Sincere Upgrade Of The Stone Sweeping And Mopping Robot T7s Experience

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]The advancement of modern technology has resulted in dramatic changes in people’s lives. Recently, many brands have educated the market so that people have a full understanding of this category, but in the sensor upgrade to bring a strong enough obstacle avoidance / map planning capabilities, and the introduction of the mopping function, now the sweeping robot has become more vexing. Today, we bring you the Stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S, which is the flagship new product of Stone Technology 2021. Its main selling point is that it is equipped with a unique “VibraRise” intelligent control lift acoustic vibration scrubbing module, which not only cleans off the ground stubborn stains through high-frequency vibration, but also solves the traditional problem of carpet cleaning.

The stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S has a more rounded design, and the color scheme of pure white can be easily integrated into the home environment. Its raised top laser sensor includes a pressure sensor, which reduces the possibility of becoming stuck in a low environment. The top of the body in front of the position is charged, and the power machine’s local cleaning button is pressed.

The stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S added a round of ring LED light belt around the button, through the blue, white, and orange three different light flow switch to indicate the different work status, so that users can see at a glance. Open the top cover, you can see the Wi-Fi indicator, reset button, and 470ml dust collection box. If you do not want to clean the dust collection box on a regular basis, you can purchase a charging stand with an automatic dust collection function. Users who need to wet mop, stone sweeping, and mopping robot T7S tail of the water tank will find it useful.

The T7S’s water tank capacity has been increased over its predecessor, reaching 300 ml. Don’t underestimate the 300 ml capacity, which according to the official introduction is enough to meet the wet mopping of small amounts of water in a 250 environment, and even in strong wiping mode is enough to cope with a 150 room without pressure.

Users can also add a special cleaning solution to the water tank to achieve the effect of sterilization if there is a demand for “bacteria removal.”

The bottom of the body is a single-sided brush design, in order to reduce friction noise and adapt to more material cleaning, the material part of the choice of TPU rubber brush, which is difficult to wind the hair.

After installation, the T7S mop holder does not need to be disassembled repeatedly; simply pull out the mop along the chute for cleaning. The square area below the bracket is the vibration area, which is also one of the key benefits of the stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S – the world’s first intelligent control lift type sonic vibration wipe module “VibraRise.” It can clean stubborn stains through 3000 times per minute high-frequency sonic vibration. In practice, stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S mopping path without obvious water marks, only slightly damp state, the northern indoor usually only 1-2 minutes to completely dry; I also tried to use it to clean up some of the milk traces that have dried out in the kitchen operation area, the effect after mopping is still very satisfactory. In terms of working noise, although it has a high frequency of vibration, it has good noise control, so the working state of the room is not too noisy.

If you use the mopping function, we only need to pull out the mop for a simple cleaning after the cleaning is completed, compared to sweeping, dumping garbage – repeated manual cleaning of the rag/mop, and then to clean the entire process of the rag, has greatly simplified the human involvement.

In addition to mopping and vacuuming, the stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S has exceptional performance, with a fan speed of 20,000 rpm and a suction force of 2500 Pa. During the testing process, stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S can sweep common household ground dust, hair, cookie crumbs, and other common garbage without leaving a trace. To deal with carpet recognition, stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S added an ultrasonic carpet recognition sensor at the bottom, which uses the ultrasonic echo condition to determine the difference between carpet and other materials, allowing you to accurately identify the carpet before cleaning.

The function of automatically lifting the mop stand not only avoids the embarrassment of wetting or missing the carpet, but also allows the stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S to further improve the ability to get out of trouble, and in the case of uneven areas such as the carpet/floor junction can also be comfortable going back and forth.

The algorithm, which is related to whether the product can reasonably plan the cleaning route and whether it can successfully complete the task in a complex environment, is important in determining whether a sweeping and mopping robot is intelligent. As the new flagship of the push, stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S into the latest RR masonTM 8.0 algorithm, in path planning, map building, extrication and other upgrades, and in the refinement of the scene stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S also did a lot of special optimization, especially for the carpet, mopping and cleaning. We can intuitively customize the map partitioning / painting virtual walls / set no-go areas through the stone APP, and then you can also specify the area to be cleaned temporarily as needed, there is no need to let the robot walk through the entire room because of local cleaning needs.

We can see a lot of information from the enlarged details of the map, such as the location of the charging stand, the path of cleaning, carpet areas, and through this information, we can also see that the stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S for each area of the cleaning strategy is also different. For carpet cleaning, stone sweeping robot T7S default “adaptive carpet mode,” after encountering the carpet will automatically lift the wipe module, and the carpet booste At the moment, the working noise is slightly higher than in normal mode, but it is still within acceptable limits.

On the APP side, we can also set or view the stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S features and status, if you want to be a little more simple to complete the daily cleaning operation, in addition to planning regular cleaning, but also through the smart speaker and other devices bound robot, after the voice to wake up the robot to start cleaning. And through the use of experience, whether it is excellent algorithm planning ability or new hardware added to the automatic lifting mop, vibration wipe, stone sweeping and mopping robot T7S, different performance has been achieved. Whether for a large mansion, a small house, or even a carpeted environment, this robot can be dedicated, organized, and clear to finish the cleanup; for users who want to have both sweep drag function, it allows you to maximize the “heart” and “Lazy,” from the home cleaning completely free out.

Is it worth it to spend 2499 yuan? Perhaps only after you use it will you know.