Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ S Pen Experience: The Strongest Function To Date

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series was released this month, bringing upgrades to the screen, camera, 5G, and other features. In addition, the new S Pen is still a major highlight; otherwise, it would not have reserved the C spot on the outer packaging for the S Pen. Samsung Galaxy Note10 series for the first time with two sizes of models: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 6.3-inch dynamic AMOLED screen and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G with 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED screen, priced at 6599 yuan and 7999 yuan, respectively, both provide Monet color, McQueen black, Mies white The model featured in this article is the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with a colorful body and a dark blue S Pen.

The newly upgraded S Pen includes new features such as spaced operation, AR doodling, and a new generation of S Pen battery. A button on top of the S Pen can be tapped to browse presentations, play or pause videos, and also act as a “remote shutter.” Because of Bluetooth module control, Samsung claims that the S Pen can support a distance of 10 meters in the open area between operations. It is also worth noting that the new generation of S Pen includes a motion sensor (6-axis sensor), so it can support some gestures, such as swinging the S Pen to achieve photo switching, front and rear camera switching, and so on.

After powering on the camera, press and hold the upper S Pen button while swinging the S Pen up and down to switch between front and rear cameras. Furthermore, after pressing and holding the S Pen button, you can adjust the focus by “drawing a circle” with the S Pen in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, and if you don’t release the button on the S Pen, the focus will keep changing and stop immediately after releasing the button.

The recording function of the S Pen as a stylus has also been improved to support handwriting conversion text for subsequent editing, such as copying, pasting, sharing, and so on. Of course, there may be some errors due to messy handwriting and other factors, but overall, the experience is relatively satisfactory when recognizing Chinese and English. If you enjoy drawing, the S Pen can also be used as a paintbrush, and the rich pen and line types provide plenty of room for imagination. Furthermore, features such as rest screen quick write are retained, allowing you to record information in time in the lock screen.

If I had to pick the most impressive new feature of the new S Pen, it would be AR Doodle. Shooting videos and short videos has now become a part of smartphone users’ daily lives, just as shooting photos used to be. In addition to improving photo effects, cell phones are investing more in video shooting and even collaborating with some short video platforms to optimize the shooting experience. AR Doodle allows users to take their imagination even further while shooting short videos and use the S Pen to draw some “inter-dimensional wall” content during the shooting process, i.e.

Make the video look more personalized with special effects! The AR Doodle feature can be used in selfies or rear shots. When you take a selfie, the phone will recognize your face automatically, and you can draw with the S Pen in your hand (various pen types and colors are available).

The rear camera can also be used to choose a face for shooting AR graffiti video. Because this experience is for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you must install Google ARcore if you select any position. It is unknown how the function will be implemented in the national version; however, once the subsequent national version is listed, we will bring the relevant experience.

The S Pen is not only a part of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, but also a unique logo and highlight of the series. In my opinion, the S Pen is more than just an auxiliary tool; it can also expand the cell phone application scene and enrich the cell phone experience. At the moment, smartphone homogenization is severe; however, with the S Pen, the Samsung Note 10 adds a lot of differentiated design.

Of course, this does not imply that the S Pen is “essential.” If Samsung is unable to continue to provide the S Pen with new functions and application scenarios, this stylus may be doomed to the fate of retired. But the good news is that Samsung’s innovation for the S Pen hasn’t stopped; I’m still excited about the future of this stylus!

Furthermore, while Samsung is not the only manufacturer to equip its phones with a stylus, the S Pen has made great strides in all aspects of hardware, software, and applications over years of iterations of the Galaxy Note series, forming a small ecology that allows users to do more than just create or complete certain operations with the S Pen. More importantly, with the positioning of the Galaxy Note series, the S Pen can play a key role in some scenarios, such as playing PPT in meetings, creating personalized vlogs, deep content editing, and so on. S Pen, compared to Apple, Microsoft, and other companies for the tablet, computer to create the stylus may be slightly thin, grip is not comfortable enough, but its victory in portability, as well as with the smartphone with the rich use of scenarios. This is also one of the reasons why Samsung can continue to release new S Pens while keeping the S Pen for the Galaxy Note series.

Surprisingly, news recently surfaced indicating that this year’s new iPhone may support Apple Pencil. Is this another Apple “inventory” initiative? If the iPhone does support the Apple Pencil (apparently not compatible with third-party styluses), how will Samsung feel about it?