Rotate A Little More Fun More Fun Play And You Unlock Tcl・xess Rotating Wisdom Screen Fun Play Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]According to OWY data, the retail volume of China’s color TV market was 22 million units in the first half of this year, down 2.7 percent year on year, and the retail sales volume was 64 billion yuan, down 11.8 percent year on year. The television industry is in a difficult situation, with the “big screen” being surpassed by the “small screen,” and the television itself having not evolved over the years. The unchanging design is no longer new to modern young people who are looking for trends and novelty, which has resulted in a lack of motivation for consumers to change and buy new TVs, as well as a weakened willingness to consume. However, the traditional TV industry still has irreplaceable advantages; the key is how to achieve the next “big screen” and “small screen” close union.

TCL XESS rotating intelligent screen new conference, “vertical and horizontal look” TCL XESS rotating intelligent screen officially released in August last year. It is no longer a traditional TV, but rather a large-screen cell phone, according to tcl positioning.

The TCL XESS rotating smart screen challenges the traditional TV’s inherent image; will it return the smart TV market to its “high moment”?

Since TCL introduced this new product in August of last year, a number of eye-catching features have been introduced, including “55 rounded corners giant screen phone,” “future smart screen without opening advertisement,” and “the first large rotatable screen in China.” TCL XESS rotating smart screen has garnered a lot of attention. This TCL XESS rotating smart screen has also piqued my interest, and I’ve been debating it. TCLXESS rotating wisdom screen airborne Bestbuy618 review room, the editor recently received the news, immediately can’t wait to “play” up, interested friends may follow the editor to discover the “new world” it. TCLXESS rotating wisdom screen to “home aesthetics” art style as the design concept, is a new breakthrough in the combination of technology and home art.

The entire machine follows the design architecture of separating the screen and the main unit, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product layout with a pure geometric form. The auto-rotating screen design breaks the inherent image of traditional TVs and allows free switching between horizontal and vertical screens, transforming the screen from stereotypically monotonous to dynamic.

The horizontal screen is an intelligent TV, whereas the vertical screen is more associated with the cell phone screen and is more suitable for displaying short videos and other related contents, so that people are no longer confined to the square inch of the cell phone screen and can enjoy the screen with a larger view.

The screen has a unique rounded corner screen with integrated high-gloss obsidian black and delicate brushed bezel, which keeps the screen balanced and integral in both horizontal and vertical states, and more affinity. With a sense of technology, the camera is cleverly hidden in the screen bezel and automatically rises when in use, and is equipped with a separately controlled switch to better protect user privacy. TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLX

TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen The main unit’s “two-piece” symmetrical design conceals the thickness of the body, making it appear lighter and more transparent. The curved “step” design around the edge softens the transition while also making the side appear thinner and lighter. The front panel is made of Nordic blue woven speaker mesh, which is rich in texture and soft, pure and lively, and blends in naturally with the home environment. TCLXESS Rotating Smart Screen The integrated back panel with fabric texture also reduces the coldness of electronic products and complements the front panel.

The center support metal base is slim and elegant, containing modern rational design thinking, and the TV cables can be cleverly stored in the base, making the home environment more clean and tidy.

TCL-XESS Rotating Smart Screen TCLXESS rotating smart screen has added very diverse scene functions, such as shaking dual screen, family note, multiplayer video call, and so on, so that people can experience the rich scene of playing games, watching live broadcast, brushing drama, games, fitness, Internet class, and so on. with TCLXESS smart rotating screen These innovative applications will once again blow people’s minds when it comes to the use of large screen scenarios. Follow me to “play” it together without further ado.

TCLXESS rotating smart screen

One person viewing comfort, two people viewing appropriate, three people viewing crowded, four people viewing.. , a group of five… (may be pulled up left and right), we all minimum, with a small screen cell phone viewing information certainly not a large screen to see the cool, although the large screen TV now has a cast screen function, but the restrictions on the shape of the design, cast screen up only the middle of the area display, the two sides are black block, look also very strange.

tclXESS rotating wisdom screen has a built-in shake double screen function, which allows you to control a 90-degree rotation into a “large vertical screen” state by shaking your phone 100 times. State, as a giant screen phone magnified 100 times, so that even eight, nine, ten people watching together is more than enough! The family sits together to watch the travel strategy around the world, together with the selection of travel routes, hotels, restaurants, and enjoyable.

Now, very young friends play games and watch movies on their phones, but if they hold the phone for an hour or two to play a game or watch a movie, their hands, arms, shoulders, and cervical vertebrae will be tired, and in recent years, a minority of people have suffered from cervical spondylosis as a result of their “low head.” Sitting in front of a computer playing games causes the cervical spine and arms to become more tired, owing to the lack of a support point and the need to maintain a posture for an extended period of time. And when we play TV games, you can lie down on the sofa to play, sit and play, or even stand to play, how to move how to move, play an afternoon is no problem. So, how do you play games on your phone while watching movies on the big screen? TV screen casting function to the rescue.

Furthermore, I believe that many people choose to use the TV to play games and watch movies for reasons other than those mentioned by the editor above; another reason is that the TV screen is large, high definition, and provides a better experience. In fact, it is true that the game on TV brings us a different visual, auditory, percussive sense, clearer, many TVs equipped with Dolby Audio with a large HD screen to bring the user a stronger sense of presence, whether playing games or watching movies are more “cool” Projection function also has problems, I believe that many friends with the TV screen cast function friends know that the traditional TV only play horizontal games to play more “cool,” play cell phone Traditional TV, due to screen limitations, cannot avoid such problems; however, TCLXESS rotating wisdom screen is a good solution to this problem; in the projection state, when playing cell phone vertical screen game, TCLXESS rotating wisdom screen can automatically detect the rotation switch to “large vertical screen” form, a hundred times the magnification of the screen, play the vertical screen hand game

TCLXESS rotating wisdom screen that meets the user’s landscape viewing, but also allows users to open a new large vertical screen mode, brush shake, watch live, brush Taobao, or “large vertical screen” brush more cool. And during the epidemic, the family has a cool product like this, whether it is at home to watch fitness tutorials, or children at home to use for Internet classes are the best choice, with cell phones for Internet classes, because the screen is too small, parents are also concerned that children will have vision, cervical spine, and other problems, if the TCLXESS rotary wisdom screen “large vertical screen

The stereotypical monotonous large screen is by no means the yoke of the future development of television, TCL launched the first rotatable smart screen, can make the large screen back to the living room C position? The editor believes that the large screen needs to achieve content innovation and improvement, enhance personalized application needs and user experience satisfaction, but also need to enhance the “large screen” and “small screen” The traditional TV shape design, which not only compensates for the shortcomings of the large screen, but also makes the large screen and small screen more intermingled, greatly improves the user interaction experience. TCL-XESS Rotating Smart Screen What are some other interesting ways to play with the TCL-XESS rotating screen?