The First Batch Of The Noise-cancelling World’s Hardest Hitters Haylou X1 Dual Noise-cancelling Sold Out

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Between the night, the active noise cancellation headset industry’s “ruthless role” appeared out of nowhere, deep plowing TWS headphones for many years of treasure brand – Haylou in yesterday launched Haylou X1 dual noise cancellation Bluetooth headset, said to do the first active noise cancellation headset for young people!

Is it a “universal letter machine” or the strength to make that gives Haylou X1 the confidence to say such “tough” words? Let me dig for the guys Haylou X1 in the end how ruthless!

Noise cancellation is going to be ruthless.

As active noise cancellation headphones, Haylou X1 has stood on the shoulders of giants since the beginning of product design, with the introduction of “dual noise cancellation” technology for users to upgrade the new noise cancellation experience! Not only the Hybird hybrid active noise cancellation technology, noise reduction depth of up to -35dB; more left and right each HD microphone monitoring array of wheat wisdom call noise reduction, collaborative AI neural network mo

bestbuy618 technology

The new heavy scene ANC mode – noise reduction mode call mode standard mode is the noise reduction experience directly pull full! User keys can switch to noise cancellation mode, such as in the station subway mall and other noisy environments, but also completely isolate the surrounding noise, simply enjoy music in the world of headphones; you can also switch to pass-through mode in the study office sports, in an instant to receive the surrounding environmental sound and huma

Configuration is difficult.

Haylou X1 dual noise-canceling Bluetooth headset in Bluetooth 5.2 configuration comes with system-level low latency and low-power optimization, even strong interference scenarios can be intelligently optimized to connect, with dual-way transmission and system-level full link optimization, the speed and stability of transmission speed to the next level, to achieve ultra-low latency of sound and picture synchronization!

Haylou X1 has a built-in high-performance bio-diaphragm moving coil and a carefully tuned acoustic system, so that musical details fit the acoustic golden curve. With a sampling frequency of 16bit/48kHz, audio decoding rate technology has also made strides, effectively retaining richer music details. The system is compatible with Android/iOS platforms and is not picky about phone brand or model, so it can be described as a combination of high resolution, high decoding rate, high adaptability, and other significant advantages.

To solve the issue of going out for a long time, Haylou X1 in the difficult point of the range down again, strong 30 hours of long battery life to support all-day listening experience, while with a warm power replenishment prompt light, more support for wireless charging technology, or even the phone or computer reverse charging, unrestricted so that your out-of-town travel easy and relaxed

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Service is difficult.

You can now enjoy a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system when purchasing Haylou X1 dual noise-canceling Bluetooth headset in Haylou Tmall flagship store, Haylou Heyloo Jingdong self-owned store, Haylou Youpin flagship store, and other platforms. If you say 30 days no reason to return the gift of free shipping insurance is just a high type, then more ruthless and powerful is the year warranty only to replace the commitment, which means that as long as the product quality problems, the business will directly replace a brand new headset to you! Also comes with a lifetime of after-sales support, buy a tube life, is what kind of enterprise to dare to give a commitment ah!

Price is too high.

If the foregoing aren’t enough to shock you, the technology’s direct killer – Haylou X1 dual noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones previously on pre-sale for only 199! Model of the new situation, for young people and even the general public are provided with a broader opportunity to enjoy active noise cancellation headphones.

bestbuy618 technology

Haylou X1 dual noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones, officially released on September 24, 2021 12 hours after the first batch sold out, there is a demand, hurry to the official flagship store to get it!
bestbuy618 technology