The Computer’s Life Hangs In The Balance! What If I Want To Play Total War: Three Kingdoms?

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] I sat quietly in front of my computer, one person and one machine staring at each other.

The alarm clock on the table was going off, and time was running out. I crossed my fingers and pressed them against my nose. The computer can only see my locked brows and – not very straight – nose because my hands cover half of my cheeks.

This is an old laptop that we used to have a lot of fun with. We’ve fought together in the Summoner’s Canyon and stood out in the rain of bullets on the Normandy beaches; we’ve explored mysterious ancient ruins together, and we’ve flown in medieval Europe to get rid of violence.

However, as the game iterations speed up, I increasingly feel that it is a little out of reach; is it no longer useful? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no To be honest, it simply slows down when I start it; it takes a little longer to think and possibly stumble when opening games or multiple programs; and it causes me to stare at the screen more when loading games.

I paused, pondering. The computer displayed a very difficult expression, as if it is concerned about its fate. Its CPU was running at full speed, fearful that I would say something like “I don’t want you anymore” or “I’m buying a new machine” in the next second, tingling the machine’s head and stiffening its limbs.

The computer’s cursor pulses sharply, imagining itself as a prisoner awaiting trial, or a survivor cowering on the thin ice, not daring to move a muscle; and I am the cold-faced judge who wields the power of life and death in the temple, or standing on the shore. To be honest, I don’t want to cut it off and part ways.

The bond between us may have gone beyond the interaction between man and machine between day and night. It is, in my opinion, more than just a computer or a tool.

After all, it is a co-player in the game, a comrade in arms, and a friend. However, the most important point is…..

I don’t have any money right now.

The computer didn’t pick up on the flash of thought in my eyes. In fact, I was in a good mood during the slowdown, and I remained patient with it, based on the principle of not affecting the big picture and tolerating it when I could. Until I discovered the game Total War: Three Kingdoms. The story is set in the first year of Han Xiandi’s reign, during a period of chaos in which all of the heroes are fighting for the Central Plains.

The game includes a new large map, a grand battlefield screen that supports “10,000 people,” a well-designed technology tree, and a “diplomacy” system that can provide players with more variety. Countless players chanted, “Join me in supporting the Han Dynasty,” making my blood boil and my heart flutter. This is still not chopped to support a wave? However, when I first opened the game, I felt compelled to change it.

The game loads extremely slowly, not to mention that all types of cards into the PPT scene, suffocating flashback let me this self-proclaimed extremely patient people can’t help but rage. The wonderful game is right in front of me, but I’m not allowed to play it, so I can’t relax.

But because it was late, I decided to put the decision to change the machine on hold and revisit it the next day.

I sat back down in front of the computer the next day and opened Total War: Three Kingdoms again, and the computer let out a long breath as it felt it had escaped. Oh, no, not again. I’ve given you a chance for one night, and you haven’t done anything? I grumbled as I stared at the computer.

The computer rubbed its sleepy eyes and played a PPT with no recollection of yesterday’s tension.

I did not wait for the computer to explain, I will be enraged screen closed, a heavy “bang” sound, I guess it is also quite painful, but eat a lesson not to grow wisdom, should be punished I found something on the table that did not appear in my memory from yesterday; it could only be….. My heart skipped a beat, and he grabbed something in his hands: a hard drive.

It was a solid state drive, a Samsung 860 QVO. and I’d heard a lot about this drive. I looked at the computer next to me, which I had left outside in the cold, and it seemed to be a guide in the dark, as if Moses, who had been commanded by Jesus, was leading the enslaved Hebrews to escape ancient Egypt and head for the rich land of Canaan. It was an opportunity to give it a new lease on life.

That’s right! My great task of assisting the Han family and defeating the rebels is at stake! Let’s get started! I quickly unpacked and opened the back cover of the computer, which was still in poor condition, and easily replaced the critical component, the hard drive. As we all know, Samsung is not only strong in the field of cell phones, screens, and so on, but it is also strong in the field of electronic storage, rivaling a number of SSD manufacturers.

Its products are technologically advanced, of high quality, and have a good global reputation. I’ve heard several of my gaming buddies say that the Samsung 860 QVO is inexpensive, fast, and can make computers “come alive” again. I was excited about it, but I had to put it on hold for a variety of reasons.

That’s probably how procrastination works. But, in the face of a full-fledged World War III, I simply cannot wait.

After rebooting and installing the game, I was surprised to see that the computer in front of me was no longer the same as it had been the day before. This is…… Second boot, I only waited a few seconds to get to the desktop, all kinds of background rules and regulations, organized; can’t wait to open “Total War: Three Kingdoms”, loading speed simply took off, the screen is no longer PPT, the loading time within the game was also greatly shortened.

I needed to use the restroom while the game was loading, but when I returned, the battle had already begun, and I was caught off guard by the sudden high speed, but I was able to save the situation with a lot of fumbling, avoiding the tragedy of “dying before the master is ready.” Why did I laugh out loud? Because the Samsung 860 QVO supports Magician SSD management software, which gives me extra peace of mind. It enables me to know the status of the hard drive and have a complete understanding of its operation; it can even check the drive’s health status, and it does not miss a beat in terms of security.

I exhaled a sigh of relief at the end of the game. I can say that the Samsung 860 QVO saved my computer because it has the effect of “turning corruption into magic.” I was about to give up on the computer when the cliff to give it a second “life” appeared. The computer appears to be looking at me differently, flashing at a high rate….. Hey, you can stay with me for a few more years with the Samsung 860 QVO, I reasoned, eager to begin the next battle of the fight.

Oh, and this piece of Samsung 860 QVO that saved the computer from the fire was purchased for me by my girlfriend, hehehe.

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