Sports Hipster Must Have! Leiper Z1 Series Smart Audio Glasses Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] TWS true wireless headphones In recent years of rapid development, traditional wired headphones have lost their dominance. Although TWS true wireless headphones are smaller and easier to carry, connection stability, battery life, and easy loss, among other issues, continue to limit users’ enthusiasm for TWS true wireless headphones. Furthermore, most TWS true wireless headphones on the market with semi-in-ear or in-ear design will lose users who do not like in-ear headphones products.

In 2020, Leiper launched a new series of smart audio glasses, bringing smart glasses that can play music, further broadening the product line and user base, and allowing users who are not used to in-ear headphones to enjoy high quality music. Leiper debuted the Z1 series of smart audio glasses in two models, Z1 Sport smart audio glasses positioned as a sports product and Z1 Style smart audio glasses positioned as a fashion item.

How competitive are the Leiper Z1 series intelligent audio headphones?

The Leiper Z1 series smart audio glasses’ outer packaging and internal design reflect Leiper’s dedication to the Z1 series. The triangular-shaped glasses case with a magnetic switch and a faux leather surface gives the impression of a high-end leather wallet right away. Furthermore, the glasses case has a folding storage function, allowing the user to easily store the glasses case in their pocket when not in use. In terms of accessories, in addition to the glasses and glasses case, Leiper includes a magnetic charging cable, a wipe cloth, and a manual.

The Z1 Sport and Z1 Style glasses have a similar profile to traditional sunglasses. Unlike traditional sunglasses, however, Leiper’s smart audio glasses have “fuller” temples that are designed to accommodate electronic devices such as batteries, transmission chips, and speakers. The “RAPOO” logo is printed on the outside of the eyeglass legs.

The Z1 Style smart audio glasses are designed with a half-frame, and the ultra-light TR90 material makes the glasses weigh only 39g; the Z1 Sport smart audio glasses weigh 43g due to the full-frame design, but the RAPOO glasses’ light weight and excellent ergonomic design will not cause pressure on the bridge of the nose even when worn for long periods of time. Leiper provides the headset with an adjustable ear-hanging angle of the lens leg to further improve the comfort of wearing glasses.

It should be noted, however, that if the user adjusts them several times, the crack at the intersection of the mirror legs will grow larger, affecting the aesthetics of the headset.

The Z1 Style has a half-frame design with an additional upper beam to improve protection and reduce the risk of lens impact damage. The Z1 Style smart audio glasses come in black and orange, with the black version providing a calm demeanor and the orange version displaying the user’s youthful energy when worn. The Z1 Sport’s full-frame design is currently only available in black, and the glasses come standard with standard resin lenses. The package includes a pair of professional TAC polarized lenses with anti-glare function, and users can replace the lenses themselves.

As intelligent audio glasses, the Leiper Z1 Sport and Z1 Style both have a built-in full-range speaker at the left and right mirror feet, which can pass sound through the two 16mm full-range speaker units and transmit sound to both ears through four sound guide holes, providing users with powerful stereo surround sound. Although the headset uses an open speaker design, the sound of the role of the guide hole is directed directly to the user’s ears, and the sound of the headset is not audible to other users.

In terms of eyewear control, both the Z1 Sport and Z1 Style have two physical buttons below the right temple, the power button and the play/answer button from front to back. The physical buttons on the Z1 series smart audio glasses allow users to turn the smart audio glasses on and off, pause/play music, and answer/hang up calls. Furthermore, the smart audio glasses include a built-in microphone that can provide users with high-quality call quality.

The LED indicator in the middle of the two buttons can accurately reflect the smart audio glasses’ real-time status. The red light on the headset is on for 1 second to represent on/off, the red and blue lights flash alternately to indicate that the glasses are in pairing status, the blue light flashes once every 2 seconds to indicate connected, play/pause, answer/reject/hang up the caller, the red light on the headset is long to indicate that the glasses are charging status, and the red light is off to indicate that charging is complete. The volume in Indoor Mode will be lower than the volume in Outdoor Mode, and the volume in Outdoor Mode will be louder; more importantly, listening to audio outside will allow for clearer content and easier language communication.

Leiper Z1 series smart audio glasses right inside the leg with a magnetic charging interface, Leiper packaging comes with a magnetic charging cable, convenient for charging Leiper smart audio glasses. The use of a magnetic charging design can improve the seal of the glasses and ensure user safety while in use.

Continuity, the Leiper Z1 series smart audio glasses include a 110mAh battery with a battery life of up to 5 hours, making it easy to meet the user’s daily brush drama and commuting needs. In the wireless, Bluetooth tide, Leiper Z1 series smart audio glasses support Bluetooth 5.0 connection playback, can easily adapt to smart phones, tablets, and other portable devices, and bring higher stability, lower operating power consumption, and extend the life of glasses. It should be noted that the Leiper Z series smart audio glasses not only support SBC encoded audio, but are also compatible with higher quality AAC encoding. However, as a listening device, the Leiper Z1 series smart audio glasses do not support volume adjustment or volume control based on the playback device tuning.

In terms of sound quality, the two glasses have a thick and powerful low frequency dive, as well as a delicate and soft mid and high frequency performance. The limitation is that when the volume is too high, the user can hear the headphones playing sound from half a meter away; the volume is reduced after the sound leakage is resolved.

With the introduction of the Leiper Z1 series of intelligent audio glasses, a new design concept that will revolutionize the form of wireless headphones will be introduced. At the moment, Leiper Z1 Style smart audio glasses are priced at 699 yuan, and Z1 Sport is priced at 799 yuan, less than a thousand yuan price for users who like to taste very tempting, get one to try to change into a sports hipster, but also very good. However, for nearsighted users, Leiper Z1 Sport and Z1 Style do not support refractive lenses, will lose myopic / farsighted / astigm