Shark Hand-held Suction W1 First Test

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] With the continuous improvement of domestic consumers’ living standards, price is no longer the primary motivator for users to purchase vacuum cleaners; instead, people are more concerned with the product’s quality and performance. As a result, medium and high-end handheld cordless vacuum cleaners are highly favored by consumers in domestic sales. So, how to judge whether the vacuum cleaner is good or not? In general, to judge whether a vacuum cleaner is good or not, you can look at three factors. They are workmanship, suction power and range, and staying power.

When it comes to good vacuum cleaners, Shark is a brand that cannot be overlooked: Shark is a technology cleaning brand based in Boston, Massachusetts, and currently has the largest share of the vacuum cleaner market in the United States. It has previously entered the UK and Japanese markets, where it has had positive results. This time, Bestbuy 618 Review Lab welcomes the hero of Shark’s innovative single product, the W1, which is a vacuum cleaner but deviates from traditional vacuum cleaner design.

We will put this handheld cordless vacuum cleaner through its paces in terms of appearance, suction power, endurance, fun, and extreme item testing, so that more consumers can understand the cordless vacuum cleaner.

A formalized paraphrase The Shark handheld vacuum cleaner W1 has a simple design, with a dark sky gray color and a compact and lightweight body that weighs less than 0.6KG, plus a frosted metal texture that feels comfortable in your hand. The Shark W1 is a handheld vacuum cleaner that can run continuously for about 15 minutes, making it ideal for special cleaning tasks. The Shark Handy W1 packaging is festive and has a sense of quality.

The internal details of Shark’s W1 box are shown. The internal details of the Shark Handy W1 box are shown. The Shark W1 main body and accessories are shown.

Shark Handy W1 includes a pet brush and a flocked flat suction. The Shark Handy W1 double embedded charging stand can be freely moved to charge the main unit.

Shark Handy W1 has a flocked flat suction and a pet hair brush that can work with the body to clean hair, dust, crumbs, and other soft surfaces such as marble countertops, sofa mattresses, and so on. It can also clean odd angles and narrow spaces like sofa side seams and right corners. It is also easy to transport due to its small size, which is about the size of a red wine bottle. The Shark W1 is a removable dustbin/filter.

It has a built-in primary HEPA filter that can be removed for cleaning.

Shark Handy W1 actual photo Shark Handy W1 specifications Shark Handy W1 specifications

The Shark vacuum cleaner has a removable and washable dust container at the head, so after vacuuming the sofa or under the bed, the user holds the ABS anti-slip grip and pushes the dust box open button under the power switch to empty the dust box with one click, which is very easy to operate. For better storage, the Shark W1 comes with an upright storage box with a slot for the main unpacking tool. When the vacuum’s power runs out, the user places the body in the main compartment and connects it to the power supply to recharge the vacuum. The flat brushes and pet brushes can be stored at the back of the storage box.

Shark hand-held suction W1 is small and cute, takes up no space, and is extremely convenient to use. Even if you’re holding a baby’s pretty moms, you can effortlessly hold a baby with one hand and clean with the other.