Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: A Different Folding Screen A Different Experience

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]On February 12th, early morning in Beijing, Samsung held the Galaxy New Global Conference, and the new generation of folding screen phone Galaxy Z Flip was officially released. Although the phone’s design and configuration are the same as previously revealed information, Samsung still surprised us, at least in terms of experience, with the new folding method, Samsung has taken another step forward. At the launch, Samsung said the Galaxy Z Flip will be available on February 14, priced at $1,380 (about 9,600 yuan, much lower than the Galaxy Fold), but the national version of the sale time and price has not been announced.

Next, the author will go over in detail this new generation of Samsung folding screen phone – Galaxy Z Flip. Last year, I discovered that the Samsung Galaxy Fold, while the size of the phone is acceptable after folding, falls apart when placed in a pocket, held in the hand, or has a significant sense of pressure. The first advantage of the Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand, is its small size.

After folding it again, the Galaxy Z Flip is only palm-sized and fits easily in your pocket. It is said to weigh only 183g, which is nearly 100g lighter than the Galaxy Fold’s 278g. This time, Samsung offers Pandora Purple, Cyborg Black, and Sahara Gold in three colorways that are bold and stylish.

The Sahara Gold color scheme is somewhat similar to the Monet color scheme first adopted by the Galaxy Note 10 series released last year, according to the actual picture provided by Samsung of the phone’s appearance. The Galaxy Z Flip is folded in half and has a dual camera (rear?) on the front.

Furthermore, there is only a 1.1-inch OLED display that can show the time, incoming calls, and other information, as well as the screen surface for the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla Glass.

When you open the phone, you’ll notice the 6.7-inch (right angle) OLED screen with an aspect ratio of 21.9:9 and a resolution of 2636×1080, as well as HDR 10 certification and eye protection. Such a narrow screen for watching movies may be a good choice, but in addition to split screen and combined with the unique design of the folding screen to provide the experience is its biggest highlight, which will be further described in a later article. In terms of user concerns about the spindle, while there are still creases, the Galaxy Z Flip’s spindle has better protection and the gaps on both sides are effectively sealed up, thanks to the Galaxy Fold experience first. The pivot can stay at different angles, such as the 90° and Flex Mode (120°) shown at the launch, thanks to the cutting-edge design, providing a better interactive experience in various scenarios.

The Galaxy Z Flip, like the Galaxy Fold, supports not only facial recognition but also fingerprint recognition and is located on the side of the body, below the integrated volume keys. Configuration, or by the body size restrictions Samsung Galaxy Z Flip did not support 5G, equipped with Snapdragon 855 released last year, with 8GB of memory and 256GB UFS 3.0 storage, with 3300mAh battery, support wireless shared charging, some sources pointed out that can support up to t Despite the phone’s small battery capacity, Samsung claims that its smart battery technology can improve battery life. In terms of performance, the Galaxy Z Flip obviously does not need users to be concerned, but whether its battery can meet the needs of users’ daily use, perhaps only subsequent real-world testing can provide an answer.

The Galaxy Z Flip has a 12-megapixel exterior camera with a 123-degree wide angle camera, 4K video recording, and super stabilization mode. The front camera on the inside of the screen has a resolution of 10 megapixels.

In 2019, the “baby” folding screen has gotten a lot of attention, but users have a lot of questions, one of which is, what can the folding screen be used for? After more than a year of research, folding screens outperformed traditional cell phones in terms of innovative application scenarios, primarily for “split-screen applications.” The Galaxy Z Flip can provide applications in addition to dual-open, split-screen applications, with its unique pivot design allowing the phone to unlock “new experiences.” Prior to the launch, Samsung exposed the advertising film, it is not difficult to see, “video call” is Galaxy Z Flip advantageou After folding the phone 90° or 120°, the lower part of the phone can be used as a stand, freeing the user’s hands to more easily make video calls and video conferences (in this experience form, do you want to another commonly used terminal – a laptop) Furthermore, because of the phone’s compact size when folded, it can be more easily used in spaces such as the kitchen, such as playing instructional videos while cooking, and so on. Additionally, with this alignment method, the upper half of the screen is the viewfinder and the lower half is the operation interface when taking pictures, allowing you to unlock more shooting angles. It is more convenient to place the phone somewhere for timing photos, vlog shooting (or even live), without carrying a bracket and other auxiliary equipment.

Of course, even though the Galaxy Z Flip unlocked a new way to fold, its application scenarios are still in the exploration stage, which is not only Samsung’s task, but also Google’s, and software developers must face the challenge. To fully exploit the benefits of the unique design of folding screen phones, you must synchronize hardware and software innovation. Whether Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Z Flip is still in its infancy, how far these products can go, the application is the key. As early folding screen products, the biggest attraction for users is differentiation! Such products not only have a cool cutting-edge experience, but also a unique design that can easily make you stand out.

The limited edition set includes not only the Galaxy Z Flip with Thom Browne branding, but also the Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Buds with Thom Browne branding.

In addition to the appearance, the limited edition Galaxy Z Flip supports the Thom Browne theme, which provides exclusive beeps, keyboard typing sounds, cell phone analog ringtones, and the tap sound of shoes touching the marble floor, according to Samsung. If you want to show off your “noble and elegant” personality, this limited edition set is worth considering!