The Five Thousand Years Of The Emperor’s Imperial Banquet Rongsheng Imperial Banquet In The Word Five-door Refrigerator Experience Review

Preface Recently, I have studied folklore, but I also carefully watched the “China Revealed” program, in which the author was very impressed by the major folk customs and imperial feast, and in watching, the topic of storage of ingredients also piqued the author’s keen interest. From ancient times to the present, both the cellar, ice, air-drying, and other methods of storage of ingredients, through the evolution of thousands of years, but also the more and more mature Ancient Yang Guifei in order to taste the lychee, and fly riding a thousand miles of “a ride on the red dust concubine smile, no one knows is the lychee to” the story, which can also see the ingredients preservation is not easy, and for the official court, the imperial banquet for the storage requirements of the ingredients must also be incredibly demanding. And not long ago, a refrigerator drew the author’s attention because its main language for “this is the imperial banquet”! This Rongsheng imperial feast refrigerator reflects Chinese culture and Chinese aesthetics, whether in the word door body design, or Chinese craftsmen’s craft, are fully reflected in this product. Appearance: the beauty of symmetry in the Chinese character, the great beauty of heaven With the iteration of the refrigerator, from the old style up and down double door, three doors, doors, multi-door refrigerator to today’s rich Chinese culture in the word door refrigerator, refrigerator appearance of the iteration also tends to consumers’ taste and cultural color heritage.

Furthermore, the high-end ultra-textured jade sand glass looks more high-end and classy, the surface will not stain fingerprints, greasy things attached can also be easily wiped, for this, I am very satisfied, and I believe that most lazy people will like it. Refrigerator control panel part In the handle design, ronson imperial banquet refrigerator use hidden handle design, stretching feeling more comfortable, resistance is also very moderate, whether childre However, in Chinese culture is concerned about both internal and external repair, external we feel OK, how about its internal? Internal repair: different partitions, each in its own way Rongsheng imperial feast refrigerator is a very Chinese heritage of refrigerator products, using the classical Chinese style in the word five door design, five doors are able to open and close separately, to avoid the leakage of cold air in different rooms, but also gives each room a distinct appearance

Refrigerator freezer layout planning The middle section of the freezer consists of two shelves, which can be placed on dinner plates, cakes, and other large objects of food, and the shelves on both sides are also more reasonably distributed, so that large bottles of Coke and other drinks can be placed. Two shelves in the middle Girls can also easily take LED lights are still designed on the top of the refrigerator freezer, which can clearly illuminate the interior of the refrigerator freezer.

Intelligent wet and dry space Cooked food space Many times, choosing a refrigerator is generally a matter of men, but this refrigerator also allows women to have a sense of participation, Rongsheng imperial feast refrigerator designed for girls to use the mask cabin, you no longer need to place your mask in the chicken, duck, fish, vegetables and fruits, mask cabin using an independent space, will not string taste, small space but big pattern, whether mask or cosmetics ca This is the industry’s first all-around fresh space, employing the industry’s only independent anti-bacteria and clean taste function, as well as an all-around fresh design.

All-powerful freshness raising space All-powerful space adopts a full temperature zone of 5-20°C, is equipped with Rongsheng double quick-freezing technology, and is currently the industry’s fastest quick-freezing refrigerator product. As we all know, the faster the ingredients are frozen, the less nutrition loss, so double freezing is especially important. Generally speaking, the temperature of the variable temperature space is normally maintained at 5°C, rarely with freezing function, but Rongsheng breaks such a conventional concept, and with 30 freezing vents design, help you lock the freshness of ingredients in minutes.

Actual test: freshness preservation, temperature control performance is pleasing Through the introduction of the refrigerator’s inside and outside pattern and performance, I believe that you have a certain understanding of this product! Then comes the most important part – test part, in order to allow you to better understand the refrigerator’s all-round space, we will be fresh test are placed in the all-round space. We discovered that after 120 minutes, the internal temperature of the refrigerator quickly dropped to the set temperature of -8°C, while the temperature change was only 0.6°C up and down, indicating that the temperature control effect is quite good. (Because of temperature loss in the test environment and objective factors of the equipment, it cannot reach the official 0.3 °C provided) Wet Zone Test Next, for the humidity test, I placed the humidity test instrument in the refrigerator’s intelligent dry and wet drawer and set the gears separately for testing.

First, we set the gear in the fresh fruit gear, the gear is suitable for the fruit with sufficient moisture, and the measured humidity is ab

The data shows that the humidity is 97.2 percent after the wet zone is set to vegetable gear, and this gear is suitable for vegetables such as leafy greens. Noise test Because many consumers are concerned about the noise of the refrigerator, we used a professional noise tester to sample the data of this refrigerator. After the refrigerator power off and open the refrigerator door to rest for a day, re-energize the refrigerator for 5 minutes, and we will noise decibel meter pl In fact, this is a misconception; fresh vegetables and fruits placed in the daily environment, or because of temperature and humidity changes, resulting in the loss of nutrition, so the refrigerator is their best home. We also conducted a test for the refrigerator’s ability to keep fresh.

First, we prepared two copies of the same ingredients: apples, cabbage leaves, moisture-rich fruits and vegetables are more intuitive when conducting freshness tests.

Changes of apples in the daily environment Changes of apples in the refrigerator environment According to the data, the apple changes a lot in weight, the weight of the apple put into the RongSheng Royal banquet refrigerator does not change compared to 3 days ago, while the weight of the apple put in the daily environment decreases by 4g compared to 3 days ago, indicating that the RongSheng Royal banquet refrigerator’s moisturizing ability is m

The same is true for cabbage leaves, where the distinction is even more pronounced. Lettuce leaves in the daily environment have dried out and are basically inedible. Double freezing power test To demonstrate more intuitively the double freezing power of the Rongsheng Royal Banquet refrigerator all-round space, we used the original cut beef as the test object. We weighed the steak and placed it in the Rongsheng Royal Banquet refrigerator with a weight of 182g, and after about 3 hours, the steak was completely frozen.

Then put on the electronic scale weighing, the weight obtained is 181g, compared with the weight before the test reduced by 1g, the overall performance is excellent. So, the experiment proved that the ingredients put into the Rongsheng imperial banquet refrigerator lock freshness effect is outstanding.

Conclusion: the imperial banquet you can also enjoy

To summarize, just like Rongsheng’s positioning of this product, it turns out to be the Royal Banquet!