Samsung S22ultra Lost A Good Miserable Iphone 13promax Ranked No 1 In A Foreign Evaluation Of 5 Cell Phone Battery Life:

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The King Star S22Ultra, the first model of 2022, has been officially released. Although this Star Supercup model’s battery capacity remains at 5000 mAh, it supports a 1120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which is more powerful than the high refresh rate of the iPhone 13ProMax. So, how does it compare in terms of battery life to the Star S22Ultra Star S21Ultra iPhone13ProMax Xiaomi 12Pro Google Pixel6? Foreign technology reviewers on the Star S22Ultra Star S21Ultra iPhone13ProMax Xiaomi 12Pro Google Pixel6 for battery life review comparison, to see the final ranking results in the end how?

In the test, the Star S22Ultra and S21Ultra have a 5000 mAh battery, while the Pixel6Pro has a 5003 mAh battery and the Xiaomi 12Pro has a 4600 mAh battery. Both Xiaomi and Star have Snapdragon 8Gen1 processors, with the exception that the former has a larger cooling module and a larger display area. The battery capacity of the Google Pixel6Pro is also the largest, with only the iPhone13ProMax’s battery capacity of 4352 mA.

When the first round of testing is completed, you can see that the iPhone 13ProMax has 83 percent battery life left, the Star S21Ultra has 85 percent battery life left, the Star S22Ultra has 84 percent battery life left, the Xiaomi 12Pro has 83 percent battery life left, and the Pixel6Pro has 81 percent battery life left. Although the remaining power gap is not large, you can see that the advantages of the iPhone13ProMax are gradually becoming apparent.

Only the iPhone13ProMax had more than 60% remaining after the first round of testing, while the other models had less than 50%. Apple’s advantage is gradually emerging and widening the gap, as mentioned at the end of the first round of testing. The remaining power of the Star S22Ultra, on the other hand, was ranked last, just ahead of the Pixel6Pro. The Xiaomi 12Pro and the Star S21Ultra both have roughly the same amount of battery life left.

The Pixel6Pro had only 7% battery left after the first round of testing and was about to shut down. The power of the Xiaomi 12Pro is still 15%, and these two phones are in a low-power situation, so the bottom ranking should not be questioned. On the contrary, the Star S21Ultra retained more power than the S22Ultra; it appears that the battery life did not improve much after the new machine upgrade, but rather decreased. Only the iPhone13ProMax from the first round has made it to the top.

To see the final ranking of these 5 phones after the round of testing, click here.

With a battery life of 10 hours and 27 minutes, the iPhone13ProMax came in first.

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With an 8-hour and 15-minute battery life, the Star S21Ultra came in second.

With an 8-hour and 8-minute battery life, the Star S22Ultra is ranked third.

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With a battery life of 7 hours and 34 minutes, the Xiaomi 12Pro is ranked fourth.
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With a battery life of 7 hours and 6 minutes, the Pixel6Pro came in fifth.

In conclusion, the iPhone 13ProMax’s first-place finish is well-deserved. The battery capacity is the smallest of these five models, but the battery life is excellent; the A15 processor’s low power consumption is too strong, and the high refresh rate does not reduce battery life.

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The main reason is that the Snapdragon 8Gen1 generates too much heat, resulting in higher power consumption. The Xiaomi 12Pro has a Snapdragon chip, but it also has a cooling module, so while the battery capacity isn’t as good as the Star’s, the battery life is still respectable.