Super Wide Angle Ai Triple Camera Photo What Effect? Honor Magic2 Field Of View Than Ordinary Phones Twice As Much

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] With the increasing ability of cell phones to take pictures, it has essentially been able to meet our daily use; however, cell phones are not the same as SLR cameras, and the function still has limitations. We all know that SLR lenses can be freely replaced; if you want to shoot far, close, or large scenes, simply change the lens. Because the phone lens is embedded in the body, the digital zoom only stretches a little. And if you want to take a long shot, get a better bokeh effect, or have a larger field of view, you’ll have to think of another way.

The newly released Honor Magic2 rear ultra-wide angle AI triple camera is the ideal simultaneous solution to the phone’s final “advanced” hurdle.

Honor Magic2 has a 24MP RGB black and white image sensor with F 1.8 aperture and a 16MP RGB color image sensor with F 1.8 aperture, on top of which a 16MP ultra wide-angle lens has been added to provide high quality image quality and a dark light photo experience. Honor Magic2 can achieve 117° ultra wide-angle framing effect at the same distance. 117° is very close to the limit of a wide-angle lens, which can triple the camera’s field of view, nearly doubling the field of view of standard phones.

AI remains at the heart of the Honor Magic2 photo experience. When taking photos, the phone can intelligently identify the scene of taking photos, which can identify 60 class labels and 1500 scenes, and automatically adjust the photo parameters based on changes in the scene, resulting in the best shooting effect. When photographing objects such as blue sky, buildings, and greenery, the phone can quickly identify the scene and provide the best AI photo solution, and when photographing flowers/greenery, it can also identify dual scenes, allowing us to take more eye-pleasing photos without requiring complicated professional adjustments.

Switch for 117° ultra-wide angle shooting interface

It should be noted that to access the 117° ultra wide angle shooting mode, select wide angle in the main camera photo interface. As you can see, the range it shoots is nearly twice as long as the standard focal length, which is very useful in large gatherings such as concerts. Of course, the ultra-wide angle lens also supports handheld super night mode shooting, and lighting dance can produce a unique imaging effect.

The actual photo experience, glory Magic2 “base” strong, tolerance and resolution of the finished film is quite good, photo of bright and dark details are well preserved The photo’s brightness and contrast are both well preserved. In large aperture mode, depth of field data is also collected comprehensively. AI automatically optimizes the samples for scenes, such as buildings, skies, or plants, and the resulting images are more textured.

The hidden front triple camera augments the 16MP high megapixel main camera with two 2MP infrared cameras. The use of two infrared cameras not only allows for more detailed collection and recording of face information. The new three-dimensional AI triple camera can capture deep face data, intelligent skin beauty, intelligent portrait recognition, separation of portrait and background, and even background replacement to achieve studio-level 3D portrait lighting effects. The triple camera on the Honor Magic2 is a godsend for taking beautiful portrait bokeh photos.

Its keying of the edges of the characters is more natural, regardless of light intensity, and the colors of the characters’ faces can be accurately restored, with fine effects comparable to PS.

Finally, the glory Magic2 brings ultra-wide angle AI triple camera, which can be said to solve the phone’s “advanced” wide angle problem; for our ordinary landscape party, it can completely replace the SLR to meet the needs of photography enthusiasts. At the moment, the set of intelligent life form YOYO, magic all-seeing screen, intelligent brain Kirin 980, graphene heat dissipation technology, 40W safety super fast charging, and other nine global leading future technology in the glory Magic2 is about to go on sale again on November 11th, like the phone photo friends should pay attention to.

More real-life Magic2 photo samples: