Say Goodbye To Charging Troubles! Leiper V10rgb Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] As technology advances, more and more smart devices are becoming wireless. Leiper, a domestic peripheral brand, has completed the layout of the gaming scene product line, releasing products such as a keyboard, mouse, headset, handle, microphone, and wireless charging mouse pad. Leiper has actively promoted wireless peripherals in recent years, with the introduction of numerous Bluetooth, 2.4G, and other multi-mode wireless mice. However, the wireless mouse will need to consider the power supply problem, which Leiper for different products, using different strategies, which both directly replace the battery, there is also support for the built-in battery products.

To address the issue of charging difficulties, Leiper’s MT, VT, and other high-end mice support the universal Qi wireless charging protocol, making wireless mouse charging more convenient.

Although the mouse supports wireless charging, charging requires a separate purchase to support Qi protocol wireless charger, which not only allows the user to spend more money, but separately placed wireless charging is very easy to become decorative, causing the mouse user to forget to charge the thing. In order to make charging more convenient, Leiper launched a wireless charging function mouse pad – Leiper V10RGB illusion backlight wireless charging gaming mouse hard pad, the upper right corner of the integrated wireless charging module, after using the mouse can be put on the wireless charging, say goodbye to the wireless mouse power shortage trouble. The RGB light strip, which supports four levels of brightness adjustment, surrounds the mouse pad, and when the user plugs in the top USB-C port, it illuminates the RGB light strip while also enabling wireless charging.

Leiper uses anti-slip silicone particles with superb grip for the V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad to improve the anti-slip performance of the hard mouse pad, so it will not slide even during intense gaming. The V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad is equipped with Qi wireless charging coils in the upper left corner of the mouse pad, and supports three charging power levels of 5W/7.5W/10W, with the charging device’s maximum power turned on by default. The Leiper V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad includes a built-in power monitoring chip and overcharge protection technology, which switches to trickle protection mode when the device is fully charged to extend battery life.

Not only that, but in order to allow users to see the mouse, a variety of intelligent devices charging status more intuitively, Leiper is thoughtfully equipped with charging indicator, the device began charging indicator will turn from blue to red, and continue to flash. The mouse pad indicator also has a status indicator function: standby blue light is always on, charging red light is always on, full is green light, detection of metal foreign objects, bias is red light flashing, over-current over-voltage under-voltage Wei red and green light alternately flashing, greater than 40 ° when the red light blinks. With the appearance of the V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad, the Leiper VT950Q mouse, which supports wireless charging technology, or other devices that support the Qi wireless charging standard, can be placed on the V10RGB mouse pad for charging, ensuring that multiple devices can be used without concern.

With the addition of the Leiper V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad, charging the Leiper VT950Q mouse becomes very simple; gamers simply move the mouse to the upper left corner within the wireless charging coil to automatically activate the charging function; when the user does not need to use the mouse, move to the corresponding area to charge the mouse. Continuity, the Leiper VT950Q mouse has an 800mAh battery that is fully charged and will last for 2-3 days of gaming.

The Leiper V10RGB mouse pad, as the main gaming series mouse pad, is capable of providing gamers with an excellent sense of atmosphere. The Leiper V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad features dazzling RGB lighting effects, and players can adjust the light effect mode and brightness using the physical button on the mouse pad’s top. Spectrum cycle mode, monochrome breathing mode, illusion mode, and monochrome constant light mode are all available on Leiper Wei players.

The switching mode is designed in a cycle, and after completing a cycle, it will return to the original spectrum cycle. In terms of using experience, the Leiper V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad is made of PC fine sand hard surface, which further enhances the mouse with the wireless function of Leiper VT950Q wireless mouse and mouse.

In my actual testing, the VT950Q with the Leiper V10RGB mouse pad moved the mouse faster and smoother. I chose the third-person shooting online game “World of Tanks,” because the game is very smooth in the fast rotation, scroll wheel to open the mirror, and so on. Review summary: the rapid development of wireless charging in recent years, so that it is now in thousands of households, and more and more products support wireless charging technology, which helps to improve the quality of life to some extent.

The wireless charging function of the Leiper V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad is in line with current technological trends, and when combined with Leiper mice and cell phones that support wireless charging technology, it provides a simple and convenient way of life. The Leiper V10RGB wireless charging mouse pad is currently available for $149, so don’t pass it up if you’re interested.