The Black Technology Of Eye Protection For People Who Work Overtime Benq Screenbar Lite Intelligent Laptop Hanging Light Experience

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Previously, we encountered BenQ ScreenBar screen hanging light, a lamp for computer monitors (click here), which colleagues refer to as “overtime gods” because it can provide lighting and help focus at night when working. BenQ ScreenBar Lite is now available for laptops. Honestly, if it weren’t for this light, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the issue of office lighting. Most people’s light requirements are primarily based on perception, and as long as it’s not extremely dim and harsh, it’s usually considered acceptable, which sometimes results in insufficient light without their knowledge.

The office has a girl to upgrade the monitor into eye protection, expensive eye cream, and even spend a lot of money to buy an eye massager, but the degree of glasses or repeatedly rise, glasses for a pair and a pair We never realized that the root cause is likely to be a lack of suitable desktop lighting. We checked China’s “Building Lighting Design Standards” (GB50034-2013) and discovered that it has made clear provisions: ordinary office desktop lighting (0.75m horizontal plane) should ensure 300lux, high-end offices to 500lux, should minimize glare, and reduce the impact of lighting on the display.

During the day when there is enough sunlight; at night when relying solely on overhead lighting; and because the location of the overhead lighting is dispersed, the brightness of different work stations is not consistent. Inadequate lighting will undoubtedly have an effect on vision, such as aggravated eye fatigue, and so on. This is the significance of BenQ’s introduction of the ScreenBar lamp series.

“Lite,” as the name suggests, is lighter. The ScreenBar Lite is more compact and has a simpler structure than the monitor version, but it has upgraded functions; it is clamped on the laptop display for use. Because the clip has a small opening, it won’t clip onto the monitor unless your monitor is as thin as your laptop screen. In actual testing, we found that the MacBook Pro and Surface are fine to use.

However, the clip will obscure a portion of the screen on notebooks with ultra-narrow bezels, such as the Dell XPS13. However, there are rubber pads at the clip opening to prevent the display from being broken. ScreenBar Lite supports 85° rotation, 30° up and 55° down, making it simple to adjust the lighting area.

From left to right, the following function keys are integrated on the touch panel: ambient light sensor, favorite mode, brightness/color temperature adjustment keys, brightness indicator, color temperature indicator, auto mode, and power switch. Equipped with a light sensor, ScreenBar Lite can detect ambient illumination at any time with a detection accuracy of 2 Lux, which is comparable to the light sensitivity of the human eye, and automatically replenishes the required light. When the light sensor detects that the ambient light is less than 50 lux and the environment is too dark, the luminaire will output 300 lux.

The color temperature is changed at the same time. This is far more pleasant than the fixed color temperature of office overhead lights and ordinary desk lamps.

We used an illuminance meter to measure the brightness of the office during the morning hours, and with ScreenBar Lite in automatic mode, the brightness of the lighting area reached 539 lux, meeting the needs of daytime use. The illumination level in auto mode was measured to be 328 lux when we took the luminaire to the dark room. Brighter when it’s brighter, not too harsh when it’s darker, the dimming strategy of ScreenBar Lite’s auto mode is still very user-friendly, and you can also use the buttons for manual adjustment.

The biggest issue with using a desk lamp is screen reflection, which is fine for matte screens like the MacBook Pro, but for mirror screens on regular notebooks, you really need to adjust the position of the lamp. Because the ScreenBar Lite is so close to the screen, will it cause screen reflection? The answer is no.

BenQ ScreenBar Lite intelligent laptop hanging light has a total of 90 high-quality LED beads, control the different placement of LED beads angle, as well as the use of TIR light control technology and obtuse angle optical design, without any loss of light efficiency, the light is all directed to the main work area, completely will not shine on the screen, to avoid light irradiation screen glare, so that not only This is due to BenQ’s unique obtuse triangle light distribution, which accurately directs light to the correct location while reflecting efficiently and without wasting excess energy. Furthermore, BenQ ScreenBar Lite supports App adjustment, but the App currently only supports the computer side, not the mobile side for the time being. Because the light is directly connected to the laptop, using the phone to control it makes little sense.

You can adjust the switch, brightness, and color temperature, as well as the laptop screen brightness and color temperature, using the ScreenBar Lite Smart Dimming App. In auto mode, it can automatically adjust the screen brightness and darkness based on the ambient illumination and luminaire brightness, resulting in a more coordinated and comfortable appearance of the ambient and screen lighting. This is a feature that other desk lamps lack. At the same time, there is a sunset mode function on the APP that cannot be realized by the product itself.

That is, from the set sunset time, the light will gradually turn warm yellow within an hour, reducing the interference of light on the human biological clock and avoiding affecting the quality of sleep. BenQ ScreenBar Lite has also passed authoritative eye protection certifications, including the international strobe-free IEEE PAR 1789 certification, and the EU IEC/TR 62778 and IEC/TR 62471 blue light hazard-free certification.

You may think it is unnecessary before using it, but after using it, you will be very impressed. Colleagues in the office would like to have one as standard if the price could be reduced.