Sweep The Traditional Projection Into The Trash? Benq I707 Intelligent Projector Experience That You Can’t Go Back From Using

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliances Channel] Traditional projectors typically do not include an intelligent system, owing to the previous use of home projectors in more scenes in the audio-visual room, with special playback devices. Today, home projection is increasingly becoming an appliance, serving as a large-screen entertainment device in the living room. As a result, the transition from the home projector to the smart TV, to the intelligent, is an unavoidable trend.BenQ i707 As a pioneer in home projectors, BenQ has made significant achievements in the DLP projection market. According to Futuresource data, BenQ has held the number one global DLP projector market share for ten years in a row.

The appearance: delicate and compact 1080P home machine As a 1080P model, the BenQ i707 is very compact, with a body circumference of 296 x 240 x 116 mm, smaller t The resolution is 1920*1080, the brightness is 2200 ANSI lumens, and the contrast ratio is 12000:1.

The lens’s projection ratio is 1.15-1.5, allowing for 1.3 times scaling and recently projecting 100 inches at only 2.55 meters. With trapezoid correction function, which provides convenience for measuring the projection. In Smart-Eco intelligent power-saving mode, the lamp life of up to 8000 hours, watching 2 movies a day can be used for 5 years. Interface, 1 HDMI port, 2 USB ports, 1 mini USB port, RS-232 port, network cable port, and audio output and video output interface.

The BenQ i707 is powered by the Android operating system; the user interface has been redesigned, and the home page is very simple and refreshing. BenQ stated that its home projection will be fully intelligent in the future, so system design has been elevated to a very important position, all designed by BenQ’s own team. The shortcut entrance for movies, TV series, and so on is at the top, followed by practical functions such as screen casting and file transfer, all the installed App icons, and system settings at the bottom.

l Smart Voice As a smart phone, of course, there is no shortage of intelligent voice assistants. BenQ i707 supports voice search, so you can simply move your mouth to find what you’re looking for.

The search results are derived from Mango TV’s content resources.Voice search GIF It also supports simple commands such as weather search.

Weather query GIF Please note that in order to use the voice function, the equipped receiver must be plugged into the type port. In addition, the BenQ i707 has three other useful functions: U disk direct reading, file transfer, and screen casting. U disk direct reading The machine can recognize the external U disk, directly read pictures, files including Word, PPT, PDF, and other formats.

l File Transfer You can transfer files from your phone or computer to the projector over the network, regardless of whether the setup is on or off the LAN, which is very convenient. We used an iPhone to demonstrate this; simply type in the appropriate URL in the browser and the transfer screen will appear; select the file you want to transfer. It’s worth noting that when you finish the transfer and are ready to exit, the system will prompt you whether to delete the transfer.

BenQ i707 supports screen casting for Apple phones, Android phones, Mac computers, and Windows computers, which basically covers all of the devices that people use on a daily basis. When playing a video in the same network environment, select “screen mirroring” and locate the BenQ projector; for example, when watching “12 Hours of Peace” on Youku, I projected it onto the projector. The entire process is very quick and smooth, with almost no downtime. Not only can you project the video, but you can also play the game on the big screen with more vigor.

The BenQ i707 is equipped with the broadcast and control platform “MangoTV.” With the purchase of the machine, you will receive one year of Mango TV video membership, and you can get the annual VIP card directly from the system. You can also install more applications through the “Dangbei Market” that comes with it, and it is especially fast when playing movies and downloading applications because it supports 5G WiFi.

Color: always a model for home machines BenQ has spared no effort in color input, and its color accuracy series is widely acclaimed. i707 in color tuning BenQ still follows the usual high standards, and for the editor who has seen too many projectors of the same level, BenQ’s color, so to speak, is firmly at the top. The first look at a set of 4K video screen shots.

The BenQ i707 adheres to the international color gamut standard Rec.709, which is the color standard for HD Blu-ray movies. When presenting a large area of red, green, and blue primary colors, the colors are saturated without overflow, the red petals are clearly layered before and after, the blue sky has a natural transition, and there is no color layering that causes many machines to roll over, and the green woods have natural colors and clear details of the branches and leaves. We recommend watching the movie in “Cinema” mode, which has the most accurate color reproduction, natural colors, and a very cinematic picture quality.

Cinema ModeWonder Woman Screen Shot Despite being a 1080p machine, the i707’s detailed performance is still commendable, thanks to the i707’s large 0.65 DMD chip. The texture of Diana’s skin and the details of her face are clearly defined, as are the patterns and decorations on her costume.Wonder Woman” screen shot In terms of lighting effects, the 2200 lumens ensure a “sunny feel,” which is critical when presenting films with HDR effects. Whether it’s Diana’s gleaming whip or the breathtaking sunset on Paradise Island, the combination of brightness and color produces a picture quality that exceeds my expectations for a mid-range home console.

The rise of intelligent microprojectors in recent years has shown consumers the benefits of projection “intelligence.” BenQ, as the pioneer of home projectors, has begun to promote the general home machine towards intelligence, and the BenQ i707, as one of the representatives, has a high degree of maturity in intelligence. The BenQ i707 comes with an intelligent system and broadcast control platform, no more external playback devices, increasing mobile convenience; the most commonly used intelligent voice, you can search for films, and if you can achieve such functions as playback control, For BenQ, the intelligent functions of the “i” series are becoming more refined, and in the future, we will see more home machines cloaked in intelligence, ushering in a significant upgrade to the user experience. Reference link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=586418752717