Support Sound Recording And Real-time Transcription Iflybuds Lite To Be The Outstanding Functional Tws Headset In The Track

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]2021, TWS wireless headphones have almost become the standard for cell phones, and in some ways, it is constantly eating away at traditional wired headphones, making a continuous contribution to the latter’s complete withdrawal from the “historical stage.” However, in recent years, we will also find that, in addition to differences in color and appearance, positioning and price differences, and noise reduction levels converge, not many headphone

First and foremost, the iFLYBUDS lite and the common TWS headphones on the market are nearly identical in appearance, compact size, charging case for all black, the paint looks very bright, with Type-C interface, and with the charging case to use, the battery life can reach nearly 20 hours. Furthermore, the charging case’s corners are rounded, making it feel more comfortable. The iFLYBUDS lite is designed with a half-in-ear long tailpiece, and the in-ear cavity is ergonomically designed, so it fits very well with the ear when worn, and will not fall off when exercising. The weight of a single headset is 4.6 grams, so even if you wear it for an extended period of time, you will not feel any weight.

It is worth noting that at the end of the long handle of the headset, that is, the part of the charging contacts, iFLYBUDS lite uses red as an accent to add vitality to the black body of the headset. In addition to the metal contacts for charging, the iFLYBUDS lite incorporates a pickup microphone for recording and talking to “capture” the finer details. In terms of configuration, the iFLYBUDS lite is equipped with a 14mm dynamic unit carbon fiber composite diaphragm, resulting in a more balanced three-frequency sound quality that can better restore the true sound quality.

The tailpiece supports convenient touch operation and wear detection; take off the headset and the music stops; wear back to resume playback.

The operation of iFLYBUDS lite is also extremely simple, with a touch design, double click on the left ear to switch songs, double click on the right ear to play and pause, and the customization function is also supported in the adapted App. Aside from these product details, the next hands-on experience with the app is the most impressive part of iFLYBUDS lite, which is also the key feature of iFLYBUDS lite.

When I use this feature while wearing the iFLYBUDS lite, whether I make or receive a call, the app can open the recording of the call and transcribe the voice to text, even different interlocutors, it can differentiate and complete segmentation and labeling. We know that before this, no matter which TWS headset you use, you need to use the phone to complete the recording, and does not provide free transcription function. The reason why iFLYBUDS lite impressed me, in addition to the high accuracy of the transcription function, but also through the headset to join the pickup noise reduction function.

What’s more, in addition to phone calls, iFLYBUDS lite supports the recording of WeChat voice, Nail, Tencent meeting, Zoom, Teams, and other online meeting apps. We all know that long-distance phone calls and video conferences are commonplace in many industries every week or even every day, so the recording and minutes of the meetings are an essential part of the content sorting process. Such an experience is really too convenient for those who need to record, organize, and transcribe sound to improve efficiency or even as a forensic user group. During my use, I tried the dialect, foreign languages, and mixed Chinese and English Versailles conversations, and iFLYBUDS lite still recorded and transcribed properly.

iFLYBUDS lite officially supports the recording and transcription of 11 different pronunciations, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Henan, Guizhou, English, Japanese, Korean, and mixed Chinese and English.

Furthermore, even if we encounter a bad network signal, it will not affect the recording transcription function of iFLYBUDS lite, as it supports recording first and then turning on the transcription after the network has returned to normal. Furthermore, KDDI provides users with a cloud space function, so we can upload recordings for backup, without the headache of insufficient space on the phone. For example, when I have a meeting, I rotate the two headsets, the left headset to wear and the right headset to charge, and after about two hours, I switch the headset to charge the left headset and wear the right headset, so the “bug” use can support up to ten hours of conference calls.

In fact, in life, there will be some special scenarios that require us to forensics or record, such as buying a house, contract signing, or that involves a large amount of money flow scenarios, the other side of the phone, WeChat voice, face to face words can be recorded, the operation is not cumbersome, so iFLYBUDS lite in a way, but also provides a kind of protection of the security of funds, that is, recording evidence. TWS headset single product has gradually matured in these years of development, and the product has been further subdivided, distinguishing the functional TWS headset used in different scenarios will gain broader development opportunities in the future. iFLYBUDS lite, this TWS headset priced at 799 yuan is obviously not the cheapest single product in the current track, but after all, the features of any product are created for the needs of any product. iFLYBUDS lite addresses the issue of real-time recording and one-click text conversion.

Furthermore, as far as I am aware, the transcription service on the market is expensive; a pair of headphones and money transcription cannot be completed in a matter of minutes. However, after purchasing iFLYBUDS lite, it supports free lifetime transcription, which is roughly the same as purchasing headphones to send service. From TWS headphones to now working on features and scenarios, innovation has always been the primary means of building product power.

iFLYBUDS lite is an industry “participant” who does not play by the rules.