The Ceiling Of Two-in-one Device Portability Surface Go 3 Business Edition: A Great Mobile Office Experience

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] The Surface Go series is part of the Surface family’s entry-level lineup and one of the most outstanding products in terms of portability. Following its release, users praised the series for its low cost performance, excellent portability, and ease of use. On November 1, the newly released Surface Go 3 was also officially launched in the Chinese market, with prices starting at 2988 yuan.

I also purchased this product for the first time to try it out, and it is the business version. After using it for a while, besides portability, the unique design of Surface products and the integration of Windows 11 bring a new and very impressive experience. If you are like me, in the daily work, travel out, the main use scenario for manuscript editing, web browsing, video conferencing, cloud collaboration, and other light office needs, then Surface Go 3 performance should not disappoint you.

The first thing that struck me about the Surface Go 3 was its feel, rather than its looks or performance. The Surface Go 3 has a 10.5-inch PixelSense display with a resolution of 1920×1280 (220 PPI) that is simple to use with Windows 11’s touch optimization in both horizontal and vertical grips. Furthermore, the Surface Go 3 is one of the most portable products in Microsoft’s Surface family, with a body weight of only 544g, which is equivalent to the weight of a bottle of mineral water, making it easy to hold with both hands or operate with one hand; and even with a professional keyboard cover, the Surface Go 3 will not be a burden to carry in mobile office scenarios, and is a computer that can be squeezed up with one hand.

(PS: The Surface Go 3’s power supply also uses the Surface Connect interface, but it is more compact and portable than Surface’s previous two-stage power adapter.) For example, on the subway bus, I can hold the tablet in one hand to catch up on drama or read advice. Furthermore, it is simple to use in scenarios such as Internet classes for children, onsite or field inspections, program promotion presentations and sharing, and so on. Holding the computer in one hand frees the other hand to use the stylus, etc.

The Surface Go 3’s compact design has another advantage: it’s easy to store. Since its release, the Surface Go series has piqued the interest of many female users, not only because of its excellent portability, but also because of the high value of the Surface family heritage.

Surface Go 3 maintains the Surface family’s minimalist design with a bright platinum body made of magnesium alloy, and despite being an entry-level product, it presents high quality in both face and feel, as well as a plus point – differentiation. Surface Go 3 front, in addition to the screen, has a small highlight – 1080p camera and matrix far-field dual microphone, can better meet the current fast whole sheet of video conferencing and call needs. It also supports Windows Hello facial recognition, which makes logging in faster and more secure. Surface Go 3 has an 8 megapixel camera on the back with the Microsoft logo below, as well as a wedge-shaped bezel for a thinner visual appearance.

The ports are all on the device’s right side, with one USB C port, one Surface Connect port, and one 3.5mm headphone jack. The interface configuration clearly shows that there are some gaps with the traditional PC, daily use in the office, home, you may need to use the docking station.

Surface Go 3’s power button, integrated volume keys are located in the upper left corner, whether placed horizontally, vertical grip, are relatively easy to use.

The Surface Go 3 has a fully damped hinged stand with a maximum opening angle of 165° and notches on both the left and right sides for easy opening. There is also a micro SDXC card reader hidden inside the stand, which can easily accommodate even small tables and even have space for snacks when relaxing on the way to travel and entertain. Of course, it is also easier to display content when communicating with customers. The keyboard cover is an essential part of the Surface Go 3 because it is a two-in-one device.

It can also be easily placed in the kitchen and other narrow spaces while cooking and brush drama (or watching teaching). The Surface Go 3 comes with a professional keyboard cover in a variety of colors, and this time we’re matching it with Bobby Red.

It’s worth noting that the Surface Go professional keyboard cover is also made of Alcantara, which improves the overall feel of the machine when used and, of course, adds yet another point of differentiation. Key feel, this professional keyboard cover still gives enough key range, confirmation sense, knocking up more with the hand, for the pursuit of individuality and distinctive young users, post-00, it is definitely a plus. With a larger touchpad and a touch screen (as well as a stylus), it eliminates the need for a mouse when you’re on the go.

Furthermore, the keyboard cover can be adjusted by adjusting the magnetic contact to form a beveled surface, which improves keyboard entry comfort.

The Surface Go 3 professional keyboard cover still supports backlighting, which should be confirmed for those who have worked late at night. However, due to the size of the body limitations, compared to some notebooks or external keyboards, users with large palms like me may need to adapt to the next (girls generally do not encounter this problem), the initial contact may make you feel a little constrained. The hardware specifications indicate that this is not a PC for heavy-duty content creators.

Based on my experience, the Surface Go 3’s performance in light office scenarios, such as opening WeChat and multiple web pages at the same time, will not be a shortcoming. For example, there is no lag and the switch is smooth when opening WeChat, multiple web pages, video conferencing, office office software, and other multitasking at the same time. The Surface Go 3 scores less than 20% behind a thin and light notebook with a 10th generation Core i5 processor in daily office performance testing via PCMark 10.

However, it’s worth noting that the Surface Go 3 doesn’t suffer a significant performance drop when plugged in or unplugged (battery-powered), so it can be used in mobile office scenarios without a power connection. In PCMark 10 Express testing, the Surface Go 3’s performance dropped by about 5% when unplugged; in PCMark 10 application testing (including Word, Excel, PPT, and Edge), performance dropped by about 3% when unplugged; and in WebXprt 3 web performance, performance dropped by about 4% when unplugged. WebXprt 3 web performance, without plugging in about 4% performance.

The Surface Go 3 is also available in an LTE version, which will improve its connectivity in mobile use scenarios and better meet modern office needs, especially when there are many cloud-based tasks in the workflow, making the experience quite good. Windows 11 is a new operating system created by Microsoft after 6 years that is more in line with the needs of today’s users and with Microsoft’s Surface family of hardware. The improvement is “1 1>2”.

For example, the above-mentioned Windows 11 optimization of touch, stylus, AI, voice, and other experiences can improve the interactive experience of Surface Go 3. From my experience, I was impressed by the following three aspects of the Surface Go 3 Windows 11 combination.

The sophisticated interface is a sight to behold after turning on the screen.

Second, the less complicated Start menu, Control Center, toolbar, right-click menu, and so on. will be more user-friendly and will not appear cluttered Third, the three features I like the most in Windows 11, namely the cushioned layout, virtual desktop, and automatic memory casting, make daily use more efficient. The layout can be more easily multi-tasked without manually dragging and dropping windows all over the screen by hovering the mouse over the window maximizer icon in the upper right corner, and then clicking on it to carry out multi-window layout directly.

Even though the Surface Go 3 screen is only 10.5 inches, it’s easy to multitask (though touching it doesn’t seem to bring up the sticky layout menu), and the virtual desktop makes it easier to complete content planning for different usage scenarios, such as separate office and entertainment, and a simple swipe to borrow and return. Automatic memory cast screen is when using an external screen at home or in the office, even if you take Surface Go 3 to a meeting, you can continue to work previously after returning to your workstation, without having to drag and drop the file window again. Surface Go 3 Business Edition is a professional version of Windows 11, pre-installed with Microsoft 365, so it has many practical features for cloud-based tool deployment, device security protection, update management control, and so on, which can reduce the pressure of IT operation and maintenance in the long run.

The trusted platform allows for more flexible and efficient deployment while also simplifying IT management. With hybrid offices becoming the new norm, enterprise IT operations and maintenance staff can no longer simply walk to their workstations or even go home to deploy the latest devices to employees. However, this traditional deployment method is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and unreliable.

So, with the Surface Go 3 Business Edition, “remote” deployment and management is more efficient, allowing employees to turn on and use new devices whether they are received at work or at home. The Surface Go 3 Business Edition not only supports Windows Hello and the TCM 2.0 chip for enterprise-grade security, but it also has Microsoft open-source UEFI firmware-level remote management.

The Surface Go 3 has a small body, but it still provides a relatively satisfactory answer in terms of battery life. The Surface Go 3 has a battery life of 9 hours and 26 minutes in PCMark 10 modern office mode with Wi-Fi connection and energy saving mode, so you don’t need to worry about power in daily office outings or meetings.

I also conducted a battery life test for real-world scenarios, such as playing local videos for 1 hour and co Connected to Wi-Fi, the power consumption for 1 hour of watching B station video through the browser is approximately 18 percent; simulating a high-load office scenario, in the best performance mode with a close layout while opening the web page, Word, WeChat, video call office for 1 hour, the power consumption is approximately 30 percent; if only editing documents through Word, the power consumption for 1 hour is approximately 10 percent or less.

In comparison to the battery life, the charging performance of the Surface Go 3 can only be described as average. Through the original 24W charger, in the case of the boot connected Wi-Fi into the charging test, 40 minutes to charge approximately 50%; 1 hour to charge approximately 60%; 2 hours to charge approximately 90%; full charge time of approximately 2.5 hours. The flexibility benefits of this product are even more apparent with the current increase in cloud-based coworking scenarios.

Simultaneously, the stylish, portable design is very much in line with the needs of young workplace professionals, female users, college students, post-00s and other users, and even primary and secondary school students find it very convenient to use in Internet classes. Furthermore, the price of the Surface Go 3 is very low, which can reduce the burden of changing the machine. Of course, if you have more video and high-load processing needs, the Surface Pro 8, the Surface family’s “masterpiece,” which was released alongside the Surface Go 3, is more suitable.

For enterprise customers, the Surface Go 3 Business Edition brings a richer set of security features, covering hardware and software, cloud to local security, to ease business customers’ concerns and better protect their data.