Sony Xperia Ear Duo Experience Report: Obviously Can Rely On The Value Of The Face But Also Rely On Talent

Preface With the removal of the phone’s 3.5mm headphone interface, the spring of Bluetooth headset finally arrived, especially for the need to go out driving and sports users, Bluetooth headset can be said to be very important. There are many different types of Bluetooth headphones on the market, such as the more popular sports type of hanging neck Bluetooth headphones and Apple’s Airpods, but it appears that these Bluetooth headphones are more of a decorative item than a tool for listening to music. Sony Xperia Ear Duo with innovative appearance design appeared in front of the world, to the name of true wireless open stereo headphones again to meet the market.

I’ve also used it for two weeks, these two weeks on the way to and from work, running at night with it, and today we’ll go over the Xperia Ear Duo briefly.

Perhaps the most unlike headphones Sony Xperia Ear Duo’s appearance can be said to be designed very boldly, such a design before perhaps no headset manufacturers dare to try, it is no exaggeration to say that Sony Xperia Ear Duo’s appearance is definitely the “oddball” in the headset industry, but the novel design will undoubtedly be questioned, some users flirt a bit like a hearing aid….. That allowed us to wear the ears after it? Ummm….. does not resemble traditional headphones; its body is designed behind the ears, and the surface of the two headphones’ bodies is the touchpad.

In the “Xperia Ear Duo” APP, we can set the operation of the left and right touchpad, such as long press, slide up/down, tap once, double tap, tap three times, and other operating gestures to set the corresponding operation. I feel that after the initial hands on the touch operation behind the ear is relatively simple, but it takes a while to adapt to the operation of the function.

Just after wearing good, you will find a very high degree of comfort, and there is a firm sense of security, even though it is said to clip the earlobe part, but it also does not make people feel too pinched ear feeling. However, after wearing the Xperia Ear Duo for more than an hour or so, the ear will experience discomfort from soreness; at this time, the headset must be adjusted to reduce this feeling. Of course, everyone’s ear shape is different, so the comfort level after wearing is also different; I recommend that users go offline to wear experience before deciding whether to buy.

Officially, the charging organizer has a 740mAh built-in battery that can charge the Xperia Ear Duo three times, and the Xperia Ear Duo has a battery life of four hours. However, because the right headset is the primary operating headset of the Xperia Ear Duo, its power consumption will be higher than that of the left headset, which means that if the right headset is dead, even if the left headset has power, it cannot be used. Furthermore, the Xperia Ear Duo lacks physical buttons, so you can take it out and quickly connect it to your phone. Matching your phone is also simple; simply long press the touchpad on the right headset to reset the quick pairing.

For accessories, in addition to the medium earbuds on the headset, it includes two additional earbuds, small and large, as well as a Type-C charging cable.

The Xperia Ear Duo is a “sprint champion” The main difference between the Xperia Ear Duo and traditional headphones is that when you wear it to listen to music, the Xperia Ear Duo does not cancel or block outside sound, but transmits it to your ears in a state where music and outside sound exist simultaneously, meaning you can still hear the subway announcing the station and people talking around you while listening to music or watching videos.

Many people, like me, do not want outsiders to hear what we hear in our headphones, so how does the Xperia Ear Duo perform with sound leakage issues? It is understood that the sound emitted by the Xperia Ear Duo driver is transmitted directly to the eardrum via a stereo acoustic conduit. At 60 percent volume, the outside world cannot hear the sound inside the headphones, and the performance is actually comparable to traditional headphones, with no discernible difference. Personal secretary right next to my ear As I previously stated, the Xperia Ear Duo is not a traditional headset, but it becomes your personal secretary through the “Xperia Ear Duo” app.

There is an “Assistant” function in the APP; however, because we are using the domestic version of this software, it can only support voice notification reading and caller name reading at the moment, which eliminates the need for me to take out my phone in many scenarios, which is very convenient. If you use the international version, you will have access to even more exciting features such as today in history, weather forecast, plan planning, and so on. In order to provide a more convenient operating experience, the Xperia Ear Duo can recognize the wearer’s head movements such as nodding, shaking, left shaking, and right shaking via the sensor.

When a phone call comes in, users can answer it by nodding their head or reject it by shaking their head. Shake your head to the right when listening to music to quickly switch to the next track, and shake your head to the left to return to the previous track. In practice, the response is quite responsive, but if you shake your head for an extended period of time…..

Outsiders may find it strange. I won’t say much about the sound quality because, after all, this isn’t the main noise reduction, sound quality of the headphones, I hope the next generation of products on the sound quality part can be upgraded.

Summary This Xperia Ear Duo experience report is written from the consumer’s point of view, not the media’s. Personally, I think the Sony Xperia Ear Duo is an innovative design, and the addition of the personal assistant function makes this headset one of the most “realistic” products, and wearing it on the ear will really catch people’s attention, after all, this is Sony!