The Extraordinary Choice Of Small Living Room Theater Dixoniti Procinema 600 Satellite Box Home Theater Review

[Bestbuy618 home appliance channel] mentioned small living room home theater system many enthusiasts will be torn between the Soundbar and 5.1 surround system, of course, the Soundbar can get virtual surround sound in the least occupied area, but 5.1 surround sound real 5-point source in sound pressure and sense of presence and other aspects of its performance capabilities are Soundbar virtual surround sound cannot be compared, especially in the small living room The demand for small living room theater systems among young audiophiles is high, as they do not want to take up too much space while also needing to be simple to set up and have a certain level of sound to meet the audio and video experience of games and movies. Definitive Technology (hereinafter referred to as DT speakers) for the Sound United Group brand, Sound United set of brands covering AV amplifiers, speakers, portable products, to provide consumers with one-stop shopping.

This small but powerful 3-way home theater system Procinema 600 is composed of 4 PROMONITOR 600 surround speakers, a PROCENTER 600 center speaker, and a PROSUB 600 subwoofer composed of small home theater system, satellite speaker power of 150W, center speaker power of 175W, subwoofer power 250W, matching Power amplifier is to give full play to the output of the dynamic, usually the output power of the amplifier should be 1.5 times the power of the speaker is better Users can choose placement settings according to different living room shape and environment wall hanging (wall bracket to be purchased separately), placement, floor bracket (floor bracket to be purchased separately), in line with modern aesthetic minimalist design can be integrated in the style of living room style, with full range of excellent sound quality and a great sense of space.

Procinema 600 uses patented balanced double-fold ring unit and porcelain aluminum dome tweeter, balanced double-fold ring unit is the exclusive patented technology of DT speakers, commonly used in high-end models of DT speakers, the inner and outer edges of the unit’s diaphragm supported by two folding rings, which helps the diaphragm vertical movement balance, so that the diaphragm has a long stroke greatly enhance the energy converse The material cabinet unit consists of a 1-inch porcelain aluminum dome tweeter, a 3.25-inch unit, and a 3.25-inch dual pressure-coupled bass passive unit, which will absorb more low-frequency resonance while bringing lower distortion, so that the low frequency in the entire system has up to six passive units and an 8-inch bass passive unit.

The PROCENTER 600 center speaker has a 1-inch porcelain aluminum tweeter and two 3.25-inch balanced bifold ring units on both sides of the dual pressure coupling passive woofer. As a complete set of satellite box in the natural need for a main subwoofer to add, PROSUB 600 subwoofer equipped with an 8-inch active woofer and a passive woofer of the same size, built-in 250w digital high-power amplifier, low-frequency volume can be quickly adjusted through the side knob, integrated foot pegs can greatly reduce the resonance of the generation, but also without the user to tangle

Different people have completely different understanding and sensitivity to sound, the same is the judgment of sound clarity and separation can have an intuitive feeling, the whole set of satellite home theater system up to 7 passive units, in different sound source location to provide a stable full range of sound orientation, not exaggerated that eac

Listening part, I am looking forward to this set of 5.1 satellite home theater in the midrange and vocal performance, thanks to DT speakers patented balanced double-fold ring unit technology to give the diaphragm more stroke in the midrange response and dynamic performance to my satisfaction, this unique combination of patented units and porcelain aluminum tweeters, a good way to compensate for the small volume of satellite speakers in the midrange sound performan

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