The First Snapdragon 855 Mass Production Machine “torture” Lenovo Z5 Pro Gt Version

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]Since its announcement in Hawaii in early December as the flagship platform of the Android camp, Snapdragon 855 has become the industry buzzword, and it has also been “launched” by a number of manufacturers back in the domestic market. Of course, manufacturers have their own opinions on who debuted the Snapdragon 855, but in terms of product launch, Lenovo’s Z5s Pro GT Edition, which debuted on December 18 and officially went on sale in late January this year, is without a doubt the first product that you can actually buy.

We don’t say much about the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT version here because, after all, the product is based on the Lenovo Z5 Pro, which has been on the market for a while, and I believe we’re all familiar with the overall sliding full-screen phone. The only thing worth mentioning is the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Edition’s new color scheme. The more fashionable “red and black” color scheme makes it stand out from the crowd, especially for male users who enjoy sports car style.

Of course, the first batch of Lenovo Z5 Pro GT version is not a lot, I was prepared in advance when the sale, but still was not expected to grab, but based on the evaluation of the Jingdong platform, the first launch period, there are indeed many users who truly got this epoch-making flagship (here envy). The good news is that I already have the engineering version of this phone and have used common scoring software and games to do some “ravaging” of it, so we will look at it together.

The first is the well-known AnTuTu, previously in the early release of the official claim of the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT version of the score in the vicinity of 360,000, the engineering machine’s score results are comparable, reaching 357,235 results, except for the storage of various sub-items of performance are more satisfactory, of course, because it is an engineering machine believe that there is still some room for debugging and improvement.

In the old GeekBench evaluation software GeekBench Lenovo Z5 Pro GT version of the single-core score 3259, multi-core score 10063, in the current market cell phone is also the highest model, especially multi-core score scores not only dominate the Android platform, but are even comparable to Apple’s A12 processor.

We received a score of 5960 in GeekBench’s battery test with the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT version, which took 11 hours and 6 minutes from full charge to battery drain, which is still quite surprising for a phone with a battery capacity of only 3350mAh and fully reflects the energy consumption control level of Snapdragon 855.

During the experience, we also used the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Edition to play some mainstream games. The performance of the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Edition in “Honor of Kings” is relatively satisfactory, despite the fact that it does not currently support ultra-high resolution, but in other image quality parameters to the highest, the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Edition remains firmly above the level of 60 fps, even if the group battle is not slowed down. During the experience, the back camera part became slightly warm, but this had little effect on the overall experience.

In “Stimulation Battlefield,” we set the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT version to the highest screen resolution (not Ultra HD quality for the time being), and the experience was very smooth, with even less heat on the phone’s surface than in “King of Honor.”

Crackdown 3 is a performance-testing game, and the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Edition keeps the ball rolling, and the smoothness at high image quality still pleases the discerning gamer.