The Civilian Price Of High-end Experience Oppo Enco W31 True Wireless Headset Review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]1299 yuan, the first true Bluetooth wireless headphones AirPods price is still fresh in people’s minds; unknowingly, it has been more than three years since the release of AirPods; during this time, domestic cell phone manufacturers have also been actively developing this niche category. Experience the real wireless Bluetooth headset, you know how pleasant the feeling of unrestrained is, is a true “Dan with hard to return” products, and with the entry of cell phone manufacturers, the price of real wireless Bluetooth headset has become more and more people, but who would have thought that now with 299 yuan price, you can get your hands on a TWS real wireless Bluetooth headset The price is $299.

The OPPO Enco W31 true wireless headset is the second TWS headset released since the establishment of the OPPO Emerging Mobile Terminal Division, designed for testing users, and relying on previous OPPO technical precipitation in the OPPO Enco W31 to achieve the latest binaural homophone technology. The overall shape of the headset is quite small due to its flat design, making it ideal for pocket and bag storage and travel storage.

Because the cover lacks a tension spring and the force of the flat headset shell is limited, lifting the headset shell will result in a slight magnetic suction, effectively saying goodbye to one-handed opening. The body of the headset design has a rounded and polished texture after opening the two headphones face down flat, through the frosted, glossy, and silver glossy reasonable color clash, so that people feel OPPO Enco W31 is an accessory. Official data shows that the single headset has a built-in 25mAh battery, which provides 3.5 hours of listening life on a single charge, and with the 350mAh charging case, it can be boosted to 15 hours of ultra-long life, with the overall

The headset material splicing are very tight, to achieve the IP54 level of waterproof and dustproof, that is, immune to any angle of splash, in the process of sports without fear of dust and sweat. Together with the two pairs of ear plugs in the package, a total of six pairs, in line with the needs of most human ears to wear, for the author, attached to the original headphones on the ear plugs just right, the headset cavity can also fit perfectly in the outer However, when compared to hanging earphones, these in-ear earbuds, while providing better sound insulation, may cause some people to feel stuffy; you can try using smaller earbuds to relieve. The connection of the headset is also very foolproof, based on the ecological construction with Bluetooth 5.0 chip and OPPO ColorOS, if it is paired with OPPO phones with ColorOS 7.0 and above (except for A series, Reno2Z, R15), the system can pop

When paired with the second device, press the charging case button for two seconds, then the white light flashes, and the connection can be operated when other devices are detected, and non-OPPO products can also be connected in this way. OPPO Enco W31 also uses the current high-end Bluetooth headset low-latency dual-way transmission technology to ensure that the two headphones receive audio data from the device instantly, to better shape the sense of space.

Furthermore, the audio transmission delay, which is also related to the game experience, according to OPPO test, OPPO Enco W31 can reduce the audio delay to 94ms through the optimization of binaural simultaneous transmission technology. In practice, wearing the headset shooting feedback can achieve the ideal effect of no delay perception, no type of audio and picture synchronization, game lag, and other problems. It is reported that OPPO this realization of binaural homophone technology can be compatible with Qualcomm and MTK cell phone platforms, covering a large number of product models on the market, in the Peace Elite, Crossfire, King of Honor, and other head games also do low latency o It is also tuned for low latency in popular titles like Peaceful Elite, Crossfire, and King’s Quest. The same great low latency experience is available to non-OPPO users, and for frequent music listeners, the OPPO Enco W31 has fast dynamic response while maintaining high fidelity sound quality and reducing dynamic distortion via its internal 7mm dual TPU composite graphene diaphragm speaker.

The diaphragm’s dome and overhang structure are separated to provide high frequency brightness and low frequency dive with excellent sound quality.

OPPO Enco W31 uses “dual-microphone beamforming technology” and “wind-noise cavity design” in addition to passive noise cancellation in the in-ear earbuds, and each headset has two built-in high-sensitivity microphones to effectively pick up the human voice, and equipped with ENC noise reduction algorithm to automatically identify and separate noise and human voice, so that even when calling and hacking in a noisy environment, there is still a clear human voice. Personal experience has shown that in some newscasts, audiobooks, or vocal music, dynamic mode is recommended so that the sound presented is lower, more magnetic, and more listenable. However, if you are listening to some high-frequency instruments or high-pitched vocals, turning on the dynamic mode is counterproductive, and in some electronic music with a lot of low-frequency itself, the dynamic mode will be lost in the high and midrange, and switching to the balanced mode is ideal.

Furthermore, double-clicking on the right ear headphones to play the next song, three taps can even wake up OPPO Breeno or other brands of voice assistants, providing excellent compatibility with other devices. Continuity, the author’s daily 3 hours of commuting time, plus the daily writing of listening and tuning, a pair of headphones can be considered heavy use, OPPO Enco W31 measured to meet the author’s long battery life needs, reaching the official 15 hours