Super Cute Travel Car “into” The Phone In The Electric Car – Ha A86l Riding Experience

We experienced the exploratory version of Ha’s A80 VVSmart super-connected electric car launched by Ha’s Travel in the first half of this year, and we were impressed by its attempts to make many electric cars intelligent. After nearly half a year, we once again received the new Ha’s electric car – Ha’s A86L; this time Ha’s will bring us what kind of experience, I am still quite looking forward to. Unlike the A80, the A86L has a more rounded body design, full of curves from the lights to the front fender to the lines of the whole car, bringing a strong sense of quality and also making the body look more lovely, especially the snowy mountain white color scheme

The A86L certainly looks comfortable, but the feeling of sitting on it is left to a series of industrial designs such as ergonomics and vehicle structure. Ha’s electric cars are all smiles However, to achieve this distinctive effect, Ha has also paid a lot of costs, the cost of re-molding and design is quite high. The A86L has a 330mm gear pitch and a recessed front windshield, which are more than adequate for most users, as evidenced by actual experience.

The body seat height is 710mm, which is sufficient for the majority of users, and it is also very convenient to temporarily park with one’s feet when parking. The model in the picture is 165cm tall and can land on both feet, so a slightly shorter user can also solve the temporary parking problem with a side view of the body. The body shock structure uses hydraulic damping damping, with 60mm of damping travel in the front wheels and 55mm of damping travel in the rear wheels.

The actual feeling is that the A86L is softer than any bike I’ve ridden in the past, which has the advantage of providing a more comfortable ride when crossing obstacles. The A86L uses “automotive grade” lens headlights, which can provide 20,000cd of illumination and cover a 15m range in front of you, according to official data.

The three modes of the A86L’s headlights The battery is the electric car’s power source, and the Ha A86L uses a 48V 24Ah lithium battery module, which is placed under the seat, and the supplier is Xingheng Power. Star Power’s lithium manganese acid battery has a higher energy density and many protective measures in the most important aspect of safety performance to protect the user as much as possible as a veteran lithium battery supplier. At the same time, this position has an independent power switch, but it is not usually recommended that users disconnect the power, because many functions of the Ha A86L rely on the power supply to function in standby mode. The charging port is located in the lower part of the front of the seat.

The motor power is 400W, and this power can achieve relatively fast acceleration; however, for safety reasons, the maximum speed of the Ha A86L is limited to 25km/h, in accordance with national standard regulations. In my actual testing, the Ha A86L can bring very fast speed response, the electric door a twist speed on demand, and it is quite smooth. Furthermore, despite the limited speed, the Ha A86L’s climbing ability is unaffected, even if the slope with a large inclination angle is easy to climb, and the speed remains stable.

In the actual riding experience, the steering of the Ha A86L is very flexible and the steering process is quite easy, not mechanical and bulky like traditional two-wheeled electric bikes. The vehicle’s high front and rear damping configuration allows it to effectively filter out bumps when passing over gravel and potholes.

As a Ha electric vehicle, we naturally expect intelligent features from the A86L. This time, the A86L looks just like a traditional electric bike, but it still has many smart features built in, which greatly enhance the user experience. I have a lot of friends around me because they live far away from the subway station, so they want to buy an electric car as the last five kilometers of travel tools, but due to the problem of easy theft of vehicles, they can’t stop. The physical key to traditional electric vehicles is easily cracked, which contributes to their frequent theft.

After binding the vehicle, the user can open and close the lock on the phone at any time. In the actual test, the speed of opening and closing the lock of the Ha A86L was unexpected; basically, it is very sensitive to start/lock the car when pressed. At the same time, the user can check the location of the vehicle on the App at any time and sense whether the vehicle is in its original position at any time.

If the vehicle is moved, the Ha A86L will be automatically notified via both the App and SMS channels, with a sense of security pulling all over the place.

Given that a single electric vehicle may be used by multiple users at the same time, the Hashi A86L has a multi-user feature that allows you to add 10 authorized accounts in addition to the administrator account, which is more than enough for most users. Furthermore, this feature can be used to temporarily lend a bike to a friend to ride, and as long as the phone authorizes the account, the friend can directly drive the bike away, eliminating many of the traditional steps of borrowing a bike. The Ha A86L can be found by pressing the “horn search” button on the phone, and with the car search navigation, users can easily find their vehicles. The design of the app emphasizes the importance of Ha’s driving record and the implementation of environmental protection ideas.

Every ride is tracked in the app, so you can always see where you’ve been, how far you’ve traveled, and even how much carbon emissions you’ve saved, all calculated for you. You can also watch your ride in the app and save the video to share with your friends.

At the same time, Ha has partnered with Ant Forest, where users can get 16g of energy for riding 4km every day, and an additional 16g of energy for every additional kilometer beyond that, proving that planting trees while riding is more than just lip service. It is also worth noting that Ha has recently launched a new Vlink cell phone holder accessory, which allows the cell phone to be seamlessly connected to the electric bike, and when the user places the cell phone into Simultaneously, while driving, users can obtain various types of driving information from the phone screen and even interact with it via the voice assistant. After using it, users can also directly shake the phone to lock the bike, which is unquestionably a significant improvement in riding convenience. Ha A86L is a highly personalized electric bike.

In today’s cookie-cutter market, Ha A86L has spared no expense in creating a comfortable electric bike by customizing a new look. And, in terms of riding performance, the A86L’s acceleration, top speed, and climbing ability are all impressive, contrasting sharply with its dull appearance. The A86L retains its core functions in terms of the most distinguishing intelligent features, providing a comfortable experience that is just right.

Overall, the A86L has very strong market competitiveness in terms of appearance, safety, and other features.