Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 Experience: The Screen Pressure Sense Is Very Good Language Control Is Very Dumb

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] On March 3, Black Shark collaborated with Tencent to launch two new products, the Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 and Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 Pro.Tencent black shark game phone 3 As the first game phone to debut in 2020, the Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 series has the most powerful hardware combination at the moment – Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, LPDDR5 memory, and UFS 3.0 storage, and the screens all support 90Hz refresh rate and 270Hz ultra- Simultaneously, Black Shark introduced the industry’s innovative serial charging and parallel discharge charging patent technology, which provides Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 with an extremely fast charging experience of up to 65W, allowing the phone’s 4720mAh battery to be fully charged in just 38 minutes. And, thanks to parallel discharge, the battery capacity is increased by 300mAh, transforming a 4720mAh battery into a large 5020mAh battery with a significant increase in endurance.

In comparison to the hardware, I believe the upgraded game control experience brought by Black Shark through strategic collaboration with Tencent is more surprising, such as screen pressure sensing 3.0 and voice control, and, of course, the physical lift game button exclusive to Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 Pro. The screen pressure sensing in the newly released Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 was upgraded to 3.0, the number of pressure sensing sensors increased to 4, and the pressure sensing area increased by 48%. It is very simple to set up the screen pressure sensing; after entering the game space, cross out the game assistant and set up in the “control center.”

The setting interface will divide the screen into two areas, and there are virtual buttons “L/R”, drag and drop the virtual buttons to the corresponding position, press the screen will trigger the corresponding mapping, for example, “King of Honor” will set the left screen to buy equipment, the right side of the screen is set to skill points, view performance, etc., very convenient, even while controlling the character move

I’d like to point out that the role of screen pressure sensing isn’t limited to games; it can also be used to call out shortcut options in the main interface, such as Alipay (payment code) and so on. Users only need to adjust the corresponding options in the system settings, set the “up/down/left/right swipe and hover” operations corresponding to the shortcut function, such as open flashlight, screenshot/recording, Alipay (payment code or swipe), WeChat (payment code or swipe), etc. With the popularity of AI voice assistants, smartphone users are no strangers to voice control; we can use voice commands to complete more and more operations, such as WeChat sending red packets to friends, opening the map navigation, taking pictures with the camera, and so on.

Even with “hands free,” we can complete some necessary operations by voice.

The game is obviously one of the “hands off” scenarios, so can it also be controlled by voice? Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 says “Yes.” The game assistant’s “control center” is set up in the same way as the pressure-sensitive screen is. To complete the function mapping with corresponding voice commands, drag and drop the corresponding virtual icons on the screen to the corresponding function buttons.Voice control settings

According to the experience, there is an inevitable delay between speaking voice commands and the phone’s response, so voice operation is not applicable to key functions such as “releasing skills, opening the mirror, and shooting.” It is recommended to use voice control to complete operations such as sending signals to teammates, checking battle records, returning to the city, and playing medicine. The truth is that you will be able to obtain a lot more than a few of these.

Of course, I have some low expectations for the Black Shark’s voice control. The fun would be greatly enhanced if the phone allowed players to customize it in addition to supporting the official voice commands provided!Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 In addition to the previously introduced screen pressure sensing and voice operation, Black Shark has realized system-level optimization for gaming scenarios by collaborating with Tencent, which can collaboratively schedule the phone’s software system and underlying hardware resources to bring players together.

Tencent’s popular hand games, such as “Peaceful Elite,” “Ace of Warriors,” and “QQ Speed Handicap Edition,” for example, can run smoothly with no frame drops at 90Hz frame rate on Tencent’s Black Shark game phone 3 series. Furthermore, games such as “Honor of Kings” can realize game events that trigger more than ten different types of light effects and vibration feedback to enhance the sense of immersion and immersion in the game. All in all, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3 series is a hand game tool tailored for players, especially the screen pressure sensing as well as voice control two functions, recommended to try! If your friends don’t know, they’ll definitely be surprised! In terms of other aspects as a game phone, the Tencent Black Shark game phone 3 series has a top configuration and outstanding performance in terms of screen, battery life, network, thermal reliability, and so on. Heavy gamers can enjoy a long and smooth gaming experience.

At the same time, the Tencent Black Shark gaming phone 3 series supports a variety of Black Shark-created accessories, such as game handles and cooling clips, allowing players to get a more professional gaming experience through the phone.