Samsung S10 Series The New Bixby Experience More Powerful And Faster

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] In addition to releasing its flagship cell phone products, Samsung introduced the intelligent voice assistant Bixby at the Galaxy S8/S8 launch in 2017, but at the time, Bixby only supported Korean and English, and did not support Chinese. The Chinese version of Bixby debuted in China in November of the same year. Samsung Bixby is the collective name of Samsung’s artificial intelligence system, and the entire system consists of four main functions: Bixby voice, Bixby vision, Bixby reminders, and Bixby home. When Samsung released the Galaxy Note9 China version last year, it also customized the “localization” features for the Chinese market, including the newly upgraded The New Bixby.

The new Bixby not only improves recognition and response time, but it also connects more resources and introduces the “one-step direct access” function. With the official launch of the Galaxy S10 series, The New Bixby also received an upgrade.

Let’s take a look at the new features of The New Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S10. Bixby’s new voice unlock feature allows users to activate and interact with Bixby even when the phone is locked, making the experience more convenient.

Bixby provides Voice Unlock, a quick way to unlock your phone when you can’t touch it, by simply saying “Hi Bixby” and giving the commands you want. The New Bixby also includes a daily schedule feature that allows users to set up the phone to automatically perform tasks based on different scenarios without having to do it manually each time, making our lives easier.

For example, if we specify a time, the phone will automatically change the sound mode to mute, activate the eye protection mode, lower the brightness to 40%, activate the night mode, and so on. We can also set up various programs and give them different names based on our needs. At the same time, we can customize various daily programs to our needs, set different conditions and perform various actions, and use the plan to cope with the changes we face. AR experience Try before you buy not in regret The New Bixby of Samsung Galaxy S10 series also adds a new AR experience function, which now supports AR beauty and styling, allowing users to try on makeup and wear it first to determine whether it suits them and then go shopping.

In AR beauty, users can choose to try makeup on their lips, cheeks, eyeshadow, brows, eyeliner, and other individual locations. Each category has a variety of brands to choose from, the colors are also very complete, and you can also choose a variety of products for free combination, the details of each product will be displayed when you choose, while your makeup effect will also be displayed on the screen, if you think it is perfect for you.

In 2017, Samsung introduced an exclusive physical button for Bixby on its flagship phones, and in this year’s Galaxy S10, users can customize the Bixby button to open an application based on their preferences. The Bixby button has two operations: click and double-click, and users can choose one of them to start Bixby, and the other option can start an application or a shortcut command. Furthermore, this feature is not limited to the Galaxy S10 series; older Galaxy models can also be upgraded and experienced.

Typically, when we use the voice assistant to search for restaurants, look up directions, or perform other tasks, we must call the relevant APP to execute the relevant commands, whereas The new Bixby extends functionality once again through its powerful interaction capabilities, with cloud-based services as its core. Even if no corresponding APP is installed on the phone, you can still wake up The New Bixby and achieve the integration of resources of The New Bixby AI platform through its technical capabilities to reach the user services in one step. Samsung The New Bixby integrates over 40 commonly used APPs such as VW Dianping, Ctrip, Baidu Maps, and so on.

Samsung Bixby can complete a series of complex voice operations such as finding restaurants, booking airline tickets, and finding routes without jumping APPs, making it simpler and more efficient. For example, when looking for a restaurant, Bixby will recommend a restaurant based on your personal preferences; when booking an airline ticket, Bixby can assist you in finding booking information; when choosing a driving route, Bixby can calculate the travel time based on real-time road conditions, and so on.

The New Bixby will work in tandem with Internet of Things (IoT) technology to assist users in managing and controlling IoT devices, enabling end-to-end control and allowing users to operate directly through The New Bixby, thereby empowering Samsung’s intelligent IoT ecosystem. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones will also be significant IoT entry products. Through the open platform, Samsung will collaborate with more third-party partners to achieve full life scenario coverage and provide users with a more intelligent life experience. With The New Bixby AI technology, each device on the intelligent IoT based on big data and deep learning capabilities will be able to think, understand more about what users need, achieve more natural communication between people and devices, and make products more user-friendly.

Of course, in addition to the foregoing, The New Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series has a plethora of powerful and practical features that provide users with a variety of unique experiences. And intelligent voice assistant was born to provide users with more convenient and quick service, so that users are more simple and efficient use of cell phone products, The New Bixby after years of upgrading and development in addition to gradually powerful function, in communication with the user also through continuous learning more understanding of the user, everything is more tailored to the needs of users, can be said to be “The New Bixby has been upgraded and d