Sony Xperia 5 Not Only Looks Good But Also Has A Combination Of Black Technology

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]In an era where phone designs are uniform, Sony’s phone may be the last phone that can be distinguished from the brand in the off state by looking at the front. At first, I thought this 21:9, 6.1-inch screen would be difficult to use. However, it is very cool to use, particularly the multi-tasking function of one screen, which greatly improves the efficiency of the entire screen use.

Continuing the design of its predecessor, Sony Xperia 5 supports side fingerprint unlocking, and the photo key and removable sim card slot are also on the side, which not only ensures the beauty of the phone, but also makes it easy for users to operate.

The Xperia 5 is well-made, upholding Sony’s usual high standards; the glass back and metal frame are almost colorless, not heavy in the hand, and very solid, as if it still has a strong taste of big law. As we all know, the Sony Micro Single TM is the industry standard in the field of photography. This time, the Xperia 5 brings Sony Micro SingleTM technology BIONZ XTM for mobile to the smartphone field, with wide angle plus ultra wide angle support, as well as a telephoto lens arrangement, so that the cell phone camera can capture wonderful images in a variety of scenes and in low-light conditions.

The advantage of ultra-wide angle is that it can capture more picture information with a wide field of view and strong visual impact, such as buildings and rose sculptures at the edge of the picture, which is more effective in more open scenes. The main camera and telephoto support OIS photo stabilization and hybrid OIS/EIS video stabilization, respectively, and the wide-angle end supports five-axis stabilization. That means I’ll be able to keep my handshake. Let’s look at some examples of photos.

The main camera is sharp, the image is rich in detail and very full of color at the same time, as shown above, the brickwork in the distance, the details are well layered and more realistic, and the telephoto can be more focused on capturing the image, the distant people and scenes are more likely to form a sense of compression, and the image is more layered.

Night scenes are crystal clear, with almost no noise visible in the night sky, and color reproduction is also very good, clean and bright. The anti-shake is more in the video shooting, when I played back this video while walking on the road with the Xperia 5, the overall is more stable, as on the stabilizer, surprisingly.

Furthermore, Sony is a film industry behemoth, so the Xperia 5 is jam-packed with audio and video hacks. This time, you can not only get the best movie watching experience on your phone, but you can also record movies with the Movie Master App! 21:9 composition is the most important requirement for creating a cinematic feel. Movie Master has VENICE CS style, which makes the direct out color rich and textured; focus mode, which is accurate and fast; and bokeh mode, which makes the subject more prominent and the picture more beautiful. From the king of the CRT era to the glory of the Trilon era, and then the launch of the world’s first, Wang Sicong will be sent to the hot 100-inch LCD TV, a good proof that Sony has been the leader of the times change Sony has equipped the Xperia5 with the x1 chip, which is also exclusive to Sony TVs.

It has a better picture quality and color performance with FHD HDR 21:9 oled display; with Dolby Atmos and dynamic vibration, it is like being in a movie theater, very immersive. So the Xperia5 is more than just a 21:9 screen, and don’t forget that Sony also makes game consoles. This time, the game’s optimization is far too careful. For example, the game enhancer, which can be configured to disable calls and side buttons in the game as well as other requirements, provides an excellent immersive experience.

The Xperia 5 also supports the use of the PS4 handle, which is optimized for some games, making it as fast as playing console games when playing mobile games. Sony brings us this time, tired of looking at a variety of homogenized bucket machine after the light of day, but also thoroughly implement the idea of one Sony, making this Xperia 5 become a full display of Sony’s technology of the masterpiece collection. I hope Sony continues to innovate and be our favorite big method!