Samsung Xuan Long Mr+ Headset Experience: A More Exciting Vision And More Comfortable To Wear

Along with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Windows MR has emerged as an important platform for PC-based VR headsets. Consumers and industry users have a better understanding of this MR headset series created by Microsoft and OEMs, especially with Windows MR supporting Steam VR. On December 20, Samsung Electronics held a tasting event for Xuan Long MR with the theme “Break the Limit, Extraordinary Experience.” The tasting took place at VR Phantom Awake Arena, a virtual reality experience store. When Xie Hang, CEO of Watermelon Entertainment, attended this tasting, he revealed that his company’s VR game experience store is equipped with a Samsung Xuanlong MR.

So, what exactly prompted Xie Hang to make this decision? Next, I will discuss my own experience. Samsung Xuan Long MR can be said to be the upgraded version of the previous generation product Xuan Long MR, although the appearance of the product did not change significantly, but the details of the unadjusted but very good to enhance the experience. More importantly, the Xuan Long MR improves the screen effect by employing the unique Anti-Screen Door Effect (Anti-SDE, Anti-Screen Door Effect) technology, which can be said to better utilize the benefits of Samsung AMOLED screens, and this is one of the reasons why many users prefer the Samsung Xuan Long series over other MR headsets.

The improved display further enhances immersion in subsequent game and application experiences, and in the experience of the music rhythm game “Into the Rhythm VR” smooth picture with stereo sound, it feels really great, really a feeling of becoming a professional drummer. When it comes to sound effects, we must mention another advantage of the Samsung Xuan Long MR – the built-in AKG headphones. The audio has a greater impact on the experience in the virtual reality environment. The surround sound effect, like when we watch a sci-fi blockbuster in an IMAX theater, can quickly immerse you in the plot, resonating with your body and increasing immersion.

The AKG headphones of the Samsung Xuan Long MR can provide 360° surround sound, which is especially useful in games that allow you to “see” the enemy behind you without having to frequently switch perspectives. The wearing experience of the Samsung Gentoo MR has also been improved, in addition to the improved audio and visual experience.

The inner mask padding and forehead pad of the Xuanlong MR have been replaced with a fabric-like surface material that is easier to clean and fits better, according to Samsung’s product manager, and the headset design has not been adjusted to make the internal space larger, which is more friendly for users wearing glasses. During the experience of wearing glasses, the author’s face did not produce obvious pressure and stuffiness, and there was no discomfort after about 20 minutes of continuous wear. The Samsung Xanadu MR fits more snugly on the face, and there is virtually no light transmission beneath the headset after wearing it.

The Samsung Gentoo MR strap is adjusted in the same manner as its predecessor, with a knob on the back end. In comparison to the strap solution, it is much easier to adjust the tightness of the strap when the user is alone, and it is even easier to pick the center in real time if necessary during the game.Samsung Gentoo MR Strap Adjustment Knob The Samsung Gentoo MR still supports pupil distance adjustment, and the adjustment knob is located directly beneath the headset, with a volume button next to it.

Samsung Gentoo MR Pupil Distance Adjustment Knob The Samsung Gentoo MR headset weighs only 590g, a 55g reduction from its predecessor, and it goes without saying that the lighter the headset, the more comfortable it is for the user, especially in applications that require frequent body movement, which can improve the experience of wearing it for long periods of time. There was almost no controller loss and no delay during the experience.

The Samsung Gentoo MR includes a Bluetooth module. To improve the user’s ability to quickly switch between “virtual and reality” while using the device, the Samsung Gentoo MR also supports the Reality Gate feature. To return to the real world (the screen in the headset is black and white), users simply press the Windows button on the front and the “Grab” button on the back of the controller.

This is especially useful for users who use the headset alone at home, as it allows them to judge their body’s location in the real world in real time.

Samsung Gentoo MR Reality Gate However, in order to use this feature, you must first upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 Redstone 5 or higher. However, the Reality Gate feature is much easier to use than lifting or removing the headset. Of course, in addition to these Samsung Genesis MR features, the Windows MR headset itself has many advantages, such as inside-out position tracking and easy connectivity (HDMI USB), which lowers the user experience threshold and allows even non-professionals to quickly connect and adapt the device.

Finally, while the Samsung Xuan Long MR does not represent a “significant upgrade” over its predecessor, the optimization of the details has improved the overall experience. Of course, for MR and other VR hardware platforms, ensuring a good audio-visual experience and wearing experience is just the beginning, and how to allow users to use more software content is another key to ensuring product activity and user stickiness! For example, the experience of “Halo: Recruit (Halo Recruit)”, although the shooting process is more addictive, but the wave number system is too simple, boring, although this may be Microsoft’s ambush, but

Samsung Xuan Long MR Of course, content accumulation takes time and the cooperation of many parties. However, compared to two years ago, the number of VR content has increased significantly, but more importantly, the quality of content has improved, and there are even some masterpieces. For example, “Rhythm Space (Beat Saber)” is a very successful VR game; if more of these games become popular, more consumers will be willing to pay the hardware cost to purchase a headset in the future. Since the Gear VR, Samsung has collaborated with many developers to promote the virtual reality content ecology, and this type of content co-construction may become one of the benefits of the Samsung Genesis MR in the future.