The Ai Lady Who Can Sing And Dance Gowild Dogwood He Amber Speaker Review

I believe that AI smart speakers have been seen by a large number of consumers for the appearance of the product, marketing, and AI intelligence to judge. But how would you feel if there was an AI smart speaker inside a “lady” that sang and danced like a living soul? Recently, the domestic Gowild dogwood (technology company) launched the artificial intelligence speaker called “HE Amber,” as if rich in life, in addition to the general AI Bluetooth speaker, but also joined the exclusive virtual character “Amber false face,” versatile And can listen to the user’s instructions, interact with it, but also for And how does it work in practice? Let us explain.HE Amber side

Gowild HE Amber has a simple appearance, the white version is made of comfortable PC material, like a rounded rectangular body, the left and right sides are mesh structure, the front is a transparent observation area. The touch control area at the top of the speaker includes volume up/down, QR sweep, on/off mute, and the main interactive Home button. (Dimensions: 178.5 x 178.5 x 261.31 mm, weight: 1.76 kg)

Bottom of HE Amber It is worth noting that HE Amber employs four columns along the arm support structure, leaving a piece of overhang below the speaker to go, just below the body of the speaker, to serve as “sound amplification.” The charging port is located at the bottom of the machine’s back interface.

HE Amber front In the long press 1 second after boot, the original black box, unexpectedly appeared in the otaku familiar call stage, very modern sense of technology This is when the world’s first artificial intelligence lady “amber false face” (hereinafter referred to as amber) appears on the shining surface, amber lady show the way is very magical, as if breaking through the next dimension like standing on the stage. According to official information, HE Amber employs laser projection, which is mapped from the bottom to a transparent panel, to present the realistic effect of obvious depth.AmberVoid Face

Some users may be unfamiliar with “Miss Amber,” so let me explain briefly. She is the world’s first virtual artist with artificial intelligence, as well as the first artist signed by the famous domestic singer group Yu Quan, the character is the heroine from “Amber from the World of Wagga”, the first single is the custom-made “Magic Chanting” by Yu Quan team, and the research and development company is Gowild Intelligent Technology.Baidu encyclopedia information Miss Amber can answer any questions that have been raised. Amber will know more and understand user needs better if she communicates with them frequently and learns from them.

Miss Amber can enter the listening Q after the first use, and then after a simple QR scan and face recognition. Amber has sound ripple prompts around her feet while listening. Amber can almost answer questions in seconds and with just the right amount of wit and humor thanks to the ring-shaped 4MIC array pickup technology under the premise of a smooth network.

When you ask in a certain tone, Miss Amber will develop different personalities, such as gentle, arrogant, dark……Connect App Operation

It would be a pity if such a lovely Miss Amber could only be used for AI quizzes. As a result, Gowild has also created an exclusive APP that allows you to access even more ways to play. On the APP, you can also change Miss Amber’s costume, which currently includes summer, sports, swimsuit, and other 8 sets of uniforms (some of which require VIP access to open).

Physical photography on the APP interface The APP also provides a visual representation of what Amber can do. Amber is no exception to the rule that virtual idols can sing and dance well. Amber can perform and dance with musical instruments by selecting the “talent” feature in the APP, which includes eight talents and ten types of dance.

Each talent has its own song list of about ten songs, and I believe that as the version evolves, Amber’s talent and repertoire will become more prominent. When Amber sings, the sound comes from the bottom speaker, after the curved reflective base, and the sound quality appears fuller and more dynamic.