The First Choice For Home Audio And Video: The Whiteway Rm600amkiiht Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] As people’s living standards rise, so do their audio-visual requirements. People who enjoy the hustle and bustle are flocking to the theaters as a result of the success of “The Avengers 4: The Final Battle.” However, for those who prefer peace and quiet, having their own home theater may be a better option. In addition to projection equipment, the other core of home theater is the speakers.

Huewei adheres to the RM600 series home audio and video system’s excellent design and craftsmanship, bringing a new upgrade Huewei RM600AMKIIHT speakers, for home audio and video users to bring a richer choice and better audio-visual experience.

The Megawatt RM600AMKIIHT builds on the advantages of the RM series, not only with large dynamic range, low distortion, and shockingly low frequency, but also with more realistic reproduction of the film’s rich details. The speaker appearance design is still very artistic, elegant, and generous; its high-quality sound output can also meet the Dolby Atmos (Dolby Atmos) and DTS:X home theater needs. Huwei RM600AMKIIHT with two RM600AMKII main speakers, a RM600AMKII-C center speaker, two RM600AMKII-M monopole speakers, and two RM600MKII-R bipolar surround speakers.

Users can DIY audio system placement to create various types of sound fields based on space and use requirements.

Huewei RM600AMKII beautiful lines, fully demonstrates Huewei’s strength in speaker design, luxury natural wood veneer cabinet with aluminum decorative ring, so that the speaker has an inherent noble temperament, and can be combined with different home environments, the highly textured surface is a favorite

The Megawatt RM600AMKII is a three-way, fourth-order inverted audio system comprised of a patented Megawatt equal-field ribbon tweeter, a professional 75mm metal midrange, and two large-diameter 6.5-inch woofers. The front panel of the speaker uses a simulation cutting design to reduce the baffle area, effectively reducing sound diffraction around the box, resulting in more pure sound quality; the rear of the box will have dual-line split terminals, ensuring that the high school and bass channels do not interfere with each other, resulting in more pure and low distortion sound quality. The strengthening of the box internal matrix structure can significantly reduce box resonance, ensuring that the large dynamic still has a stable audio output.

The speaker internal selection of high-density sound-absorbing sponge filling, close to the volume of the box 80 percent filling ratio, effectively reducing sound staining inside the box, and suppressing low-frequency standing waves, so that the dive deeper and clean. The RM600AMKII tweeter adopts the exclusive patented equal magnetic field band tweeter, the core of the equal magnetic field band tweeter is a high-precision vibration chip, the diaphragm area occu The ultra-thin Kapton material compound metal copper foil diaphragm has high resolution, giving the impression of clearer, more natural sound quality; the diaphragm’s conductive body is covered with a 1um antioxidant coating to prevent oxidation of copper conductive lines in the event of overheating. Huewei’s patented isomagnetic field band tweeter diaphragm vibration mass is one-tenth that of a traditional dome tweeter, and it can transiently respond to any input transient signal, resulting in a flatter frequency response, higher sound pressure, faster transient response speed, and less distortion.

In the playback of high-definition films in the subtleties of the ear, the speaker has more uniform and wide directional characteristics.

The Megawatt RM600AMKII with a 75mm metal midrange unit, using thin and hard metal anode aluminum material as the diaphragm, can effectively reduce the unit in high-speed operation of the split vibration, so that the unit always maintains the linear and low distortion state of work; concave fatigue-resistant cloth edge folding ring, so it has a broader natural frequency response characteristics; concave fatigue-resistant cloth edge folding ring, so it has a Metal anodized aluminum skeleton voice coil, copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire, and neodymium-iron-boron internal magnetic circuit, better resolution of audio signals, ensuring clear and accurate playback of vocal and musical details. The two 6.5-inch large-diameter woofers use ultra-light, high-strength Kevlar fiber diaphragms, a unique magnetic circuit system, and large magnetic steel drive units to m The speaker can dive as low as 38Hz with these two woofers, and the sound quality is more mellow and deep. Whiteway by combining soft and fatigue-resistant long-stroke rubber folding ring to absorb excess vibration energy; speaker internal high-smooth centering support piece, with excellent damping characteristics and power stability; shielded magnetic circuit system and long-stroke linear displacement technology to provide more powerful bass output and transient characteristics, to ensure that the diaphragm linear vibration when the power is high.

The “D’Appolito dumbbell type sound structure” used by the Huewei RM600AMKII-C center speaker can effectively reduce sound coloration. To ensure the continuity and naturalness of vocal dialogue and effects, the unit configuration also uses the same RM600AMKII patented equal magnetic field band tweeter, two 5-inch mid-woofer, to bring a better audio-visual experience. Huewei provides two options for setting up a multi-channel home theater system: Mono-pole monopole speaker RM600AMKII-M and Di-pole dipole / Bi-pole bipolar surround speaker RM600AMKII-R. Furthermore, the Mono-pole monopole surround speakers RM600AMKII-M can be ceiling-mounted, making it easier to set up excellent sound quality in accordance with the requirements of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X home theater systems.

The Megawatt RM600AMKIIHT’s music performance is also very good, with full vocals, natural high frequencies, mellow midrange, and full low frequency dive. The Huewei RM600AMKIIHT inherits Huewei’s top electro-acoustic design and exquisite manufacturing process, elegant design, full of materials, making it the first choice for home theater systems.