The Desk’s Resident High Value Weapon The Thinkpad S3 Is Reviewed

[Bestbuy618 Laptop Channel] In the age of the mobile office, laptops have grown in importance as a desktop productivity tool. There has been a wide variety of notebooks on the market in recent years, and performance and size, which were once bottlenecks in notebooks, have become a thing of the past, with design becoming a major factor in future competition. How to strike a balance between workplace professionalism and extreme individuality? How to lead a new fashionable office life, becoming the focus of competition for major brands, but also the majority of workplace hipster concerns.

As workplace people, they are able to maintain a sophisticated appearance in the serious workplace, using high aesthetic standards to demand themselves and things around them, expressing distinctive and independent ideas and personality, while at the same time As a result, hipsters in the workplace require a one-of-a-kind and sophisticated tool that allows them to easily and efficiently complete tasks in terms of performance. The ThinkPad S3 Frontier, which we are introducing today, is a high-value office tool with ThinkPad DNA.

Frontier is not only a high summary of the notebook’s exterior design, materials, and crafting limits, but also an interpretation of the current workplace hipster’s attitude toward their own careers, as implied by the product’s name. Leaving aside the accounting data, how does such a laptop perform in real-world use? Let’s take a look.

A formalized paraphrase Thin Young Fashion First Choice The ThinkPad S3 Frontier A, C, and D bodies are made entirely of metal to protect the screen and the main internal components while also looking more premium on the outside. In this case, the ThinkPad S3 Frontier still weighs 1.67kg and is 17.9mm thick, reducing the burden on users who travel with it significantly.

The ThinkPad S3 is available in a metallic color scheme known as “Titanium Gray,” which is a departure from the standard business black. Under certain lighting conditions, the metallic material makes it visually impactful, and this texture is unique in the Think family. The ThinkPad S3 sharp body is understood to be made of 5052 aluminum alloy through multiple processes, as the shell lines are precise and competent. S3 can also provide A-side exclusive customization service, refusing to be the same, to create their own unique “custom” appearance, through multiple CNC precise cutting technology processing, openings and body connections are very fine details.

In addition, taking into account the individual needs of the new generation of working people, S3 can also provide C-side and D-side through multiple CNC precise cutting technology processing, openings and body connections are very fine details.

At the same time, the “ThinkPad” logo on the A-side has a convex and glossy texture design, and the upper point of the letter “i” supports highlighting in the power-on state, which is both classic and unique and can greatly improve the overall recognition of the product. The B-side has a 14-inch LED-backlit display (1920 X 1080), which makes the screen display more delicate and clear, with a full sense of premium.

With a 6.9mm micro-bezel design, the small body still has a wide field of view, with excellent visual impact, while the whole machine looks more fresh and clean, a big plus for the value. Furthermore, many design details of S3 reflect the intention of this product, for example, its HD camera unique ThinkShutter black valve design, which can be isolated from the risk of privacy leakage through a physical switch of the camera.

The ThinkPad S3 Frontier is designed with short and long feet to raise the body and avoid wear and tear on the machine, as well as a detail that the padded space at the bottom provides a smooth convection channel for the cooling fan.

The cooling fan blades on the ThinkPad S3 Frontier are made of LCP material, which has good heat resistance as well as high strength. As a result, even though the fan blade thickness is as low as 0.25mm and the overall space of the machine is reduced, the ThinkPad S3 Frontier can still improve cooling fan efficiency by increasing the number of fan blades, in addition to its own internal ITS cooling technology. This technology enables the ThinkPad S3 Frontier to automatically adjust system and hardware power consumption parameters based on operating temperature, achieving internal temperature control.

It also reduces overall operating noise, which means that the computer’s overall operation is more stable. In the face of complex business office scenarios, having a full range of interfaces as standard is especially important. The ThinkPad S3 Frontier is positioned as an efficient productivity tool with a plethora of expansion options.

A full-featured USB Type-C port, HDMI 2.0 video port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone/microphone 2-in-1 jack are located on the left side of the body, from left to right.

Security lock hole, RJ45 Mini Ethernet port, USB 2.0 port, and MicroSD card reader are located on the right side of the body, from right to left, resolving the contradiction between thin and light portability and convenient expansion needs. S3 sharp keyboard uses a new generation of “back mount design,” full-size backlit keyboard more simple, hitting the keys, rebound feel more soft and natural, but also make the whole machine more thin and light.

The spill-resistant design of the S3 keyboard prevents liquids from seeping inside the machine, thereby eliminating all types of accidental attacks. When operating space is limited, the iconic TrackPoint® red cap with the classic three-key design allows for smooth and precise operation without taking hands off the keyboard or using a mouse, while the multi-touch pad is further enhanced to bring more smooth and varied operation. The C side of the body also has a touchpad and fingerprint recognition module. Enough to meet the needs of the office on a daily basis The secure and dependable fingerprint recognition technology can complete identity verification quickly and accurately with just one touch, eliminating the need for time-consuming password input.

The S3 Frontier body has a 180-degree screen opening and closing design, making it easier for colleagues and customers to share content. Its alloy swivel design has been tested 30,000 times to open and close, making it a long-lasting product.