Steam Technology Food Test: The Editor-in-chief Personally Tested Granz D22 Steam Oven Big Steam Power

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]As people’s quality of life improves, especially as people in their 80s and 90s gradually become the decision-making center of the family, cooking without an open flame is becoming more popular, accelerating the renewal of kitchen technology and meeting consumers’ demand for a healthy cooking lifestyle. D22 steam oven with rounded corners, the body is made of metal steel, hard anti-corrosion, rust, heat and corrosion resistance, can adapt to work in the kitchen in a humid and harsh environment for a long time, the sides and back are designed with closed louvered cooling holes to effectively prevent dust from entering the body, the door handle is designed with a wide handl The handle is made of brushed metal, which is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant than other plastic materials; even after a long period of use, it still looks brand new.

The Galanz D22 steam oven’s door is made of a piano lacquer shell with a double tempered glass door panel. The piano lacquer shell is resistant to fingerprint stains, and the double tempered glass door panel is quite thick and can provide some heat insulation and anti-scaling protection. The D22 steam oven has boiling steam, a cloud top grill, a steam baking function, and 21 intelligent menus, as well as a silver horizontal bar on the bottom screen printed with the “Galanz” logo. To complete all of the D22 steam oven’s operations, 8 buttons on the touch panel can be used.

Above the buttons is a display that not only shows the time, but also a wealth of information through small icons, such as operating status and tips for filling the water tank. The oven door can be opened nearly 90 degrees, making it easier to hold and put ingredients, and the inner cavity can hold 26L of ingredients, which can meet the quantity of three or five friends’ dinner at one time.

The D22 steam oven liner is made of stainless steel, one piece molding, not only durable and easier to clean, the bottom is sunken heating plate, the top of the 840 stainless steel baking tube design, divided into two processes of steam, baking, and on the right side is the water reservoir, the depth is almost the same as the depth of the steam oven, which has 1.4L, adding water once can be used for a long time, avoiding frequent water refilling during use.

The control of the Granz D22 steam oven is very simple from the standpoint of using experience; it has two working modes: user-defined cooking, which includes three functions: boiling steam, genting grill, and steam baking, which can be activated by pressing the “steam bake” button once, twice, and three times respectively, then set the working time through ” “” -” and press “start/confirm” to confirm. -” to set the working time and confirm by pressing “Start/Confirm,” then set the working temperature by ” ” “-” and confirm by pressing “Start/Confirm.” It’s worth noting that you can quickly set the temperature and time by long pressing the ” ” “-” sign. I tested the boiling steam, Genting grill, and steam baking functions on frozen dumplings, pancetta, and Orleans barbecue wings. The “boiling steam” mechanism generates steam by boiling water at the bottom, and the steam moves from the bottom to the top and down after reaching the top, and the 360° cycle of steam steams food in a comprehensive three-dimensional manner.

Boiling steam function provides 40 °C 100 °C, 13 steam temperature adjustment, can meet the cooking of a variety of ingredients The editor purchased a package of frozen dumplings stuffed with celery and pork from the supermarket, as shown in the picture below, placed them in the first layer of the oven, pressed the “steam” button once to start the “boiling steam” mode, set the cooking time for 20 minutes, the temperature is 100 °C

Furthermore, the editor tested the power consumption and radiation value, where the power consumption is 0.34 degrees electricity, the radiation safety of home appliances is becoming increasingly important to users, particularly the oven in this category, because the test radiation results have been floating, the editor chose the maximum value of radiation as a reference, the test of environmental radiation value of about 1mg, as a reference. Genting grill panko D22 steam oven front close when the maximum value of 3.49mg About, side and back radiation value is larger, respectively reached 26.97mg and 18.54mg, while at a distance of 30cm measured front has been about the same as the environmental value, side and back also stay at 3mg and 2mg, half a meter at the radiation value is basically the same as the environmental value. Furthermore, the Genting grill function can dry the moist cavity after steaming the food. The editor prepared 6 pieces of marinated pork, spread them on the grill, pressed the “steam grill” button twice to start the “Genting grill” mode, set the cooking time to 21 minutes and the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius, and turned the ingredients upside down when the grill reached 14 minutes.

After that point, the meat was fully cooked, well-colored, dry, and tasty, with the flavor of roadside stall kebabs. Close test, half a meter at almost no radiation. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, steam baked chicken wings are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The steam baking process is to work every 30S baking tube, steam work 10S, and rehydrate while grilling. This “grilling as the main, supplemented by water” method of working in the grilling process to rehydrate the food, such as grilled meat, so that it is not overly dry, greatly improves the taste. For the grilled chicken wings test, the temperature was set at 140°C and the total time was 25 minutes, of which the 15th minute was taken out and coated with honey and grilled for another 5 minutes, followed by another 5 minutes with honey. The baked chicken wings were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and they tasted delicious.

The baked meat does not dry out and tastes tender as a result of this method. The power consumption is 0.27 degrees, and the radiation value is comparable to that of the Genting Grill. Practical experience: program menu cooking The Granz D22 steam oven has 19 built-in intelligent menus, which are based on a lot of cooking experience combined with microcomputer processing to bring programmed cooking.

Users only need to prepare the ingredients and choose the program, so even a white person can easily make delicious dishes and enjoy the food they prepare at home.

The following editor tested steamed eggs: put 8 eggs on the grill, select A-10 through the control panel increase or decrease button, press the “steam” button to start, the D22 steam oven is very efficient, a few dozen seconds later the front glass window began to fog, steam vapor out of the steam vent, A-10 steam eggs program set to work When the timer went off, the eight eggs were fully cooked on the inside and Q-tip smooth. The power tester recorded a power consumption of 0.28 degrees; open the water tank to see if a third of the water was used. Grill bread 4 slices of bread laid on the grill, using the A-18 menu for cooking, the program setting is 6 minutes, the power tester measured the results of 0.09 degrees, baking effect as shown below, thanks to the butterfly wing grill tube to increase the grill area, four slices of bread are baked to, and from the baking effect can be seen in the picture.

Furthermore, close to the steam oven to test the radiation value, 50cm basically zero radiation. Whether it is boiling steam, Genting grill, steam baking, or intelligent menu cooking, the working noise measured at a distance of 50cm is 58.7dB, and the result measured close to the steam oven is 62dB, the noise level is below the vacuum cleaner, which will not cause disturbance to daily life.

Cleaning Over time, scale will accumulate on the evaporative tray of the steam oven. When the steam function is used indefinitely, the descaling symbol on the D22 steam oven display will flash to remind the user to descale. The intelligent descaling function is located on the program menu at A-21.

Simply fill the water tank and place about 10g of citric acid in the evaporator tray to begin the descale program. The piano lacquer shell, metal back plate material, and stainless steel interior cavity design of the D22 steam oven make cleaning easy: the appearance of dirt can be gently wiped with a rag; after each use of the steam function will accumulate moisture on the interior cavity wall, wipe with a rag and use the grill function 180 °C to dry the moist cavity Comments The Granz D22 steam oven is designed with elements such as double-layer tempered glass, full touch buttons, a piano baked enamel shell, and brushed metal handles, which are simple yet elegant and durable when placed in the humid environment of the kitchen, and easy to care for at all times.

According to the actual review, the Granz D22 steam oven is easy to use, has a plethora of features, not only can it cook a variety of ingredients without using an open flame, but the radiation and noise levels during cooking are within the ideal range, and the overall function is industry-leading. The Granz Steam Oven SG26T-D22 makes steaming, baking, and grilling easy and healthy, and the entire machine has a superior sense of quality and value, so it is highly recommended as a new kitchen appliance with no open flame and no grease and smoke that is commonly used at home. In fact, the house is so expensive, the kitchen is so large area, used to make a study or toy room gym is not quite good?