The First Wave Of New Iphonese Word Of Mouth Has Arrived, And The Foreign Media’s Assessment Is All Too Accurate

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The iPhone SE3 is now available for purchase, and foreign media are receiving the real machine ahead of time, making this the first time for the model to be reviewed. Although the processor and 5G network are the main selling points of this phone, the price is always optimistic. This is Apple’s most affordable entry machine, with an unrivaled cost-effective experience that makes it a worthy mid-range model.
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The Verge” identified the phone’s strengths and weaknesses, noting that while the battery capacity has increased, the battery life remains short. The performance of the a15 processor is better, but the set of the last outdated model may appear to be excessive in terms of performance. The screen is only 4.7 inches in size, and there are large bezels, handheld comfort, and a thin experience to enjoy. What’s more, the storage capacity, which starts at 64GB, is completely inadequate to meet the demands of this era. Because we are in the era of universal Vlog shooting, when the capacity for shooting a few videos is full, users must purchase iCloud and allow Apple to increase its pen income.

The iPhoneSE3’s performance in the lens module group is also unsatisfactory. It’s 2022, and a phone costing more than a thousand dollars still only has a single 12-megapixel lens. There is no ultra-wide angle or zoom lens, and the shooting experience is poor. However, the A15 bionic chip allows the iPhoneSE3 to have superb intelligent HDR4 and 4K video recording, even if it is a single lens, day shot performance in AI-assisted algorithm, and high dynamic range performance is very good, according to the foreign media “CNET.” Unfortunately, the lack of a night mode makes it ineffective in low-light situations.

Because the iPhone SE3 has a small screen, it has no appeal for Android users. The iPhoneSE3’s main user object, according to foreign media “The Verge,” is not Android phones, because the same price models have ultra-wide angle and night mode, as well as a real and OLED panel with full screen. As a result, users interested in purchasing an iPhoneSE3 should be the people listed below.

a Apple’s first choice for nailbiters

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The iPhone SE3 has a more powerful and advanced processor, as well as a faster 5G network. There are currently a large number of Apple peggers ranging from the iPhone6 to the iPhone8. Changing the machine is not a hassle for this group. Furthermore, the hands-on operation is very smooth, with little to no learning curve.

2nd Users on a tight budget

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The iPhone SE3 is unquestionably a good choice for users on a tight budget. Because this segment of the population is not well-off financially, even if the phone is one of a thousand models, it may cost a month’s wages. However, with the A15 processor and 5G network, you can experience the phone’s most powerful performance while remaining very cost-effective. Furthermore, the iPhone phone life is extremely long, so users in the future will not have to worry about having to wait a few years for a new machine.

three Jumped from a thousand yuan Android machine

As previously stated, the iPhone SE3 does not appear to be in the same price range as Android phones. However, for users of the thousand yuan machine, buy the cheapest Apple phone to get rid of the “thousand yuan machine” user identity to a large extent. In other words, the iPhone SE3 might be able to satisfy this part of the heart’s vanity.

a) As a backup system

Many fruit fans nowadays will purchase a low-cost Apple phone as a backup device. The iPhone 12 is overpriced, and the iPhone 11 is inexpensive but lacks 5G support. Although the iPhoneSE3 has a retro design, it is more functional, especially for those who aren’t interested in photography. And as a backup model, the iPhoneSE3 is ideal, and you won’t have to worry about it being phased out by iOS in the coming years.

The price, according to the foreign press, is the iPhone SE3’s biggest advantage. Because it is inexpensive, users will undoubtedly forego some of the features. The iPhoneSE3, on the other hand, has both obvious flaws and benefits. The A15 processor is so powerful that it outperforms almost all Android phones on the market. However, there is no night mode, the experience is tedious, and the screen is small. Don’t you think the iPhone SE3 is a phone worth getting?