Small Steel Pc Must Have! Great Wall Matx400 Power Supply Hands-on Experience

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] Once upon a time, full tower chassis were the ultimate DIYer pursuit, with tower-shaped radiators, water cooling, huge three-fan graphics cards, and so on. However, with the gradual rise in housing rent space is getting smaller and smaller, the convenience of mobile, player demand style change, and strong performance of “small steel gun” also gradually get DIYer like. When compared to traditional ATX power supplies, the SFX power supply is only about 3/5 the size, saving a lot of space for wiring and ensuring cooling air ducts.

However, the smaller the power supply, the higher the integration; “small steel gun” is not a low-power NUC; i7i5 processors, powerful graphics cards, and a plethora of power interfaces must also be present; and high integration of SFX to meet the needs of the electric tiger small steel gun is the key. So we got the Great Wall’s SFX size power supply world’s small steel cannon: GW-MATX400SA, with a rated power of 400 watts. Because it is a small steel cannon in the power supply world, the interface is also very important, in addition to 24PIN and CPU8 8, the graphics card power supply is also equipped with 8 8PIN, so don’t worry about not being able to take high graphics card.

Next, we’ll see if this power supply can meet the needs of a small steel PC. The first step is to install it, because some small cases do not necessarily support SFX, so you’ll need to buy an adapter panel, which can cost more than ten yuan.

This is what it looks like after installation. Because the SFX power supply is small, only three screws are required. We can see that Great Wall’s SFX small power supply is equipped with three screw ports on the left and right, suitable for top or bottom mounting, and has good compatibility. This is our small steel ITX platform for this test, the CPU is INTEL’s I5 9400F, the graphics card is NV’s RTX2060 SUPER, 16G RAM, ASUS B360M-PLUS GAMING motherboard, equipped with a Blu-ray drive, two solid state drives, and three The TDP of the RTX2060 is 175W (peak can generally go to 250W), so the 400W rated output of the Great Wall small steel gun is not a problem.

Following that, we’ll see how Great Wall’s little steel gun performs in Furmark, 3D MARK, and game test baking. 3DMARK11 is run normally, and the results are all in. When it comes to theoretical tests, the Great Wall GW-MATX400SA easily passes.

Following that is the FURMARK test, we can see that the TDP of the graphics card in AIDA64 is close to full load, CPU power consumption is okay, and the test also passed normally. TOMB RAIDER supports NV’s latest RTX tracking technology, which requires a high CPU and graphics card, and the game test was no problem.

Finally, AIDA64 includes a full load test, which shows that the graphics card TDP reached 90%, CPU temperature up to 88 degrees is also close to full load, and the test curve is still very stable. From the overall test, the Great Wall GW-MATX400SA rated output power of 400W is sufficient to meet the needs of the current mid- to high-end performance of the small cannon platform, both theoretical tests, actual game testing, and baking. Of course, given the I5 2060 level platform power requirements, we recommend a 400W or higher rated power supply to meet the full load and overclocked power consumption of higher demand.