Spring Indoor Air Solutions: Philips 4000 Series Air Purifier Ac4072/18 Review

Preface I enjoy the blossoming spring because it gives me a sense of vitality and energy, but I also despise it. When the flowers bloom in the spring, the concentration of pollen in the air is higher than usual, and the wind blows, causing many allergy-prone people, like me, to have red and itchy skin, sneezing, and other pollen allergy symptoms. When the temperature rises, the air becomes more humid, making it easier for bacteria to grow indoors and pose a health risk. In addition, if you have pets at home, there will be pet dander in the air, and the pet proteins contained in pet dander, such as tiny dander, saliva, and urine, can cause our allergies.

Also in spring, the indoor air will have our old friend – haze, the main component of haze PM2.5, which can be harmful to the human respiratory system. looks nice in the spring, but these indoor air killers are lurking around you……

Choosing the Right Air Purifier

The best way to solve indoor air pollution is to use an air purifier, but the market is flooded with air purifier products ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands, leaving consumers wondering how to choose the right air purifier. In March 2016, China’s official promulgation of a new national standard for air purifiers provided the answer, “three high and one low” has become an important criterion for consumers to buy air purifiers. High CADR indicator: CADR refers to the clean air volume, refers to the unit time through the purifier filter, the total output of clean air, the unit is m3/h, including particulate CADR and formaldehyde CADR. High CCM indicator: CADR refers to the unit time through the purifier filter, the total output of clean air, the unit is m3/h, including particulate CADR and formaldehyde CADR.

is an important parameter indicator in the new national air purifier standard. High CADR indicates high performance.

High CCM indicator: CADR value decay to 50%, total weight of cumulative clean pollutants (particulate matter or formaldehyde), in mg CCM represents pollutant purification capacity; a high CADR alone does not imply that the air purifier is effective; only when the CCM is also high, does it demonstrate that the air purifier not only has a fast purification efficiency, but also a strong purification capacity; the longer the filter The longer the life of the filter. For particulate matter purification energy efficiency value, 2 = qualified level, 5 = high efficiency level, for formaldehyde and other purification energy efficiency, 0.5 = qualified level, 1 = high efficiency level. Low noise: for bedrooms, children’s rooms, and other living rooms, the noise standard is less than 50 dB during the day and less than 45 dB at night.

Simply put, before reading this review, you should be aware of two things: 1) air purifiers can not only remove indoor PM2.5; and 2) the selection of air purifiers should be in accordance with national national standards. Philips 4000 series air purifier AC4072/18 Recently, Philips released the Philips 4000 series air purifier AC4072/18 (hereinafter referred to as “Philips Air Purifier AC4072”), in view of the Philips air purifier in the Tianji review room This product, like other Philips air purifiers, features VitaShield micro-shield technology, which can efficiently filter 99.9% of particles as small as 0.003 microns, removing PM2.5, harmful gases, and allergens. It also has AeraSense technology and a nano-level power protection filter, resulting in a low noise and high efficiency air purification experience.

Allergen test In fact, there are many allergens in our homes, such as pet dander, mold, dust, dust mites, and pollen, among others. The presence of these allergens can easily cause our skin to become red, swollen, and itchy, as well as throat inflammation, among other things.

I suffer from rhinitis, and if I don’t turn on the air purifier at home, my nose feels stuffy and itchy, so we abandoned the traditional airtight box test and chose to test in a 15 bedroom to be more consistent with the actual use of our daily lives.

The cushions or pillows used in the home will hide a lot of dust, hair, and even dust mites, so I put the cushions and pillows in the air purifier next to the crazy pat, in the patting process I can even see with the naked eye a variety of dust in the light, these are one of the allergens, I have rhinitis has appeared discomfort. In this state, we are about one meter away from the air purifier to observe, and after about 5 minutes, Philips air purifier AC4072 finished the allergen purification test, the prompt ring at this time shows blue (L1 level), more to say, in the same price range, Philips air purifier AC4072 allergen purification performance is very good, which surprises me. PM2.5 test In the bedroom where we tested, we discovered that the PM2.5 level was not high, so I endured the pain Here is a simple popular knowledge, cigarettes in the burning smoke will contain a lot of tiny particles, from the particle size of these particles, belong to the PM2.5 category, so used to simulate haze PM2.5 is reasonable. We first ventilation, ventilation after closing the doors and windows, lit a cigarette, discovered that it did not reach the exceedance, in order to be able to do the explosive table value, I got a friend to light multiple cigarettes in the room, a The smell of smoke in the room was very choking after the cigarette burned, so it is recommended that we do not imitate, safety first.

Then, we turned on the Philips air purifier AC4072, no suspense, the prompt ring shows red, and at this point, the PM2.5 had filled the entire room. After that, we used a professional air testing instrument to determine the PM2.5 content of the haze, and the air detector exploded on the meter, revealing that the PM2.5 content was 999g/m3. It is worth noting that this situation does not occur in everyday life, with 999g/m3 being reached only for a more difficult test.

Turn on the “strong wind speed” mode, and the PM2.5 value of the air detector and Philips Air Purifier AC4072 will begin to fall in about 15 seconds. Until about 13 minutes, the air detector value shows 0g/m3, so I believe that in daily life, this air purifier should be faster to deal with PM2.5. Formaldehyde test As the final test, we will look into the formaldehyde problem, which causes headaches in many people.

You know, formaldehyde is not only released after renovation or new furniture, in the decoration, furniture in the formaldehyde will continue to volatilize 8019 years, I am not alarmist, in the winter, the formaldehyde within the building materials are essentially not released, in the “hibernation” state, but when the spring temperature began to rise, as a long-term source of pollution of formaldehyde will continue to volatilize.

The Philips Air Purifier AC4072’s air speed was set to “strong wind speed,” and after 9 minutes, the formaldehyde indicator returned to 0.01 mg/L. It should be noted that this value has tenfold exceeded the new national standard, and there is virtually no comparable product in the same price range. Philips air purifier AC4072 particle CADR value of 400m3/h, formaldehyde CADR value of 270m3/h, in accordance with the provisions of GB/T 18801-2015 “new national standard for air purifiers,” the overall performance of the bedroom is not particularly large indoor performance.

It also absorbs formaldehyde, total VOCs, and odors and locks them in nanoscale micropores. The nano-grade PowerCare filter FY4152 has a thickness of about 6.18cm and a weight of about 1.078kg.

The activated carbon layer of the filter is imported pure natural coconut shell carbon. Coconut shell activated carbon has a high strength and can be regenerated several times after saturation, as well as a high adsorption capacity and low resistance. According to the official statement, the activated carbon layer has a surface area equivalent to 32 soccer fields and can effectively absorb and lock formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds, and odors.

The HEPA layer for particle removal is made of ultra-fine non-woven fabric with a surface area of 1.9 square meters, and it can effectively filter particles as small as 0.003 microns. If the filter is not tightly sealed, some of the dust will not pass through the filter and will pass directly through the machine, resulting in dust accumulation inside the machine in the long run. At the same time, the cumulative purification capacity (CCM) is greater than 12,000 mg, which can effectively absorb harmful particles. Simple and uncomplicated human design The design of Philips air purifier has always had its own aesthetic standards, simply put, blocking the logo you can also see at a glance that this is the Philips family of air purifiers.

The back wicker design of the air outlet promotes faster purification efficiency. On the top left of the front side, there is a hollowed out colorful dynamic light ring, which shows blue when the indoor air is at L1 level, purple at L2 level, fuchsia at L3 level, and purple at L4 level, so users can intuitively know the degree of indoor air quality at this time based on the color change.

When the air purifier is not turned on, the indoor noise is 29.5dB; when it is turned on to sleep mode, the power reaches 10.04W and the noise is 29.8dB; in 1st gear, the power reaches 18.6W and the noise is 31.7dB; in 2nd gear, the power reaches 25.2W and the noise is 38.3dB; and in powerful mode, the power reaches 60W and the noise is 53.3dB. However, the noise level of the Philips air purifier AC4072 in sleep mode is only 29.8dB, which is equivalent to the indoor ambient noise and will not disturb our sleep at night, while in normal use, the open 2-speed wind speed can also meet the needs of most people.

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