Tang Mai W5 Bluetooth Headset Preferred For A Hundred Dollars Of The Price Of A Thousand Dollars Of Experience

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There are many international brands headphones out of a hundred dollars worth of headphones, but the actual sense of experience, can not help but want to make people groan: “This is not a shiny brand recognition to cut consumer leeks!” But in recent years, there have been many domestic good headphones, such as the Tang Mai brand, which is dedicated to the product, and continue to plow, and continue to excite.

Their headphones, from the appearance of design, sound quality expression, noise cancellation capabilities, range, connectivity, wearing comfort, and so on, provide people with a “satisfaction surprise” feeling on many levels. The point is that for such high-quality headphones, the price is very reasonable. Whether it is a student party or simply a work budget that is insufficient for the workforce, there are a number of options among which to choose. I recently purchased Tang Mai’s flagship model W5 to see if its overall performance and configuration are adequate.

bestbuy618 technology

1st Design and appearance
bestbuy618 technology

Unlike the majority of PC ABS plastic shells on the market today, Tangmac’s W5 headset charging case is made of aluminum metal, obsidian black low-key and quality, making many headphones stand out easily. The box body shape is smooth, the main body uses a straight line shape, the sides to create the perfect curvature, as if we are dealing with the world, to be able to square can round, the back of a small button, CD pattern process, the flow of light, long press can clear the headset pairing information, use is very convenient
bestbuy618 technology

2nd Wearing convenience

Tangmac W5 in-ear design, with a variety of different sizes of silicone soft head earbuds, more humane to meet the needs of consumers than semi-in-ear headphones, taking into account the different ear size of the population, Earbuds have a weight of about 4.2 grams and will not cause ear pain if worn for an extended period of time. The use of a 55-degree into-the-ear wearing design, earbuds and ears fit perfectly, speed running, rope skipping, dancing, no matter how intense the movement, headphones remain stable.

3rd Excellent audio quality

Tang Mai W5 demonstrates what is known as “speak with strength, conquer with details,” this headset with moving iron speaker unit, compared to moving coil speaker unit, its sound quality higher resolution, richer layers, whether classical or rock, can restore the most realistic effect, enjoy the high-definition sound quality.

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4th Zhuoqun Noise Cancellation

Tang Mai W5 uses a hybrid wheat, noise cancellation depth and capacity can be described as the level of a thousand yuan headset, in noisy and noisy places can effectively identify the sound of the call, to ensure clarity during the call, its physical noise cancellation depth can reach 30db.

5th Battery life is adequate.

This headset has recently been introduced using dynamic iron speakers, which will improve the sound quality effect while also lowering the dynamic iron unit’s own power consumption. This headset can reach 10 hours of single use, the combination of battery life can be up to 48 hours, and its battery life can be said to be streamable.

In conclusion

Headsets are more than just a means of transmitting sound; they are also a way of life. Tangmai W5 Bluetooth headset costs a hundred dollars to purchase and a thousand dollars in experience. This brand drilling with care, fine production, continues to stand out in the Bluetooth headset track, buy the peace of mind with peace of mind

bestbuy618 technology