Small Body Big Energy Samsung Evo Plus Upgrade Version + Memory Card Experience

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]You must have used this type of memory card, which is small in size and widely used. When it comes to Micro SD card, I believe many users are familiar with it; although we now call this type of memory card “Micro SD card,” it was originally known as Trans-flash Card, and there is a simpler and widely known abbreviation – “TF card.” -Micro SD cards have been used in a variety of electronic dictionaries, cell phones, digital cameras, and car recorders for quite some time; the most common use scenario we see is on cell phones. In general, the phone has been used for a long time, and the storage space that comes with it is gradually difficult to meet the user’s storage needs for video, music, and other files, but many cell phone manufacturers have also added a micro SD card slot next to the SIM card slot, allowing consumers to expand the storage space based on their actual situation. Although, as technology advances, the internal space of smart phones has become an inch of gold, in the trend of cell phones with more and more memory, many models of micro SD card slot did not hesitate to cut off engineers, but this still cannot shake the position of micro SD card in the Android camp.

Micro SD cards, in addition to cell phones, are very active in the field of digital storage and shine. And, while maintaining a small body, the storage space is no longer limited to 16GB, 32GB, 256GB, 512GB high-capacity Micro SD memory card has emerged, forcing to a variety of U disk or even mobile hard disk. Its application scenario is also changing, and you can see the figure of a Micro SD card in a wider range of areas.

It just so happens that I have a Micro SD card from the electronic storage giant Samsung’s EVO Plus upgrade 256GB specification on hand, so let’s see how much use this memory card really has!

Although it is claimed that the Micro SD card is “squeezed” by the phone’s own memory and space and removed from some cell phone storage session, it is undeniable that there is still a significant stock of Micro SD card as standard in the active Android camp models. According to the situation around me, many colleagues use the mainstream flagship with good performance as their main model, and their previous model as a backup – a situation that is especially common today with the increasing speed of cell phone replacement. To achieve a reasonable partition between work and life, many people store the photos they take that contain precious memories in their main phone, while the backup phone is used for work and business contacts.

The main machine can be expanded to 256GB of space, allowing users to store with confidence, while the backup machine can also be used as an “advanced” MP3, MP4 player, the favorite music, video, all downloaded and cached to the Micro SD card, do not worry about the capacity being insufficient. In general, the Micro SD card slot will be integrated with the SIM card slot in smart models, and the card slot can be pulled out by inserting the card pin into the card slot.

As an example, the phone in my hand supports dual SIM cards, and one of the SIM card slots also supports Micro SD card reading. With a capacity of 256GB, the predecessor phone can even be used as a high-capacity USB drive with mobile multimedia support, meeting the needs of users in a variety of environments.

The vlog era’s strong support As the most popular form of expression nowadays, vlogging is loved and respected by an increasing number of people. In comparison to professional video shooting, vlogging is a popular way to record life and express personality by preserving what you see and think with videos from the shooter’s perspective. Because vlogs are typically shot with the creator’s personal handheld device, devices such as DV and DSLR are a bit bulky.

As a result of this context, many manufacturers have introduced lighter weight, portable video shooting tools, such as GoPro and OSMO products such as the Spirit Eye. Obviously, in order to ensure portability, their bodies are made very small, putting a greater demand on the space and quality of video memory cards. It’s time for the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade to show up.

The micro SD card slot on GoPro sports cameras can be seen by opening the battery compartment; on the Spirit Eyes OSMO, the card slot is directly on the outside of the camera; simply push the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade into the slot and snap it in place. In terms of performance, the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade can not only record and play 4K UHD video, but according to official data, the 256 GB size memory card has a super fast read speed of up to 90 MB/s, allowing users to transfer 3 GB of video to a laptop in just about 38 seconds, using the EVO Plus Upgrade allows users to save high quality photos and videos and share them quickly. A wide range of small and powerful drones have emerged as yet another useful tool for content creators.

The introduction of smart hardware in the form of advanced devices such as drones has also provided ample opportunities for development for Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade such micro SD cards. Large-scale video and image storage and processing as the main core of big data information storage and processing is also urgently required.

The extreme transmission performance of the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade can meet the requirements of high-definition photography for memory card performance; and a new generation of NAND technology, so that the drone can be more stable and high-speed shooting and data storage; not only that, but the addition of a card tray Micro SD card can also be used as an SD card to further improve adaptability.

After discussing the various application scenarios of the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade, I tested it with CrystalDiskMark and ATTO Disk Benchmark to understand the card’s performance. CrystalDiskMark is a very convenient testing software that we usually use to test the read and write speeds of computer hard drive storage devices, with a clear and straightforward interface that allows users to conduct tests at any time, which is convenient. According to the test results, the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade performs admirably, with a maximum read speed of 90.46MB/s and a maximum write speed of 87.2MB/s. ATTO Disk Benchmark is a disk transfer rate testing software that can be used to test not only hard drives, but also USB drives, memory cards, and other removable disks for read and write rates.

The software employs various sized data test packages for read and write tests, allowing it to truly simulate the working patterns of SSDs and other storage tools in everyday use, providing an objective and realistic response to the performance of SSDs in real life.

When using ATTO to test the read and write speeds of the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade with various sized data test packs, it is discovered that the micro SD card has a maximum read speed of approximately 88MB/s and a maximum write speed of approximately 82MB/s. When the data size was 512KB, the speed of the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade stabilized, and the read/write speed could always be maintained at a high level after that. Experience Summary Is this the end of micro SD cards? Not really. I can still see the infinite possibilities of a high performance Micro SD card in today’s social life from the Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade Micro SD card.

In other words, the iron must be hardened on its own. Only by being able to deal with complex scenarios will you be able to avoid being left behind by ever-changing trends.

Samsung EVO Plus Upgrade Micro SD card is a representative work of innovative 3D NAND technology at the time of its release, which is also a guarantee of the product’s stability and extreme performance, even after a long period of time, it is still “durable and new.”

The 256GB version adheres to UHS-3 specifications, with a maximum read speed of 100MB/s and a maximum write speed of 90MB/s. It supports 4K UHD video, transfers 3GB of video in about 38 seconds, and can record for about 12 hours with a 256GB capacity. Waterproof, anti-x-ray, anti-magnetic, high and low temperature resistant 4 anti technology, 10000 times plugging durability, and 10 years limited warranty, the Samsung EVO Plus upgrade Micro SD card will become a small surprise in your life and work. Interested students should visit the official flagship store of Samsung Storage at!