO’s “borderless” design concept based on full-screen, and the system interface makes extensive use of the “white cloth” technique, making the interface more hierarchical, less dense, and clearer overall. Easy to understand I simply made a comparison to better understand the difference ColorOS 6 brings to us.

OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition (left) and OPPO R17 Pro (right) In fact, as seen in the two screenshots above, the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition is visually much wider after using ColorOS 6, and the overall look is simple and atmospheric. OPPO also collaborated with a well-known font manufacturer in China to develop a new set of fonts for ColorOS 6 with a better reading experience, which OPPO named OPPO Sans. The next step is to examine the desktop’s UI design and typography.OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition (left) and OPPO R17 Pro (right) OPPO adjusted the system’s UI layout in ColorOS 6, rearranging the distribution of various icons and text display in the UI with a “cloth white” design, giving ColorOS 6 a “borderless and bounded” feel.

The OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition has a wider interface than the OPPO R17 Pro, but the phone, messages, browser, and camera at the bottom have been moved down a bit, and the font is smaller. Furthermore, the app spacing layout is different; the OPPO R15 dream mirror app spacing will be larger than the R17 Pro app spacing, visually more relaxed, and will not be crowded together without a gap. I then tried using sticky notes to record things, and ColorOS 6’s new layout design will look even better.

OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition (left) and OPPO R17 Pro (right) Based on the comparison of the two screenshots above, I would definitely go with the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition. ColorOS 6’s design is more in line with public aesthetics, and the silvery white color will convey a sense of premium, which is referred to as “premium gray.” ColorOS 6’s font and spacing are excellent, with large spacing and prominent fonts that make it easy to understand at a glance. The introduction of the Breeno intelligent assistant is the biggest highlight of ColorOS 6. Breeno, as a smart interaction hub in the 5G era, can connect all smart devices and use multiple interaction methods to provide users with a futuristic smart life experience.

Apart from the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition, which employs the Breeno intelligent assistant, all of OPPO’s other cell phone models continue to employ the intelligent negative screen.

Breeno quick tour (left) and intelligent negative screen (right) On the one hand, Breeno Smart Assistant brings multi-mode interaction, allowing users to communicate with the machine in a more natural way; on the other hand, Breeno Smart Assistant further provides users with attentive services on the premise of better understanding their needs and achieving direct and diversified services. For example, when searching for airline tickets in the global search, users only need to open the fast app to book tickets directly, and Breeno will automatically generate a schedule plan to remind users of flight updates, online check-in and seat selection, and weather at the destination as the trip approaches, making it more intelligent and diverse.

OPPO introduces the concept of “gradient color” in ColorOS 6, adding gradient design to several system applications and UI while incorporating white as the primary color, making ColorOS 6’s color tone more elegant and rhythmic. The icon design is also more prominent and eye-catching.OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition (left) and OPPO R17 Pro (right)OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition (left) and OPPO R17 Pro (right)OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition (left) and OPPO R17 Pro (right)

The animation design and typography design when cleaning up the memory in Phone Manager are also different between the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition (left) and the OPPO R17 Pro (right). OPPO, which strives for design perfection, has made significant changes to the ColorOS 6 version. The gradient color design remains the same, but the difference is that OPPO has centered the font layout, which is more in line with the fact that people see the middle first when they look at something, reducing unnecessary design and making it clear at a glance, and the fresh gradient green color makes people feel comfortable and unifies the color, unlike the iterative version, which uses a variety of colors and makes the focus difficult to see. Overall, the color scheme on this point is a big compliment.OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition (left) and OPPO R17 Pro (right)

Furthermore, ColorOS version 6 solves the painful problems plaguing players through HyperBoost acceleration engine technology, which optimizes the lagging problem of cell phone usage from the bottom of the system by building a two-way communication between the system and the application, with improved application launching speed and smoother interface switching.OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition interaction animation and open application speedOPPO R17 Pro interaction animation and open application speedOPPO R17 Pro interaction animation and open application speedOPPO R17 Pro interaction animation and open application speed

ColorOS 6 version with HyperBoost acceleration engine is optimized for a variety of popular games, including multi-state network acceleration technology to select the optimal channel based on network congestion and reduce game latency.OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition King of Honor testOPPO R17 Pro King of Honor test

Furthermore, ColorOS 6 is very stable and power-saving, and it comes with AI emergency freezing, which greatly improves the user experience and solves the problem of cell phone system energy consumption. The system will automatically monitor the current payment environment for you, ensuring the security of your personal information, including bank cards and Alipay. Overall, ColorOS 6 has changed significantly in design, which is a great pleasure for many “face fans.” The system is also “quick, stable, and cost-effective,” and the payment protection feature makes the payment environment safer.

At the moment, only the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition has ColorOS 6 installed. I hope OPPO will make it available on other OPPO models as soon as possible so that more users can enjoy the benefits of “no borders.”