Screen 90hz Score 440000 Red Devil 3 Brings Textbook Gaming Solution

Nubia brought a “dominant” model, the Red Devil 3, to the RNG eSports Center in Beijing on April 28th, and gaming gamers with high demands on cell phone configurations praised the Red Devil 3 for its hardcore strength. The new heat dissipation black technology, outstanding configuration, and excellent design concept attract market attention. What attracts gaming players and gamers is that the Red Devil 3 features a new 90Hz refresh rate display, a parameter that PC gamers should be familiar with, which indicates the number of times the screen is refreshed per second, 90Hz means 90 times per second. Simply put, every touch operation on the phone goes through the screen touch layer to record the coordinates, then through the CPU and GPU calculations, and finally to the screen display layer of the way to feedback.

This set of operations down the response speed is extremely fast, but the key is that the fast response speed cannot exceed the phone screen’s inherent refresh rate, and compared to the general cell phone 60Hz screen, the Red Devil 3’s 90Hz refresh rate increased by nearly 50%, which is reflected in the Red Devil 3’s screen in the UI interface or the smoothness of the game is far beyond the ordinary phone.

First, let’s look at the screen quality of Red Devil 3. In addition to the previously mentioned 90 frames per second (which can be adjusted to 60 frames per second), the AMOLED screen supports a 100 percent DCI-P3 color gamut, which provides richer and more detailed colors and improves the visual experience in games. On the other hand, in order to have a better combined experience, the Red Devil 3 also has a touch response refresh rate of 240Hz, twice the touch detection frequency of a normal phone, and a shortened touch response time of 40.02ms, which is currently one of the best gaming phones in terms of following hands. Normal phone (left, top) / Red Devil 3 (right, bottom) Slow motion can be seen in the 60Hz phone’s picture dragging around during touch screen operation, creating a significant dragging shadow.

The Red Devil 3 side, on the other hand, has a smoother slow-motion playback. This is due to the 90Hz screen’s dual function and the 240Hz touch refresh rate.

This advantage is particularly noticeable in games that require a high level of instant response, such as “Jedi Survival: Battlefield of Thrill,” where the game’s internal high frame rate mode caps at 40FPS, but is still very noticeable when playing, with a good frame rate complemented by a large viewing angle of turn-by-turn observation, and with the Snapdragon 855’s excellent performance, there are virtually no frame drops.

Continuous high frame rate output Many gamers want to get the most out of their devices. In addition to running scores, the Red Devil 3’s 90Hz screen is supported by four domestic handheld games, namely “Vainglory,” “Subversive TanksArmored Battle Hymn,” “Redemption Land,” and “Gods and Demons,” and I randomly opened one and discovered that the Red Devil 3 fits well in software adaptation and the frame rate is very stable, utilizing the 90Hz high frame rate feature. The Red Devil 3 has a very good software adaptation and a very stable frame rate, in my opinion.

However, due to the Android Pie operating system, there are still some games that have not been updated in a timely manner. As a gamer, I’d like to have more gaming options.

The first running score! How does the Red Devil 3 eat chicken without catching fire? We introduced the Red Devil 3, equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, built-in 6 128, 8 128, 12 256 three memory combinations (all UFS LPDDR4X), large memory to meet the smoothness of multi-task parallel and multimedia storage space. In terms of score, the RedMagic 3 has a score of 440,000 in LuGuru, surpassing all phones on the market today, thanks to the deep optimization of RedMagic OS 2.0.

Lu Master GeekBench achieves a single-core score of 3513 and a multi-core score of 11309.

3DMark / GeekBench As we all know, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 has a high core frequency of 2.84GHz, but continuous operation in a hot environment will cause the CPU to downclock and cool down automatically. However, we have not encountered this situation when using the Red Devil 3 to eat chicken, a game of chicken for at least 30 minutes, has not touched the 855 down?

Game time: 10 minutesGame time: 30 minutes

We measured the Red Devil 3’s screen temperature at around 30° for 10 minutes of gaming and 32.2° for 30 minutes of gaming, while the back temperature was around 33°. The temperature gun screen demonstrates that the entire Red Devil 3 phone exhibits an efficient state of uniform heat dissipation, which is slightly higher than the manual temperature, but is still very manageable and acceptable.

It turns out that the Red Devil’s excellent temperature control capabilities are the result of iterative upgrades to the Red Devil’s internal cooling system. Nubia has implemented a built-in active intervention cooling fan in the phone for the first time, based on the previous generation’s “air-cooled x liquid-cooled” design. The air volume can reach 0.26CFM, the wind pressure is 4.35mmH2O, and the speed of the ultra-compact fan is 14100 times per minute, so there is no need to worry about power consumption.

It is reported that Nubia has applied for 75 patents related to cell phone cooling alone, and the fan of Red Magic 3 can reduce the whole machine temperature by 23°C and CPU core temperature by 45°C in gaming scenarios. The Red Devil 3 is also the ultimate gaming phone In addition to the flagship capabilities of the Red Devil 3 as a gaming phone, the Red Devil 3 inherits the hardware and software features of its predecessor, including shoulder buttons for multiple FPS games (dual touch buttons outside the bezel), DTS 7.1 channel 3D surround sound, AI voice noise cancellation (

These features, when combined with the new highlights, provide an unparalleled gaming experience and are the ideal vision for any gaming phone. The Red Devil 3 truly establishes the industry standard for the gaming phone market, defining the next generation of professional gaming phones as they should be. We anticipate that the Red Devil will continue to reshape our perception of the market in the near future.