System Experience: “one Step Faster” Oppo R17 Pro System Brings Smooth Experience

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Most people in modern society have higher and higher expectations for cell phones; the photo should look good, the system should be smooth, the cost performance should be high, and, most importantly, it cannot be down while playing King’s Honor, or it will be scolded by teammates as a pig teammate. Then why not let me introduce you to the system and configuration of the upcoming OPPO R17 Pro? The OPPO R17 Pro’s system has been upgraded to ColorOS 5.2.1, which is more intelligent and efficient. “Intelligent negative screen,” the most frequently used quick functions, itinerary, express information, flight and train information, and so on 18 types of card information are displayed centrally, and will learn the user’s habits and intelligently predict the next applications that the user may use.

The camera can scan and recognize barcodes, entities, and text using OCR recognition, object recognition, and AR technology, and it can also provide multilingual translation, content extraction, image optimization, scene service, information query, and other multi-faceted recognition services. “Intelligent Sweep” is one of them, and it includes many functions such as word translation, photo translation, document scanning, intelligent object recognition, question answering, intelligent code scanning, and so on.

Scan documents with a camera to translate

I’d like to say a few words about this function, OPPO R17 Pro’s sweeping answer, which can be said to solve many math white problems. Whether simple or complex multiple choice or application problems, as long as a sweep is performed, the problem is immediately solved, but the solution ideas and methods are also displayed.

“Full-screen multitasking” has been upgraded to “Smart Sidebar,” which can be opened globally in the form of floating windows to view and respond to WeChat, QQ, and SMS messages; quickly switch to the system default or user-defined frequently used applications; and quickly share the most recently used pictures, files, scrapbooks, and favorites. It also enables users to quickly share recently used images, files, scrapbooks, and favorites, significantly improving multitasking efficiency.

And on October 11, OPPO unveiled the OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine, a full-scene, system-level resource scheduling optimization solution, in Shanghai. Through the system engine, game engine, and application engine, this engine will help optimize the power consumption and performance of Android smartphones, as well as accelerate the user experience.

Smooth system ColorOS 5.2.1 has also added an intelligent detection and optimization mechanism that works on the application and system sides, respectively, and can do one-to-one targeted special optimization for TOP applications to achieve faster response time and lower energy consumption. At the same time, the intelligent detection and optimization mechanism has been widely deployed for mainstream third-party TOP applications such as WeChat, QQ, Taobao, Alipay, and games such as the popular King of Honor, Stimulation Battlefield, Operation Wilderness, and the number of supported third-party TOP applications is growing. Furthermore, the TOP application will perform targeted hardware scheduling optimization based on the identified software behaviors and scenarios.

For example, if the system detects that the game application is in a group battle scenario, it will automatically mobilize the maximum CPU and GPU resources to ensure that the program has enough computing resources in this scenario to achieve a high frame rate and smooth running experience.

With 8GB 128GB of running memory comparable to flagships, users can easily store large amounts of photos, videos, and other data with faster storage speed, as well as run multiple large applications or games at the same time without stress. In addition, since October, the OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine has been pushed to the OPPO R17, OPPO Find X, and 17 other phones via system updates. The voice assistant is a very cool feature; simply open the “Wake up with ‘Xiao Ou Xiao Ou'” option in the settings, users can record their own voice, say “Xiao Ou Xiao Ou”, the voice assistant will recognize the user’s voice and When the user wakes up the voice assistant while it is in the rest screen state, three options are presented: “Unlock and wake up the voice assistant,” “Wake up the voice assistant only,” and “Unlock only.” To answer or reject incoming calls, users can select incoming voice control and say “answer the phone” or “hang up the phone.”

Furthermore, the voice assistant has a shortcut command. The user can define “what I say” and “the command that the voice assistant executes” with a shortcut command, which can be used as a short word instead of a longer command or a set of commands. I’ve done a simple test here to help you understand: first, open the voice assistant, then click the option in the bottom right corner to add a shortcut command.