Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Experience: I Was Fascinated By This 10000 Yuan “powder Box”

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Last month, Samsung officially launched a new folding screen phone Galaxy Z Flip, different from the previous Galaxy Fold, it uses a new folding method, in the use of experience also has a very big difference, the following with me to take a look at this product it.

Samsung has covered the surface of the Galaxy Z Flip with UTG ultra-thin glass and a plastic protective film to improve the screen’s durability. In comparison to the Galaxy Fold, the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is a little harder to the touch, but it is still worse than the glass on traditional phones, and not as scratch resistant. On the issue of creasing, my personal feeling is that it is not very obvious in the bright screen state, which is better than the previous Galaxy Fold, but the existence of this crease can still be clearly felt when touching.

The Galaxy Z Flip also has a cushion at the bottom of the bezel to reduce the impact when the phone is closed, which is very detailed. I personally believe that opening and closing the Galaxy Z Flip with one hand is not difficult, but for some girls with small hands, I recommend opening and closing with both hands.

When the screen is closed, there is still a small gap between the upper and lower screens of the Galaxy Z Flip, so if some very small hard objects get stuck inside it is likely to cause damage to the screen, so it is important to be very careful when using it. Samsung also added nylon fibers at the hinge, which can play a role in blocking dust, avoiding dust from the spindle into the inside of the body.

In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with a very small external screen that supports touch and can display the time, notifications, and so on; incoming calls can also be directly answered or hang up with this small screen, which is very convenient; however, WeChat calls cannot be directly answered, which is a little regret; and this small screen can also help us use the rear lens to take a selfie; in the closed state, double-click the power button to open the rear photo camera; Although a little small, I believe that after a few tests, simply taking a picture of yourself or no problem will suffice. The rear lens can also be used to take pictures, and you can open the back of the small screen so that the person being photographed knows their own look in the lens, which is probably because the screen is really too small, a little far away, and basically nothing can be seen. The Galaxy Z Flip is really stunning in appearance, reminding me of using a flip phone all those years ago, and I can’t help but sigh at the new technological advances that have In the unfolded state, it provides the same experience as a traditional phone, and the foldable screen and addition of the pivot make it a richer interactive experience. The powder box-like folded shape bridges the gap between technology and fashion trends, making it compact and delicate while also making it easier to transport.

At the same time, Samsung this time has put more effort into the details of processing, so that the screen and body have a longer lifespan. I have to say, this “powder box” worth 10,000 yuan really drew me in, and I also deeply appreciate the concept of “value is justice.” Performance and camera: an acceptable regret

In comparison to its stunning appearance, the Galaxy Z Flip’s hardware performance and camera photography are not considered outstanding, but I will briefly introduce you here. To begin with, the hardware configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with last year’s flagship processor Snapdragon 855 Plus, which, while not as good as this year’s Snapdragon 865, is still much stronger when compared to some mid-range processors. The memory is 8GB, the storage space is 256GB, and the AnTuTu run score is 480,000, so it can handle daily use and games with ease. It is also a shame that it does not support 5G.

The King of Honor and Peace Elite both run very smoothly at the highest picture quality. And while playing, I discovered that the Galaxy Z Flip has a larger horizontal view than the average phone in Honor of Kings and Peaceful Elite due to the 21.9:9 screen ratio, though the vertical view of Peaceful Elite is reduced, so this should happen in some other similar games as well. The Galaxy Z Flip’s battery capacity is only 3300mAh, so I’m sure many people are concerned about its battery life, as I am.

In the two days I used it, I discovered that if I don’t play games for an extended period of time, it’s not a big deal to use this battery for one day. However, because the Galaxy Z Flip only supports 15W charging, the charging speed is slow. Moving on to photography, the Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with a 12MP main camera 12MP super wide-angle lens with dual rear cameras, which is a cut above the Galaxy S20 series in terms of both parameters and features.

However, based on the shooting samples, the overall imaging quality is very good, and in terms of color, tolerance also has a good performance, so meeting some of the daily needs of photography is not a problem.Wide-angle sampleSuper wide-angle sampleBokeh sample

The front lens is 10 megapixels, and the imaging effect of the selfie is also very good, the beauty effect is natural, and there is no problem in daily use. As a 10,000 yuan class product, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is not outstanding in hardware performance and photography, basically on the level of adequate, and lacks 5G, but considering its innovative design, I think these regrets are still acceptable. As I previously stated, when folded, the Galaxy Z Flip resembles a powder case, and it serves the same purpose. It has a hinge that can stay at multiple angles, so if a girl needs to touch up her makeup, she can completely open the phone, then adjust the angle, open the front camera, and use it as a mirror, either in her hands or on a table.

Of course, this design isn’t just for makeup and mirroring; thanks to the pivot’s dockable design, the lower part of the Galaxy Z Flip can become the body’s base, so when video chatting, we can put it directly on the desktop without relying on a handheld or fixed with a stand, which is very convenient and also suitable for those who want to live broadcast. And when using the front camera to take selfies, you can fold the phone into a certain angle and hold it in your hand to take a selfie, in addition to holding it in your hand. We can also see it as a fixed camera to shoot, for example, at night you can place it in a smooth place for night shooting, compared to handheld it will have better stability, or will put it in a place to use the front camera or rear camera for video shooting or time-lapse photography, and we can The Galaxy Z Flip can be used not only straight, but also bent, allowing us to place the phone on a table, fold it to the appropriate angle, and then watch drama on top while chatting with friends on the bottom.

And, thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip’s extra-long body, even if typing takes up the bottom half of the screen, it won’t interfere with video playback on top, which is generally covered by the phone.

Even without the best hardware configuration and photography, the new folding design makes the Galaxy Z Flip stand out in the crowded smartphone market, and I believe those who are truly interested in this product will be unconcerned about its configuration parameters. If you want to buy a top flagship product, the Galaxy Z Flip is not for you; however, if you like to try new things and have a different experience, this high enough value of 10,000 yuan “powder box” is ideal for you. Of course, as a gift for a girl, especially and Thom Browne co-branded models, is very appropriate, but for more than 10,000 or even 20,000 of the price, I can only say that the male compatriots efforts.